You can purchase one of this for less than 350 pound uk currency, and it does have quite a few brilliant features packed into this. So before i go talking about the features that he has, let me tell you what it comes with inside the box, so it comes with a usb type c. Charging cable comes with a mains plug here user manual. Here, a pin here to open up the sim tray, and i love some phones that come with their case and a screen protector. So this already has a screen protector on it and it comes with a nice silicon case as well. So you don’t have to worry, worry about buying the case or the screen protector now to open up the sim tray it’s on the left side of it here. Put this put this pin in and push it down. So once that comes out, it takes two nano sims and it also takes a microsd memory card, so you can actually extend the memory as well. It already has in a lot of memory built in so that’s enough, but you can also extend it if you want at the back, it takes it. It has a quad camera built in with a flashlight, and it also also has this fingerprint sensor as well on the left side that’s, just the sim tray there on the right side. It has the volume, control and the power button and at the bottom here it takes a 3.

5 millimeters headphone jack. It has a usb type c. Charging port also had the speaker there as well. Now this smartphone has a lot of great features, packed into it and that’s something i like about this um smartphone it’s, very smooth operating. It has 4g gram built in and 128 gig internal memory, so it has good memory as well. The screen size of this is 6.53 full hd water drop display. We rebuilt in corning gorilla glass 5., so the screen is really tough to break and i, like the rear camera, it has a quad camera it’s, a ai quad camera. It has a 8 megapixel ultra wide angle, lens with a 30 megapixel wide angle, lens 2 megapixel depth sensor and a 5 megapixel macro lens. It also has built in 5020 mah battery capacity that’s such a big battery capacity built into this. So you can one full charge will give you such a long usage time you can play games whatever you do web searching anything. The battery won’t run out that easily so they’ve got such a big battery life. It also supports up to 18 watts fast charge as well that’s still good. It also has it supports uh wired, reverse charging up to nine watts, uh for a budget price that’s, still brilliant. The fact that it has all these great features packed into it now. I’Ve. Also done a recording with the camera camera for the price of this of 150 panel.

Less is too brilliant. I’Ve done i’ve taken picture with the light on and with that, without the light, without the light and i’ve also done a recording with the light and without the light as well i’ve also been talking. While i was recording so you can hear the sound quality of the speaker as well, the speaker is pretty good as well. So let me go to the settings. The settings is here: it’s, basically like any android smartphone. So mr ui um opera operating system is slightly different and layout wise, but everything else is basically the same. So uh when you go here it has. It has nfc built in as well bluetooth, wi fi, and you got all double options as well misha and cast uh. You got the wireless display uh, so you got most of the things that a high quality smartphone would have. These days lock screen display sound vibration. Notifications, home screen wallpaper themes, password and security. Let me go on to that, so it does have face unlock and fingerprint unlock. So you’ve got both options that you can put on. Let’S go back. He also has battery performance, apps uh additional settings here, additional things you got where you can change the languages full screen and display there’s a few um options here as well. So like one handed mode, clear speaker, quick ball, um button, shortcut, etc, and then you got the digital well being and penalty controls like most android devices would have these days.

It also has special features here, where you can put game turbo, quick replies, second space and light mode um. It also has the me account here as well: google accounts and sync privacy, location and service and feedback now, so it does have a lot of features packed into this that’s. The good thing about this smartphone and it’s, a smartphone that has a very nice touch, control. Very smooth operating you can swipe from left right up down very easily and that’s another great feature about this um smartphone um it’s when it comes to operating when you co. If it comes to scanning things or taking photos and stuff it it up this operation, it does it quickly. So when you take a photo or something you’ll capture it quickly and it won’t load, it would straight away taken. You can take another four straight away as well. So 4g gram is too good, it’s better than having a 2 giga gram built in and let me get the camera ready. So when you go to the camera here, you can see so that you know movement, wise, it’s, good focus wise is not the best it doesn’t have laser focus, but it’s still good, so that’s, one of the pictures i’ve taken. Let me see, if he’s on full brightness here so he’s on full brightness. This is a picture i’ve taken without the lighting and the it it’s pretty good. I mean i still have my other lighting on, but without this camera lighting it’s still good.

Now this is with the um flashlight on and it looks even better now. Let me go to the video as well now. This is what this was without the lighting okay, so i had to switch on the auto rotation. So now it should be ready. So the camera is pretty good for this budget price smartphone, and i love this zoom function here. So this is zooming out and this is zooming in and you see now and it zooms out really nicely as well. Okay – and this is with the flashlight on let’s – see check this one out now. This is with the flashlight, it looks even better and the focus is a lot better it’s, still not as good but it’s still better without the flashlight, so the more lighting the mobile it would be, and if you zoom in the macro lens is pretty good. You can see the captures there very well, so that’s pretty good, so the camera wise is decent all right. So that was the camera quality, and this is a smartphone that’s affordable by a well known brand as well. Build quality is amazing and the fact that he has such a big battery life with these good cam. You know camera quality as well, and the fact that he has 18 watts fast charge. So a few good features with a good um corning gorilla, glass, um, five built in as well. I do highly recommend this it’s still worth that price, because it has a lot of great features packed into it.

So thank you for watching my video.