This is normal here and in this video we’re gon na do a detailed camera review of the xiaomi redmi note 10 pro max so xiaomi redmi, note 10. Pro max is the top end variant of the redmi note 10 series and this device comes with a 108 megapixel samsung’s hm2 sensor and you get a quad camera setup and it also comes with a punch, hold selfie camera, so that’s, the camera setup of the redmi. Note 10 pro max so in this video we’ll be analyzing. How good the camera quality is, what all features it offers so we’ll be testing the camera in different light conditions. The daylight shots, the macros. It has a telephoto macro lens, which has 2x uh zoom, so that is also uh included in this device, so it’s a really good camera setup out there. So how good is it is for the price segment? It is offered that’s what we are going to talk about in this video so before going into the detail, camera review – if this is your first time on this channel, do hit that red subscribe button and also hit the bell icon to get notified of all the Videos we publish so let’s begin the detailed camera review of the redmi note 10 pro max in terms of camera hardware. The redmi note 10 pro max comes with 108 megapixel primary camera with samsung hm2 sensor, f, 1.9 aperture and 6p lens. There is a secondary 8 megapixel ultra wide angle, camera with 118 degree field of view, a 35 megapixel super macro camera with 2x daily photo and finally, a fourth 2 megapixel depth sensor.

The front camera is a 16 megapixel in display shooter, with f 2.45 aperture. Now let’s have a look at the daylight captures first in terms of daylight captures. The 108 megapixel sensor does a good job in bringing details and sharpness levels. The colors are impressive and the images are bright and comes with good amount of details too. The colors are mostly accurate, but there is a slight tendency to boost the sky colors, but this isn’t a major issue, though the sharpness levels are very good, and this is evident when you pixel peep. The dynamic range is excellent and it resolves shadows very well in terms of daylight. There is hardly anything to complain here and the images came out really well and one of the best cameras in this price segment without Music doubt the phone can also shoot images in full 108 megapixel resolution, and you can toggle this from the settings here. The images are about 25 mb in size and brings in a lot of details, which is evident when you zoom into the pictures. The 8 megapixel ultra wide angle. Camera does a good job in maintaining the colors similar to the primary sensor, and it succeeds in that to an extent the colors are pretty natural and the sharpness levels are also acceptable, although not as good as the primary camera. For obvious reasons now. Moving on to the close up shots, the phone comes with pretty good imaging capabilities and the colors are natural.

Here too, previously redmi devices have had a tendency to saturate few colors, but that was not the case here. The sharpness levels are impressive and once again does a good job. The phone has a 5 megapixel macro which has 2x daily photo, and this one of the most highlighting aspect of the phone and here redmi note 10 pro max – does an excellent job with macros. This is probably the best macro camera we have seen not only in this price segment, but also in the premium segments too. The colors are very good and sharpness levels are great. Moving on to the portraits the redmi note, 10 pro max gets good portrait shots and one of the good things about redmi devices is that they don’t add a nursery beauty mode and hence the skin tones are natural and brings in a good amount of details. The edge detection is also very good and overall, portraits have come great next step. The low light captures in hindu lighting additions and with adequate artificial lights. The phone does a good job and you can see it has good sharpness levels and the details are also quite good. When light drops further, you can see noise kicking in, especially with the larger sensor. The noise is visible and at the same time, you can see that the details are good. This is where night mode helps in bringing down the noise levels. The night mode does a good job with sharpness levels, and the details are also quite good again.

The performance is definitely better than what you see in the competition at this price segment. Finally, the selfie camera, the 16 megapixel shooter does a good job with selfies. The skin tones are natural, and you can also turn off the beauty mode if needed. The sharpness levels and dynamic range is also good. Since selfies are more of a personal choice, you can judge based on the images shown. The phone also has portrait mode for selfies, and here it does a decent job with edge detection, if not the best. So this is the front facing camera sample taken with the redmi note 10 pro max, which has a 16 megapixel camera. So we can see that this is has been taken in 1080p resolution, so you can judge yourself how good the clarity of the video is and also the audio output from the front camera on the redmi note 10 pro max now, moving on to the video recording, The phone can record 4k at 30 fps and the quality is good, the sharpness levels are impressive and the details are good. The video is bright and has vibrant colors, but the disappointing aspect is a lack of stabilization. The phone also comes with 1080p at 60fps. Here again, while the quality looks good, there is no stabilization offered, and hence it is not recommended for moving videos. The 1080p at 30fps supports stabilization and offers good clarity as well. The stabilization is good, and so are the colors.

The sharpness levels are acceptable and the overall quality is smooth with good colors too. The phone also comes with 1080p video for ultra wide angle lens and once again it has stabilization, while the quality is not as good as a primary camera. For obvious reasons, it does a good job overall, one of the best video features of this phone has to be the macro, video mode which does amazingly well in terms of quality, sharpness levels, details and also great colors. The 5 megapixel telephoto macro lens does an impressive job in macro video. So this is the new dual video on the redmi note. 10 pro max you can see here you can record videos both with the rear camera, as well as the front camera, and the layouts can be customized. You can go with either 50 50 layout or even the smaller layout, as you can see right now, so this is again customizable. So this is the dual video mode available on the redmi note 10, pro max, with both the rear camera, as well as the front camera. The phone also supports slow motion at 120, 240 and 960 fps, and the quality is quite good for the pricing. It is being offered additionally, the phone supports modes like clone mode, vlog, long exposure and pro color modes, which can be toggled from the settings, and these are often seen on previous redmi devices as well. So summing up, how good is the camera? On the redmi note? 10, pro max priced at 18 triple line the redmi note 10 pro max offers great quality in terms of camera, with good daylight shots, decent ultra wide, excellent macros, good, portraits and low light abilities.

There is hardly anything to complain at this price segment, but, yes, the area of improvement could be stabilization support for 4k, which is quite hard to get the at this price segment overall. Redmi note 10 pro max offers great quality as a camera smartphone for 19k, so that is a detailed camera review of the xiaomi redmi note 10.