This is ranjit and in this video let’s, do the unboxing and have a first look at the samsung galaxy m12 and uh. This is supposed to be the new budget range smartphone uh for the m series by samsung and guys. This is a review on it, so i don’t know the exact pricing but it’s rumored that this will be priced around 11 to 12, 000. So let’s have a look, and here back it gives us some of the specs and guys it comes in two variant. Four gigabytes of ram and six gigabytes: they have sent us the six gigabyte of variant. The four gigabyte ram variant comes with 64gb of storage and the six comes with 128, and here it gives us some specs uh. It has that 48 megapixel rear camera. Eight megapixel front and it has a what you call 6.5 inch screen, but again guys it’s, just a 720p hd screen, but this is supposed to be a 90 hertz screen so that’s what we have again guys check the description area and this will be available uh Via amazon, so let’s have a look so here it comes out, and here we have some stuff and some ejector tool over here, let’s see if we have a case nope no case just some paper work. I don’t know why uh vendors have stopped giving that case. Now um they used to give it earlier now. Many are omitting that so here we have the device itself and this one actually big thing is this.

One also has that big six thousand milliamp hour battery on this one. So here we have, and we also and the back is plastic guys uh. You can feel it so again it has that dual tone finish here: it has a texture and bottom, it is like flak and that quad camera setup here and 6.5 inch screen. We look at it later and we have a usb cable it’s, a type, a to type c that we are getting, and this is the regular samsung 15 watt charger that we are getting in the box. So let me just keep this to the side and let’s have a look at this handset itself: let’s start with the physical overview, uh it’s nice that we still have a secondary noise cancellation, microphone uh. But again, this is plastic, guys entire body here, it’s volume, rocker and fingerprint, and a power button integrated, so it’s fingerprint is over. Here bottom will be the speaker type c, port uh. This is your main microphone. 3.5 mm headphone jack – and this will be your sim tray let’s, see the configuration of the sim tray so nice to see uh. We are getting a triple slot, it’s, actually nice in budgetary and foods that you get the triple slot. That way, you can go with the base variant and just put a micro sd card for expansion, so that’s what we are having and uh front facing camera. I suppose it’s 8 megapixel – and this is supposed to come with a new exynos processor that’s, the 850 and it’s based on eight nanometer process.

So let me do one thing: let me just try to boot this up and i’ll set it up guys, and then we will continue and guys. I was just setting up this device and again you get the screen again just don’t hit this agree to all and use a license. You have to privacy. These two are optional guys, so do not enable those, i would say, and guys almost at the last setup screen – and here again it says this and many people just hit done don’t. Do that go over here and again, just uncheck these services discover and all these things within apps and then you hit apply. Then you get the skip option for this, so that’s how you should set up and your basic language and i’ll just finish this and we’ll continue, and here also iron source. You just uncheck that so guys i’ve set up this device, so let’s have a closer look at the same, and while i was setting up it did a lot of updates. I updated all the apps and stuff, so i let it do, and this is what you’re getting and uh it’s coming with the new one, ui guys that’s, the one ui 3.1, which is based on android 11. let’s, have a look again here. We have a few quick toggles typical of samsung ui. It also has the auto brightness that’s adaptive brightness i’ve disabled it for now. But if you go over here guys, this is the layout that we are getting and if you could about the phone and if you go to software information, as you can see, it’s running out of the box with android 11 that’s, the latest version so that’s.

Actually, a nice thing, and also i like the fact that it’s having the one ui version 3.1 but it’s the core version of the one ui, and if we go back guys, this is the 128 gigabyte variant. I did not install any apps or anything uh, but before that, let me also show you: if you go to the display uh, we have this adaptive uh. What do you say? That’S the 90 hertz refresh rate by default. It was adaptive so i’m leaving it at that, but you can force it to 60 hertz also, but i don’t think so. You’Ll need it because the battery is that 6000 milliamp hour and it should handle it. Fine uh, so let’s just go back to the settings. So you have that setting over here and uh. Uh here are the specs for this device guys and, as you can see, it’s having that 6.5 inch screen it’s a hd plus screen at 90 hertz. They should have gone with the full hdi feed, but now they’re, giving that 90 hertz instead of 60 that’s the thing that they’re doing regarding the processor. This one has a new entry level: processor that’s, the exynos 850, actually it’s a octa core that’s, a eight core processor, but all the eight uh cores are based on the arm. Cortex a55 and the gpu is the mali g52 uh gpu uh. The thing is that, because it’s based on eight nanometer process uh the battery life should be actually pretty good, considering that it has that six thousand milliamp hour battery and uh back that camera.

But let’s look at the weight because it has that six thousand milliamp hour battery let’s just wait. It has some heft but let’s look at the weight – if i put it over here, let it reset to zero. Yes, so 222 grams is the weight of this device. Guys and let’s also look at the fingerprint it’s over here, so it’s the power cam fingerprint guys and it’s an active. So if you just place your finger, it actually unlocks, as you can see. So this is fairly actually good and you can also just press it. Also then also it works, but you can just leave your finger. So no issues with that, and this is the typical ui that you’re getting uh. There are some apps that were pre loaded guys as you can see that mode, snapchat and daily hunt and all these things let’s see if we can remove it. So, yes, there is some junk where that is pre installed, even candy crush. Was there so let’s? Look at the storage: how much do we get? This? Is the higher end, 128 gigabyte variant, guys so let’s see how much storage do we get? If i go to over here device care and storage uh so about it says 23.62 gigabytes was actually used on this. One so that’s regarding the storage that you would get, but i like that at least they have given the dedicated microsd card on this one uh. So you can go with the base variant also, but uh yeah.

There is some junk that is pre installed on this uh. Moving to another thing is that, regarding the storage guys, the storage type is not ufs, but e mmc on uh this one uh but ram, is thankfully lpddr4x ram on this one and in ui it’s. Okay, guys it’s fine, it’s handling it fine like this. Let me just open up the chrome web browser over here. As you can see, this is at 90 hertz adaptive that we have left. So yes that way, it is fine. Let’S. Also look at the speakers. Let’S. Just load youtube and one of my own videos. Let me just go over here full screen and many of you liked it so we’re doing it again and i’ve taken some questions that you post on twitter, so that’s maximum reading questions and the first question that so this is the speaker guys and i would say, Uh it’s a normal uh level, speaker not too loud nor vo. It stays in the middle uh so but again, it’s a single speaker that we are having here at the bottom uh next thing. I also uh because netflix was also pre installed, guys i forgot to mention so i logged into netflix, with my account and let’s see if we go over here one second, let me just go to the account settings app settings and if we go to the playback Specification, oh, the good thing is that it has white wine l1 support not l3 and l1 means that it’s good guys it can playback hd videos from netflix.

That means you can play hd videos uh even from amazon, prime, because it has that white. One l1 support. So yes, i feel this is a smartphone for people who consume a lot of media social media, apps, stuff, regular stuff. But again i won’t say this is a smartphone for very heavy users or gamers. I feel, but now let’s also look at the camera on this. One again we have that quad camera. Again we have to give quad cameras at this price range. The main camera, i would say, is that 48 megapixel. Then we have a five megapixel ultra white. I wish it was at least eight megapixel, but it’s a five megapixel we’ll uh take some sample shots and see how it does. Then again we have that two megapixel guys anyways uh, then uh let’s. Look at this interface again. This won’t change yeah. So this is the basic interface that you’re getting and uh. You have tap to focus, and this is that wide angle lens, like moving some objects, so that you can see wide angle. This is the zoom. So here we have digital zoom, 2x, 4x and even 10x guys. I would say i never like this digital zoom don’t go over 2x front facing is 8 megapixel, so let’s see how it does so here also, we can go a little bit wide. It says if i use this option, why is it not in it yeah? But let me do one thing: let me actually take some sample shots with this one, so these are shot with the 48 megapixel rear facing camera it’s, the samsung iso cell gm2 and, as you can see, it produced some pretty good shots in outdoor uh conditions.

In fact, i like this shot notice the dynamic range now going to human subjects, just notice the skin tones. Also, they were produced very well as you can see, but this was also a regular shot, but when i invoked the portrait mode, it became very dark. I think so this is a bug. Hopefully they fix this. With the software update now moving to wide angle, shots. These were taken with the wide angle and again, as you can see, not much color distortion here also, these were taken with the front facing camera, and i feed the front facing camera and outdoor conditions also does a good job now i’m going to short stick in And completely artificial lighting office. I was surprised that this did actually this well, as you can see this regular shot, and this was that wide angle shot some more samples moving to human subjects and indoor lighting. I feel it did a decent job here, and this was with the portrait mode and here in the portrait mode, it didn’t make the pictures dark, recording the sample with the front facing camera of the samsung galaxy m21, and the audio is also being recorded via the Same so this is the video that you can expect with the front facing camera so guys that’s it for now for the unboxing and first look at the samsung galaxy m12 smartphone let’s see how samsung prices this one. As i’ve told you, i’ve heard that will be priced around 11 or 12 000, and i would say this is a smartphone for people who specifically want a samsung, smartphone uh, and they like this ui.

That is the one ui. I like the fact that at least we are getting the latest version of android that’s android 11 and again, because it has that big six thousand milliamp hour battery the battery life should be also very good because it’s, based on the eight nanometer process, so uh for General users, i feel this is a okay smartphone, considering the camera performance was also pretty decent, but again i won’t say this is for gamers anyways, guys that’s it for now.