Obviously you know that is a pro version, but me personally, i think the redmi k40 is the version to buy if you’re looking for that budget flagship device of 2021. now hear me out. So i got this device here in china for about 2500 yuan and if you’re in malaysia, that is about 1 500 ringgit. So this is actually significantly cheaper than the me11 and it has a couple of stuff that is actually very similar to the me 11.. So you’re not missing out much with this redmi k40 right here, all right, so in this video i’m going to be sharing with you my experience with using this guy for a couple of days now my ideas on why i think this is actually the device to Get rather than the snapdragon 888 powered devices and yeah definitely a lot of stuff to share with you guys so let’s begin right away. So we’re going to begin with what came in the box and obviously i’ve already unboxed this guy right here and what came in the box was pretty interesting. We do get a charger as well as a type c cable, so funny that the mi 11 was like without the charger, but with the k40 we actually do get a fast charger in the box. So very nice stuff. Here, apart from that, you also get your standard silicon case which, to be honest, isn’t very nice it’s, just something to protect, provide you some basic protection, but you have that here and last but not least, obviously we do have the redmi k40 itself.

So it is very shining right here. My first impressions upon unboxing and removing the plastics from this guy right here is that it just looks so much like the me 10 t pro. So let me know what you guys think about this design right here. The camera cutout does look a little bit about the mi 11, so it’s like a like a blend between the me 10 t pro, as well as the me 11., all right in terms of design, um there’s, nothing much. I want to say about this. It does look pretty standard here, nothing too uh spectacular with this uh redmi k40. We do have a very nice display at the front and at the back um this really really shiny bag wasn’t. My favorite part i did wish it came with like a matte kind of bag, just to give it like a more premium look for the black color variant, but this is what you get here and it does collect a lot of fingerprints just so you know all Right so on the left here, everything is very clean, no buttons whatsoever and on the right, you do get your volume rocker, as well as that power button shifting the device to the bottom. Here you get your type c part, your sim card, ejector and stereo speakers top and bottom. So what’s missing here obviously, is the headphone jack that’s no longer here on the redmi k40, but other than that that’s.

What you get with the redmi k40, all right! So let’s talk about this device itself, so the display here is a very nice vibrant, super amoled display and, more importantly, it is 120 hertz. So everything is very smooth here. Buttery smooth, we do not get any like starters or whatnot it’s, just very smooth, as you can see here, i’m just going to show you very quickly what you can expect to get from this redmi k40. So again, very nice display here perfect for watching videos. If you’re the kind of person who likes to binge watch on your smartphone itself, all right next let’s talk a little bit about that performance and why? I think this is crucial for 2021, so powering this device right here. The redmi k40 is the snapdragon 870, and my device here comes with eight gigabytes of rhyme and 128 gigabytes of internal memory, all right. So what i did when i unboxed this guy right here, i straight away downloaded a couple of benchmark scores for so that i can show you guys what you will be expecting so the the scores that we got from geekbench 5. Let me just show it to you very quickly. This is what i got for single core. I got 982 for multi core it’s, almost hitting 3000, so that’s a very good result right there, obviously stronger than the 865, but and not as high as the 888. So but again, this is very good results here, but what i want to really show you is the 3d mark test that i got here.

So this is a pretty good test to give you an idea on how your device will perform uh if you’re running games like long term like keep on playing games, how is the performance going to hold up so in the one life stress test right here? Let me just show you my results. I actually got a very good result. I’Ve got a 4141 for my best loop and notice that my lowest loop was 4125. So what this means is that, for this particular test, it will be running on a certain kind of loop for 20 times. It will just keep looping on and on and on to show how the device performs once it reaches to the 20th loop. And if you notice here, the stability that we get from this device is actually 99.6, which, to be honest, is excellent guys. So, even after playing games for like long term or long for long periods of time, you will definitely be able to get a very stable kind of performance, and also one thing to note here is that the temperature was actually uh pretty good. Here. It only increased from 34 degrees to 43 degrees celsius, so i’m, also seeing a pretty good temperature range here. I also held the phone right after i performed this wildlife stress test, and the good news was that it didn’t feel that hot at all. So this is something that i really want to point out if you’re the kind of gamer who would like to play a lot of games for long periods of time.

This test is going to be very valuable for you, because you’re going to know that the consistency in terms of the performance, the frame rates as well as the temperature, are all going to be pretty solid on the redmi k40. So this is unlike the snapdragon 888 powered mi 11, where we are seeing a lot of overheating issues here and there it went to the point where the device was too hot to hold, but none of that here with the redmi k40 on the snapdragon 870, so Giving it a thumbs up right there for the performance on this guy right here, so obviously, i’ve also ran my typical stuff. Like my facebook, instagram and all that and well, all i can say is that everything just flies and it’s so quick on this device right here, so there’s, nothing, much that you’re missing off in terms of performance, gaming, social media, everything that you do on this device Right here is going to be blazing fast and very smooth and at a pretty low temperature right there keep that in mind all right. So apart from gaming stuff and your your performance, i must say it’s a very good device in terms of performance. Now i want to jump very quickly to the cameras itself, so what we have at the back here are do not be fooled: it’s, actually, three sensors at the back one main 48 megapixel sensor, the main one. We also have a 8 megapixel ultra wide and a 5 megapixel macro lens, so we do not have a dev sensor here again.

I’M going. To be honest, i haven’t taken a lot of photos with this guy right here, but i did take a couple of photos which i will share with you so far. Everything is looking pretty standard, nothing too out of the ordinary here in terms of the camera, but i will definitely be testing this out more. So here are a couple of photos for you to reference for now, but again, i’ll be sharing more of this. On my social media, camera wise, i don’t have much to comment. Let me let me know what you guys think about these photos all right. Apart from that, let’s talk about the battery in this guy right here, so we do have a 4 520 milliamp hour battery and according to xiaomi or rate me for that matter, uh. If you actually charge with this charging charger in the box here, you will actually hit a hundred percent in slightly less than an hour, so that’s pretty good, but i did notice. There was a little bit of battery drain on my device right here again. I did play a couple of games and i browse social media and i have a lot of notifications, so that might be expected with my redmi k40 right here, but um just bear in mind. You still can hit one day of battery life and just one charge, but yeah the battery life will not be able to last that long. I think 1.

5 days would be a stretch, but yeah otherwise i’ll be testing this out more and sharing with you guys more of my opinions. Apart from that, i do want to touch a little bit on that stereo speakers uh. It sounds great just like the ones you would expect on the mi 11, very good speakers here recently on the redmi devices as well top and bottom they go. They both go very loud uh. The audio quality is not like the teenage kind of sound it’s. Very rich, you get a very nice audio experience on this guy right here, the redmi k40. Alright guys, i think, that’s pretty much all that i want to cover in this video today again. This is just a very quick first impression of the redmi k40, which, to be honest, uh really excel in my in my personal opinion, so i think this is going to be the device to get if you’re looking for that budget kind of flagship killer, the 870 Snapdragon is definitely a processor that is very strong and again managed to keep temperatures at bay um. If you guys have any questions about this redmi k40, please let me know because i’ll be doing a long term review, maybe after one or two weeks of using it definitely be posting it on the channel. So let me know what you guys want to know.