So you notice that stabilized station, as well as color science, dynamic range, should look pretty good right that’s, because opal decided to put a little bit more attention to the ultra wide angle sensor. This lens uses sony imx 766, which is a new lens that opel developed in partnership with sony. In fact, the main camera of the oppo finance 3 pro uses this exact same sensor, so that’s good news for people like me who love to shoot with ultra wide angle, camera often because now, when i switch between the two cameras, i don’t have to compromise in Image or video quality, because both of these lenses uses the exact same sensor, so that means you’ll get consistency, whether it’s, color science, stability, dynamic range. All that right now, you’re still looking at footage shot the ultra wide angle, camera. The sound is coming from the built in mic: 2 let’s switch to the main camera. Okay, so now you’re, looking at footage from the main camera of the oppo find x3 pro. So other than the fact that the crop is now a little bit too tight like my face, is part too close for comfort right. You should notice very similar color signs lighting details, dynamic range, all that i really like that about this phone. The fact that i can shoot with the main camera right now or shoot with the ultra wide angle camera and get consistent footage across the board. Of course, there’s a lot more to like the oppo finance.

Three pro i’ve been using the phone for about two weeks. Now so this is my full review. Okay, so in addition to a really good ultra wide angle, camera the rest of the hardware of the oppo opal 5×3 pro is really good too. So let’s go over the basics, so you have a 6.7 inch display. This is a wqhd display. Has a resolution of 3216 by 1440. it’s, an adaptive refresh rate panel. Maxes are 120 hertz animations everything look great now. This screen looks very vibrant and punchy, but it doesn’t get as bright as the galaxy s 21 ultra’s panel max brightness is 1300 nits, which is still good enough for most cases. But if you are in the middle of a las vegas desert under direct sunlight, it won’t be as easy to see as a new samsung phone but there’s. Something really cool about this display that i’ll talk about in a bit i’ll come back to it. Let’S focus on the rest of the design, so the back of the oppo finds three pro i got ta admit when i first saw leaked renders of this phone. I did not like it, but once i got the phone in hand, i realized. This is one of those phones that look much better in person than in photos, because this camera bump yeah it looks a little bit different right, it’s, quite unique. This camera bump is actually one single sheet of glass, along with the entire back plate, and the camera bump only sticks out in this subtle curvature.

It’S, not you know how a lot of other phones, the camera bump, is quite abrupt. So it’s, like you, have a glass panel like this and then the camera bomb sticks up like that with this phone, the camera bump curves up. So it looks quite interesting and it’s difficult to show in photos without it. Looking really weird now, whether or not you like this look depends on your opinion. Personally, i still think the galaxy s21 ultra looks a little better, but you cannot deny that this glass panel is very unique because of the fact that the camera module it’s entirely. One piece of the glass and the curvature oppo says: it’s a very complicated process. Opal says it takes 40 hours to make this piece of glass and the curving parts there’s. Actually, over 1000 points of curvature, you can kind of see that in the way it reflects light, i find this effects to look quite eye catching. It looks like liquid metal. You know how terminator 2, the evil terminator t 1000 every time, he’s trying to shape shift. He turns into that kind of reflective metal. This is how this phone looks to me. Whenever i move and around, and you see the light reflects off the camera module. It looks like robert patrick, basically so yeah like. I said whether or not you actually like this look depends on you, but this is unique and it’s different from you know the 55 other flagship phones on the market right now, anytime, a brand is doing something unique.

I feel like it deserves credit, although i don’t like that this back attracts fingerprints. Now this phone is a premium flagship, so you really know what chip it runs on. It runs on snapdragon, 8 or 12 gigs of ram inside and almost all the features you’d expect or demand from a premium flagship is here this year. Remember last year, the oppo finance 2 pro disappointed some people because it did not have wireless charging or official ip rated water resistance. Well, both of these are here now you have wireless charging here that supports up to 30 watt fast charging. We use opal’s proprietary charger and also it’s rated ip68 water resistance and, with the package comes a 65 watt charging brick that tops up this phone super fast, basically plug in 10 minutes you’re going to see like a 30 40 bump. So basically, the oboe finds 3 pro takes almost every box of a premium flagship. You have really good main and ultra wide angle. Camera a 120 hertz, brilliant oled display snapdragon triple a a lot of ram. So the only thing missing of the 5×3 pro is a very strong zoom lens. You only have a 13 megapixel tele photo zoom lens here. That only gives you five times, hybrid zoom, so not even lost the zoom and it only maxes out at 20 times, that’s a little bit mediocre compared to what we’ve been seeing from flagship phones. In fact, oppo was one of the pioneers of the periscope zoom lens.

So it’s a little bit disappointing to me that oppo decided to skip the periscope camera for this phone, but other than that other than the lack of a really strong zoom lens. Everything else about this phone is tip top premium flagship quality. Now let’s go back to this display because this is not just any ordinary display. This is a 10 bit panel. Oppo calls a full path, color management system and what this phone can do is it basically can capture 10 bit photos with the main camera process? The photos in 10 bit inside the phone and then display it onto your screen in 10 bit colors now, you’re, not familiar with 10 bit, is it’s, basically a technical term to describe how many shades of colors a screen can produce so most monitors out on the Market right now, they’re, actually only 8 bit monitors and most smartphone screens are also 8 bit smartphone screens. And when you have an 8 bit screen, you can only display a maximum of 16 million colors to be honest, that’s still more than enough for the human eye. But the advantage of a 10 bit panel or 10 bit photo is that it can. It supports way more colors. It supports over 1 billion colors and opal is calling this the billion color phone. So that means, technically speaking, the oppo f5 street. Pro will give you a little bit more. Accurate colors will give you more colors than what the oppo phonics 2 pro can do.

Now. To be honest, can you really notice the difference between 10 bit color and 8 bit color if you’re just a regular, normal human? Probably not, but if you are a geek who’s really into color accuracy, if you care about stuff like dci, p3 color jam and all that, then you’ll be happy to know that the oppo finds three pro ticks every box and the fact that this phone can capture 10 bit hdif photos is something that many phones cannot do right now, in fact, opel’s taking color so seriously, with this year’s 5×3 pro it’s built in a color vision test directly into the phone. So that way, you can test your color perception to see if you’re color blind to see how much of the color gamut you actually can pick up. So you can see that my color vision is not completely on point, so what opal is going to do is now it’s going to adjust the colors according to my perception, okay. So, as i mentioned, the ultra wide angle, camera of the finance 3 pro is really good. The main camera is really good too, which i’ll get to later, but the one lens that also impresses me a lot. Is this this third lens right here? This is a three megapixel micro lens, so what is micro lens, it’s? Basically, a microscope, so it allows you to get really close up shots or something it’s, basically like a macro lens on steroids, like a super saiyan version of macro lens.

So you just have to go into this settings here: tap a microscope and now it is on and you notice there’s a ring light around the camera, because when you get really close to the subject, it actually gets really dark. So you need more light source. So let’s try zooming into this little dot right here. Look at how small this is you bring michael’s camera now see wow, you can see the individual texture of the dot, see i’ve been having a lot of fun. With this microscope, lens i’ve been putting up close to a sofa my wallet to see the individual strands of linen of the material which you can’t see with the human eye so it’s another lens that can do something that almost no other smartphone can do it now. Let’S, try it one more time, so i have a five dollar hong kong coin. Here i’m gon na bring the camera all the way in. You can see the individual etching of the coin wow so yeah. This microscope lens is legit. Okay, let’s talk about the main camera of the opal 5×3 pro so, as mentioned is a 50 megapixel shooter sony imx 766 sensor with an image sensor size of one over 1.56 inch. Now this is a sensor that opel worked in partnership with sony to develop zest for this phone and for the most part, it’s very well optimized during the day at night, photos turn out really sharp and, as mentioned with really lively colors.

Now, because the image sensor size at one over 1.56 inch it’s not as large as the image sensor size as seen in the galaxy s21 ultra or huawei mate 40 pro. That means opal phonics 3. Pro struggles a little bit in extreme low light conditions, as you can see here, i’m pointing out at hong kong. It’S, really dark right now, because it’s past midnight – and you can see the galaxy s21 ultra just from the viewfinder, already takes in a lot more light. Because it has one of the largest image sensor around, but the good news for oppo is: you do have a night mode that you can turn on and once light mode is turned on, you do get a pretty respectable shot, still not as well lit as the S21 ultra shot, but, to be honest, the s21 ultra brightens up a photo so much it doesn’t. Even look realistic anymore, opal, 5×3. Pull shot still keeps a lot of the mood and atmosphere of hong kong past midnight. This is great for skateboarding. Can i tell you that before you see like the red thing well, you skated over, but, like i mentioned at the beginning of the video, the main selling point of the finance three post camera to me is that you can shoot with the ultra wide angle, camera And get an image that’s very close in quality to the main camera. You cannot get that with an iphone 12 or a galaxy s21 ultra.

Just look at these samples right here. These are all ultra wide angle, shots, but as soon as you zoom in and crop in a little bit, you see that the finance three pulls ultra wide angle: shots it’s a lot sharper. Just look at some more of these samples. This is one of the very best ultra wide angle, cameras, i’ve tested, probably neck and neck of the huawei mate 40 pro okay, i just realized. I forgot to talk about the selfie camera. A lot of viewers have actually mentioned. How can you never talk about the software camera it’s because i don’t have a face for selfies. I don’t really take many selfies, but the footage you’re watching right now is shot with the oppo finds three pulse 32 megapixel selfie camera allows for selfie photo quality. I think, for the most part, they’re good, but the fine x3 pro does seem to struggle in this harsh backlight, more so than a galaxy s21 ultra or iphone 12.. Just look at these samples here i took now to be fair. This is a really challenging shot because of the harsh backlight, but just look at how inconsistent these two selfies look and i took them back to back, but when you have better lighting conditions, then selfies they turn out quite nice. So let’s talk about the software. Really quick i’ve covered color os very in depth over the past couple of years and i’ve said plenty of great things.

This is one of my favorite android skins, so it’s four shortcuts. You can double tap on the screen to turn it off double tap, to turn it on swipe down, to bring up notification shade swipe up to bring up the app tray. I like that, you can now open most apps in a mini window, so just swipe up tap on the two dots go to mini window, and now i have the app running in the corner. If i want to interact with it just tap on it and now i can still use this app. If i want – and i can either bring it back to mini view – or i can expand it – it’s just very intuitive and look at animations everything looks super buttery smooth now the finance 3 pro also has stereo speakers that sound quite loud. So, overall, the 5×3 pro is a phone that takes many boxes. There is only a couple weaknesses, as mentioned the zoom lens kind of suck anything beyond five times. Just does not look that great and also battery life, because i run the phone at the maximum setting that’s quad hd resolution with 120 hertz refresh rate for me. I’Ve been getting an average of about four and a half to five hours of screening on time, which is not that amazing or to give you a more real real life usage. So today i left the house around 2 p.m and right now it is 1am.

So it’s, not even 12 hours here, it’s been 11 hours out and battery is already down to 20 percent, so that means realistically speaking, let’s save i’m still out i’m, not home. Yet this phone will last me another hour to an hour and a half. So that means in total it will have only lasted me about 13 hours out, which is not a full day for most people under non covet circumstances. Now i don’t know the official price of the oppo finex 3 pool. Yet at the time of me, making this video, i think, it’s safe to say this phone is going to be above the 1 000 price range. I don’t think it’s going to get to that 1 400 levels that samsung and huawei charges. I think a safe bet is that this one’s going to be around 1 1100 or 1200, and i think at that price it’s a fair value because, like i said this is a premium flagship, almost every step of the way, except for not having a zoom lens. So overall i like the finex 3 pro a lot. It’S really really polished i’m – probably going to use this as my daily driver for the next several months couple months, at least until the xiaomi mi 11 ultra come out. That will probably be my next daily driver. After that, so that’s about it for this review of the oppo finex 3 pro, if you’re interested in more content like this, please subscribe to my channel or follow me on instagram at ben’s gadget reviews.

I have a lot more content coming up it’s a busy month. So i hope you guys give me your support.