So let’s begin by talking about the overall build quality and design on this. Now we’ve been using this for about a week and after that it does feel pretty premium in hand. Now the onyx black does have a plastic back, but the plastic does not feel very cheap in hand. It does feel like a very premium phone. Even the look to it is pretty premium. It does have a little bit of a glossy back, which means it’s going to attract a lot of fingerprints, and it does have a very significant camera bump, so placing it down on the table will give you that bubble. I don’t know if you guys caught that in the unboxing video for the camera module it is made of glass. So it is protecting your camera and lenses, but the plastic at the back does not feel very cheap. It feels very light, but it does feel good in hand. Another thing that’s pretty interesting is the water and dust resistance. It is ip53 certified, which is the first in this price range. I think to get that sort of certification, so dust and light water, slashes or sweat wouldn’t really damage this phone. It is protected to a certain extent. Another thing on this is the side mounted fingerprint sensor. Few people were concerned and confused about why they have that to me honestly, a physical button does feel quicker and it responds a lot faster than you get with a under display fingerprint sensor.

I do like a dedicated fingerprint sensor and this has that works pretty. Well. You have the expandable storage with that sd card slot, even though you get 128 gigs, you can expand further on that with an sd card, so that’s pretty great as well. Now, moving on from the back to the front, the display on this is one of the key winners. I would say like one of the best things about the redmi note. 10 pro is going to be that display. The display on this is an amoled display. 6.67 inch with hdr, 10 and 120 hertz of refresh rate one of the biggest things about this phone. Why it became so huge is the fact that, within this price range, you usually get a higher refresh rate if you have something like an lcd display. So this gives you an amoled with those punchy, colors, hdr10, really vivid and nice tones and a higher refresh rate. Another great addition, obviously is also going to be the 240hz touch sampling rate, which is how responsive it is to your touch once you do touchdown on the screen so overall display the front of the phone is really flagship to your specs on something that costs really Really less compared to a lot of those flagships. Now the display itself honestly has been really great for consuming media and content. The colors are very vibrant, it is very punchy. Sharpness and detail is pretty good as well the size of the display.

Overall, i do like, and the fact that the punch hole for the camera is really small, doesn’t, really distract you much from what you’re watching on the display anyway, so it’s really great. Overall, i do find that the bezels are slightly thicker on the sides of this phone compared to other smartphones, but i do appreciate the fact that it’s, a flat display, rather than a curved display, definitely like a flat display more so overall. The display on this really really top notch very happy within this price range that we’re getting an amoled display with 120 hertz refresh rate and a good touch sampling as well as hdr10. Next let’s take a look at the speaker system during the unboxing and first impressions. I found that it is a dual firing speaker system, very impressive as well. The sound quality was quite nice listening to music on this. Obviously, i can’t show you the copyrighted music, but listening to music on this pretty nice, you have very nice and rich mids and highs the low end. The bass is where it’s kind of lacking it’s, not very impressive, in the bass department, but overall for a stereo, sound system. It works really well, even in things like gaming, if you don’t want to put on earphones and play with them. Definitely the steer system on this is very impressive and overall, the sound system on this is also very impressive for watching content movies videos whatever it may be – very good speaker system overall.

Apart from that, obviously you still have the 3.5 fm headphone jack, so you can connect your earphones or headphones or even connect to the speakers. If you really want to. I really do like that as well. The fact that you maintain that, if you don’t want to use bluetooth, especially when it comes to things like gaming, you don’t want a little bit more of a latency with bluetooth using a connected, headphone or earphone system really works well when you’re gaming as well. So moving on to the processor on this, this is where it kind of lacks a little bit compared to the other flagship tier specs. On this. The processor here is an 8 nanometer snapdragon 732g, which is a lower tier processor from qualcomm it’s, not terrible all right. It’S, a pretty decent processor for the price you’re paying for it obviously, but compared to everything else. Obviously, this is where it lacks a little bit. You can’t get that high intensive gaming. If that’s, what you’re? Looking for a couple of people asked us to tie out pubg and that’s what i did. I tried it for the first time ever uh on a smartphone. Usually we do call of duty or fortnite or whatever, but i tried on pubg. First, games 16 kills and we won the game chicken dinner winner winner, so it was a pretty good gaming experience. It wasn’t, terrible coupling that with the sound that, like i said, playing it with the sound, was pretty good as well.

I put on headphones eventually, but overall, the gaming experience pretty good uh with the snapdragon it’s a pretty decent gaming experience. You can get away with gaming on this, but don’t expect craziness. Just when you look at the touch sampling and the refresh rate and think you’re going to get a great experience, because the processor is sub tier, i guess moving on from that to the battery performance. The battery has been surprisingly really good on this. It isn’t as big as previous generations. It’S a 5020 milliamp hour battery works pretty well, you get a pretty decent charge. You can go from zero to 50 in battery in about 30 minutes of charging with the included 33 watt fast charger um. I do notice that, because of the 120 hertz it drains a little bit quicker, but even with gaming and using the camera a lot, i was able to get a pretty decent battery life and screen on time out of this. So not a very terrible battery performance and the fact that you can speed charge it really great as well. Next we’re taking a look at the ui to this, the software, which is the me ui 12.. This is running based off of android 11 of skin from xiaomi. On top of this, the same skin you find in the xiaomi series the me 10 t the mi 11 series, so it feels and looks exactly the same performance is really good. It has been optimized overall really well for these devices uh one of my not so hated android skins.

I do like stock android, obviously more than anything else, but this is a pretty decent touch. You can customize it to have the notifications from the left side when you scroll down and the right side will be control center, very similar to the ios system, or you can have the traditional notifications from the top method. Next we’re, looking at the camera module on this i’ve been pretty happy with the camera performance for most xiaomi devices. Recently they’ve been coming up with great stuff, but this is a 108 megapixel camera, so it’s getting the flagship tier down to the mid range budget range. So the main sensor is the 108 megapixel which works pretty well. You’Ve got sharp details, nice, hdr control and overall, the image. The punchiness and colors do look very nice it’s, not very over saturated. So you get nicer pleasant, looking realistic tones when you shoot a regular image with the main lens, which is 108 megapixels. It does downscale that down to preserve space and to give you a smaller file size. But if you shoot at the 108 megapixel, you maintain a lot more detail if you want to crop in or whatever not later so the main sensor works really well. Nice colors and everything the ultra wide, which is the 8 megapixel sensor, is pretty good as well. In well lit conditions that has to be mentioned. The distortion control is the same as most xiaomi devices we’ve seen recently, but the colors and the hdr works pretty well in well lit conditions.

I do find that both lenses do over sharpen a tad bit i’m. Not a huge fan of over sharpening, but the image overall, if you look at it from far away, does look pretty good in well lit conditions. You then do have the tele macro lens i’m. A huge fan of this lens on the me 11 as well. One of the best additions – i think, especially for someone who takes a lot of macro shots, really great touch. It works well, it’s, just five megapixels, but you do get a lot of detail and the minimum focusing distance is really really close. So you can get a lot sharper details being a lot closer plus it’s autofocus as well, really great stuff. Then the last thing is the depth sensor. Obviously, this is just for the portrait mode to get a better understanding cut out or whatever you need in the portrait mode. One downside to the camera module one big con, for it is the low light performance unless you’re using the night mode uh. The images don’t turn out very good. They aren’t terrible either, but they won’t turn out really great compared to the daylight photos. Daylight photos look absolutely stunning next for the video, it goes all the way up to 4k 30fps image performance is very good in the video mode, comparing 1080p footage to the 4k footage. You can clearly see. 4K looks a lot better. The colors, the edge separation sharpness and all that looks a lot better in 4k, as well 1080p seems to sharpen it over sharpen it a little bit more than i like, but yeah overall video performance pretty decent in well lit conditions like i said, um night mode, Not that great for the video side of things either.

So, if you’re in wellness situations, you’re gon na get really good results out of this. So, all in all, what do we think about the redmi note 10, pro honestly it’s just march 2021, and this has kind of set the benchmark for what budget mid range smartphones can do it’s, given us pretty much everything from the flagships at the budget. Mid range price range: the amoled display with 120 hertz, refresh rate 240 hertz touch sampling, you’ve got hdr10, built into the display dual speaker system fast side mounted fingerprint sensor. You get 108 megapixel camera 4k video at 30, fps, tele macro it’s, just overall a really great device with a big battery life. So you really can’t go wrong if you’re looking for a budget or mid range smartphone, so the redmi note 10 pro in my opinion, is going to be the benchmark for budget or mid range smartphones coming into 2021. We really hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you did make sure you hit that like button and do consider subscribing for more content just like this, we also have the redmi note 10, regular, not the pro version, if you guys are interested make sure you drop a comment or like this video, so that We know you want to watch a video on this too we’ll do a full review just for this.