So this is it here’s? Our full review of the redmi note 10 pro max and always remember that on my smart price, a first impressions never tells you. The entire story always wait for the full review before making a purchase with that out of the way my name is ershad you’re watching my smart price and today, i’m gon na lay bare all the good, the bad and the ugly of the redmi note 10 pro Max no youtuber drama here, just plain old, straightforward hardware reviews, but before we move on don’t, forget to hit that red subscribe button and the bell icon right next to it to get notified whenever my smart price puts out an awesome new tech, video Applause Music. In my first impressions video, i had clearly outlined everything about the design of the redmi note 10 pro max. If you guys, haven’t watched that already a card should pop up right now, anyway here’s a quick lowdown of what i think the new evolv design language with a corning gorilla, glass, 5 on the front, looks and feels premium through and through. I, like the black color, but the vintage bronze looks absolutely classy too. A lot of folks seem to be digging the new gradient. The bronze variant also has the advantage of a matte finish and for the ports and buttons you have everything you need and more from a modern smartphone from the dying 3.5 headphone jack to the infrared blaster to the proper triple card tray xiaomi has really left no Stone unturned, but yes, it would have been nice if the phone had a usb 3.

0 type c port instead of usb 2.0 anywho. The redmi note 10 pro max, is also one of the slimmest xiaomi phones, i’ve used in a long time, and it is ergonomically well designed using it. With one hand, is a cinch and the weight has been distributed evenly across the length and the breadth of the design. Now, if there is something that i don’t like about the design, it has to be the fact that the black variant has a glossy finish, plus the step pattern. Camera module wobbles a lot on a flat surface, even with the bundled case on talking about the case. I was slightly irritated by the fact that the type c part of the charging cable would not fit properly. Sometimes. As a result, i wouldn’t get the promised 33 watt fast charging speeds when it didn’t fit properly, although this is like a tiny freaking, nitpick don’t. Take this cranky old tech reviewer seriously. If you can survive the pandemic, you can definitely survive this nonsensical complaint as well. I firmly believe that the redmi note 10 pro max is the best designed smartphone under rupees 000 right now, the biggest upgrade on the redmi. Note. 10 pro max has to be the display, so i decided to do some detailed testing on it. It has a 6.67 inch super amoled samsung panel with 120 hertz refresh rate, and it also supports hdr, 10 hdr, 10 plus and hlg formats, with the claimed 1200 nits of brightness, while playing hdr videos.

The only phone in this price range. With these specs mind, you here’s what i noticed in my testing. Firstly, the redmi note 10 pro max can play back videos at 2160p in hdr on youtube. It can also play netflix hdr videos, but not dolby vision, amazon, private video, doesn’t offer hdr 10, plus even on supported titles such as jack ryan. Unfortunately, it offers full 1080p resolution, though so i actually use the lux meter to test the brightness of the display to explain how this works. Now, when you place the lux meter on the display, it gives you a reading, which is the lux reading, which is approximately equal to the brightness in nits of the phone. Now, how does that work? Lux is actually the measurement of how much light an object receives in this case the meter, whereas knits is the measurement of how much light a surface emits in this case the redmi note 10 pro max so i’ve added a link to a clear explainer in the Description, if you want to read how this works in detail so to test the brightness levels, i fired up the intense interstellar docking scene in hdr on youtube and in the brighter portion of the image the samsung galaxy s21 ultra touched approximately thousand two hundred hits, whereas The redmi note 10 pro max hovered around the 800 minutes mark. I tried a few hdr videos on netflix and youtube, but none of them could touch the 1200 in its brightness number.

Also, when i used the lux meter with the brightest slider on the redmi note 10 pro max cranked up to the maximum number, it showed me a reading hovering around the 700 minutes mark anyway evaluating the hdr performance of the display. It is fairly good for a phone that costs this low. The bright portions tend to get over exposed a lot though, but the colors are pretty true to source, although we really need to keep reminding ourselves that this is a rupees, 19 000 phone that we’re talking about to be able to achieve. This is a crazy feat. In and of itself, not just the design, even the display is a grade on the redmi note 10 pro max. Now, if you’ve come this far and if you like, our video don’t, forget to hit that like button and maybe even comment below, so that the youtube algorithm can recommend it to more people. Looking for redmi note 10 pro max reviews now talking about the 120 hertz refresh rate of the panel, it is buttery smooth. It is adaptive in the sense that it switches between 60hz and 120hz on the fly, not like the m80 series, which has a variable refresh rate that it cycles throughout anyway. There are some areas where the phone tends to stutter. At times this has more to do with the heavy miui animations than snapdragon 732g. If you do buy the phone, i have a solution to make it feel more responsive, just switch the animation scale to 0.

5 x from developer settings. Thank you later and you get a 240hz start sampling rate for a very good touch response, as well plus the z axis. Haptic feedback is the best on a phone under rs2000 now i’m, not gon na spend too much time on the camera performance, because i have a proper camera comparison against the real me x7 and the meat, and i a link to which should pop up right now. Having said that, let me quickly gloss over a few points now. Firstly, the 108 megapixel camera captures crisp detail shots in daylight with pleasing colors, but it tends to under expose the shadows, creating a very contrasty look. Sometimes it works against its favor, the real me x7. If you ask me offers slightly better dynamic range performance, low light performance is great too, but the b10i is slightly better, considering it has a faster f by 1.8. Aperture selfies are better than the meter eye, which is in and of itself a huge sigh of relief, portraits, just look fantastic. The 2s telephoto macro camera is the best macro implementation on any mid range phone. The ultra wide angle, camera, on the other hand, is pretty average, definitely not my favorite plus there’s, no color science, consistency between the primary and the ultra wide. As for video recording, you do not get eis and 4k 330 fps and 1080p 60fps modes. Unfortunately, the 1080p 30fps recording from the front and the rear do offer.

Eis, though video recording is pretty decent too, with good, consistent, colors and good dynamic range. You also get a special dual video mode which lets you shoot from the front and the rear cameras at the same time. Now. What i particularly liked about the camera performance is the fantastic, auto focus performance. It is actually better than the mate 109 now, except for the ultra wide angle, camera the primary 108 megapixel camera and, of course, the 5mp 2x telephoto camera are killing it in this price segment. Having said that, i would genuinely urge once again that you go ahead and check our camera comparison of the redmi note 10 pro max now before i talk about my miui 12 experience on the redmi note 10, pro max i’m, really glad that it comes with android 11 as the base layer and, of course, there’s also promised upgrade to miui 12.5 as well now uh, i must say that i feel real me. Ui is definitely more nimble compared to me ui 12, but credit where credit is due. Miui has been improving over the years. Let me break down what i think. Miui 12 is feature rich with floating windows, always on display edge lighting, gesture controls, quick ball and a whole lot more. He can keep digging plus. There are tons of animations too, for example, the cute little animation that triggers itself when you remove an app icon from the home screen, looks good now this could be fun for some and overbearing for others.

Thankfully xiaomi has removed duplicate, apps aplenty, and now you get very few system apps, which actually includes the google dialer and google messages instead of me solutions. What this means is that you have to make do with google dialer’s call recording function which notifies the person on the other end about the recording. This call is now being recorded and, except for me, pay the me credit me home and me remote ads can also be uninstalled. Thankfully, what can also be uninstalled on the pre loaded third party apps such as facebook or linkedin? Most importantly, i didn’t get any dirty. Looking unwanted notification from any app but yes get apps continues to be annoying with its pesky notifications. Don’T forget to switch it off also remember to say no to glance lock, screen or personalized ads when you’re setting up the phone honestly. This is one of the more premium clean software experiences that i have experienced recently on a redmi note series phone, so you know i’m glad that xiaomi is moving in the right direction. Coming to the controversial part of the discussion, the inclusion of the snapdragon 732g. Instead of a 800u or 750g here’s, why, i think it’s fine, if xiaomi had to do that, it would have had to pay more for the 5g chip, which is obviously more expensive now, which means we wouldn’t get the super amoled panel with 120 hertz, refresh rate And the phone would have been fatter too something i dislike about the meter i and the poco x3, and you know what the snapdragon 732g inside is no slouch either.

Yes, along with miui 12, it does get slightly stuttery at times. But honestly, i don’t know what we’re even complaining about do you feel that we now in the 21st century, we take technology for granted well yeah, because now we live in an amazing amazing world and it’s wasted on the on the crappiest generation of just spoiled idiots That don’t care, because this is what people are like now – they got their phone they’re like uh. It won’t give it a second give it’s going to space. Can you give it a second to get back from space? You get a 120 hertz super amoled panel under rupees 20. 000. What more could you ask for honestly we’re all turning into a thankless bunch of text? Knobs you get your standard snapdragon 732g benchmark numbers on geekbench and anti2, plus the cpu doesn’t throttle too much the phone doesn’t heat up after gaming for 30 minutes. What more could you really want? Oh also, there are stereo speakers and high res certified audio pumping through the headphone jack. It sounds fantastic in both stereo and using a pair of wired earphones, so yeah when you look at it holistically. The performance of the redmi note 10 pro max is second best. Only to something like the real me x7 or the redmi note 30 pro, which come with the mediatek dimensity 800u talking about battery life, i got around 8 hours of screen on time with 120 hertz, refresh rate on and always on, display off with always on display.

The battery life dropped to about 6 hours, which is good, so you can easily expect over a day’s worth of battery life from the phone and a lot more if you switch it to 60 hertz refresh rate, which i don’t see a reason to do. Considering the battery performance is good nonetheless, and the 33 watt charger took an hour and 18 minutes to charge from zero to 100, which is not the best, although i do suggest you check out rushel’s full battery comparison test. As for the 4g performance, it is fantastic, including the excellent sound from the earpiece. You also get support for 4g carrier aggregation as well Music. I have spoken ad nauseam about the awesomeness of the redmi note 10, pro max. If you’ve decided to buy the phone just go ahead and do it having said that, there is a slight stutter here and an irritating get apps notification there, but i couldn’t find one major single flaw worth highlighting now. Some might say that you know it should have come with a snapdragon 750 g instead of a snapdragon 732g, but not like the snapdragon 732g is the weakling either. But if 5g matters to you a lot, the good options in this price range are the real me nazo 30 pro and the real me x7, both of which cannot match the redmi note 10 pro max in terms of design display or camera performance, all of which, If you ask me, are more important than jumping on the 5g hype train because at least in our country 5g deployment is a good way away now, should you spend some more money and buy the meat, and i instead nope – i don’t think so, but should you Buy uh, you know something like the redmi note, 10 pro, which offers better value now.

That is something that i cannot answer right now, because we haven’t tested the cameras against the redmi note 10 pro max. Yet, as for the real me eight series real, we really has its work cut out, but we will get to see by the end of march for sure honestly, at this very moment, at the jump shot that we’re standing at the redmi note 10 pro max is The best phone right now under rupees, 20, 000, 5g or not. So i hope you guys liked our full review of the redmi note. 10 pro max 2. Let me know in the comment section below what you thought about it until next time. This is aishah from mysmartprice signing off goodbye and godspeed.