10.. Now the redmi note 10 series is what popularized phones around the 10 000 v price bracket. If you remember the redmi note 3, that was one of the most popular phones for redmi and one of the most popular phones in india. It sold a lot, but a lot has changed since then from a full metal body phone with amazing specifications. We’Re now at the redmi note 10, which loses some of its build quality charm, focuses more on, looks and aesthetics, but you still get a good amount of specifications. Is the redmi note 10 good for you you’re going to find out in this review? So let’s talk about the build quality and design. This phone is a pretty nice looking phone, the design is called their e ball design, language and uh it’s, a pretty nice design philosophy. As far as i’m concerned, you do have the camera island as it’s called, which is raised, and it does house quite a lot of cameras we’ll get to that when we get to the camera section, but the frosted back panel is impressive. Now, initially, we thought that this was a glass panel, but later we realized that this is actually plastic, which is actually a plastic and glass. Fusion made to look like glass made to feel like glass, but is on the core is basically plastic. So what that does? Is it gives it this nice look makes it look premium also gives it slightly more durability.

So if you drop this phone, the back panel has a less likely to break if it’s, this glastic material. So there are pros and cons whether you want drop resistance or you want scratch resistance. If you want scratch, resistance glass is better, but if you want impact resistance, this glass stick or plastic back panels are better. I still think it looks good and for a lot of people, especially in this price bracket, looks, are really important and this does fulfill that, if you’re looking for more material, then uh you want to go for the redmi note 10 pro or the pro max we’ll. Do a separate video for that we’ll link it in the description below or you can go visit our channel youtube.com and go check it out as well. Also don’t forget to hit the subscribe button while you’re there. Another thing that redmi has done with this device is it’s, given it some sort of ip certification. So when you give it an ip53 certification, it makes the device dust proof and it also makes it water resistant to basically splashes. So if you do have this phone in the rain, if you accidentally drop it in a puddle or something or in water, you’ll be able to quickly pick it up and shake it dry and then basically turn off the phone leave it off for a while. The phone will continue to run, which means that there are coatings on the ports as well as the insides of the phone, giving it some level of water resistance, which would be useful for a lot of people, especially in this price bracket uh.

If you’re, somebody who doesn’t really care for his phone, doesn’t, really uh, be very careful with his device throws it around quite a lot that level of water resistance can come in handy or if you’re somebody who’s uh prone to spilling over their bottles and coffees. And whatever this will come in handy for that as well, that certification just a little bit of peace of mind and is appreciated in a phone in this price bracket, build quality, wise you’ve got a pretty solid sturdy built it doesn’t flex, there’s no give in the Device whatsoever i’m sure, if you try to forcefully bend it it’ll, probably bend and break it’s, not winning any standards for build quality, but overall uh construction is pretty solid and the phone feels nice it’s got a good heft. Uh is comfortable to use it’s, not overly heavy, as well so it’s comfortable to use in the hand so as far as build quality and design it’s one of the good ones in this price bracket and definitely recommend it. Let’S talk about the display. Now this is the first time you’ll see an amoled display in this price bracket, and that too, is a full hd plus, usually in this price bracket. We’Ve been seeing a lot of lcd displays, also we’ve been seeing 720p as the resolution, because this is more than the standard 18 s109. So you do get a 2400 by 1080 pixel resolution. The display is also pretty impressive.

As far as the quality of the panel uh, it is a pretty good amoled display. It has a good contrast, deep levels of black good viewing angles as well, and an impressive peak, brightness native brightness is also good. You can crank it up all the way to high and you’ll be able to see mostly in all environments and then, if you’re outdoors you’ll also get the ability to push it to the peak brightness or if you’re, watching hdr content you’ll get access to that as Well, and that allows this phone to have a good viewability in those outdoors or for any situation. Hdr content does play on this, so the display has an 1100 nits of peak brightness, which will be great for viewing content indoors outdoors also great for sunlight viewability, and this phone does support hdr content even on uh apps like youtube, and it does support all sorts Of wildline codecs, as well so you’ll, be able to play 4k video without any problems, and the device does support it, which is great for again this price bracket, giving you all of those features giving you uh that level of a display. Again, there are pros and cons for having an amoled display in here, but this is a pretty well tuned display. Colors are pretty accurate and uh. It is a 60 fps panel, uh you’re not going to get higher refresh rates at this price bracket, but you’re getting pretty impressive, brightness and you’re getting really good viewing angles.

A lot of people wanted amoled displays the colors look great on it, and this device does allow you to get that and you can’t really complain, there’s, really nothing to complain about the display. There is no light leaks. There are no coloring issues with the panel and if you do want to customize a little bit of the color profile, you can go into the display settings and tune it out a little bit and something that xiaomi calls the color scheme. You can choose the color temperature, you can leave it on auto and you can adjust it according to your requirements. So if you do feel that your screen is slightly more blue, you can adjust that in other display settings, which is good. You get a lot of control on your display and again in this price bracket, you’re getting those kind of features and capability on the display and that’s good for this phone. As far as benchmarks are concerned, they’re pretty impressive for this price bracket: 2. Lakh. 40. 000. On antutu for this device, as well as pretty decent geekbench scores as well and then day to day tasks, jumping between applications is pretty okay. You do have problems playing some high end games. If you want to run the graphics at max uh, you will see a little bit of hesitation in the device and that is expected again for the kind of chip and the kind of performance this device has.

If you do want to play more games, i would recommend going for the six gigabyte variant that will free up some ram in your ram arsenal and allow you to play games at a slightly better advantage than uh the four gigabyte variant ram. But if you’re not going to be playing games, the four gigabyte ram variant will work for you as well, and then you do save the 2000 rupees in the process. The snapdragon 678 is not winning any awards for being a high performance chip, but it does fit into this series. Well, it does perform well it’s a tried and tested chip, and it does deliver on this device for the kind of things that it manages to do. It doesn’t show any kind of heating up or performance issues that we faced in our testing, so we find that it’s, a good mix from a hardware perspective and a performance perspective, uh, keeping the price in mind, you’re, getting quite a lot for the price that you Pay and uh, you also get a micro sd card expansion. It is a dedicated slot, so you can pop in a micro sd card as well. If you want more storage in the device natively, you will get 64 gigabytes of storage for the smaller variant and you will get 128 gigabytes of storage if you decide to go with the six gigabyte variant as well, so the fingerprint sensor is fast and responsive. It’S placed in the power button it’s an ideal location for the fingerprint sensor and it works well.

The overall device is, like i said, easy to use day to day tasks. Jumping between applications is quick and responsive and that’s. What most people will use this device for and for that it suffices really well, you do have a 5 000 milliamp hour battery in the device and it does support a 33 watt of fast charge. The charger is included inside the box, and so is the high quality cable. I really like the quality of the cable included again at this price bracket. You see a company skimming out on certain accessories. Uh. The quality of the cable is not really that great. Sometimes you don’t get a fast charger. In this case, you do get a fast charger, as well as a really high quality cable that does support the 33 watts of fast charging and it works. Well, you do have a usbc port that does accept that fast charging and you can do that. You also have a dedicated headphone jack as well on the bottom. So if you are somebody who wants to charge and listen to music using the analog headphone jack, you can do that on this device as well. Now the 5000mph battery will last you a full day of use and then some, depending on what kind of usage you have, you will easily get anywhere from six to seven hours of screen on time, and this is great if you’re doing a combination of calls as Well as internet usage as well as gaming, but if you’re somebody who’s going to be hardcore gaming and pushing this device to its limits, you will see a considerable drop in the screen on time and you’ll see somewhere between the five to six hours versus the six.

To seven hours of screen on time and in certain cases it will be much lower again, it’s a use case scenario based thing, but for most people who will use this phone as a phone more for texting, messaging, browsing the internet and ordering stuff online stuff. Like that, for that you’ll have this phone running into two days easily, and that is what the battery will allow you to do, and then the 33 watt fast charger will also give you the quick charge that you need to have this phone going. So you do have a mix of four cameras at the back of the device, primarily you’re, going to be using the 48 megapixel sony sensor, it’s an imx 582 sensor, which is a half inch sensor with af 1.79 aperture. This is a good aperture for the device and it is a 12 megapixel camera and a quad pixel camera. So you do get that quad pixel capability and uh. For the most part, this is the main camera that you’re going to be using, and this is a really high performing camera. You get really good, color and saturation, along with contrast on the images it focuses. Quick and some of the results that we got are really impressive. You also get 4k video at 30 frames per second, if that’s, something that you’re looking for. But if you want a better stabilized video, you want to go for the 1080p at 60fps. That does have really good color and a decent amount of image stabilization done in digital, and then you also do have a good amount of audio pickup in the video as well, and it sounds good and the overall video looks really nice and focusing within the video Is also good, you also have a 2 megapixel macro sensor again, i don’t recommend using this sensor for anything.

You also have a two megapixel depth sensor, which will be useful for portrait shots portrait shots come out, good and front facing camera is a 13 megapixel camera and that performs really well again like you’re looking at the price value constantly and some of the images that We get from this device are pretty impressive overall. The redmi note 10 is a pretty impressive device for the kind of capability. It offers it’s a good looking design and it has a pretty good build quality as well. There’S no glass on the back and the sim cards don’t support, carrier aggregation, but everything else is pretty much on point for what this device is capable of. You get a really good value for the kind of hardware and the kind of performance you’re getting the cameras are impressive and the usage and the capability, including the bigger battery and the faster charging, the charger included inside the box uh and some of the other ui Features have been improved considerably. There are still apps that you can’t, remove and delete and that’s something that xiaomi should allow and uh there’s still the whole bloatware situation, that’s going on with the device that shouldn’t be there. They really need to fix it, because most of the users now want a cleaner user interface and this device lacks in that aspect, but powering those things. This is a pretty impressive device for the kind of features it offers for the price that it is available at and, if you’re in the market, for something like this at that price bracket.

This will truly uh. Give you quite a lot of performance for the kind of value that it has and, more importantly, you do get an amoled display, which is a impressive display, not just an amoled display for the sake of it. If you enjoyed this video don’t forget to smash the like button hit the subscribe button, if you’re not already part of team, again make sure to check out some of the other videos that we’ve uploaded. This has been. Thank you guys for watching. I’Ll see you in the next one.