I know i just covered the redmi note 10, the non pro version like a couple of days ago – and i was really really pleased with that device. But here comes its bigger brother and it is slightly more powerful than the standard non pro version. So in today’s video, let me talk to you about what this device is all about, what you get in the box and what kind of experience that you would expect to get from this guy right here, all right before i begin, i just want to say that This device here is launched in malaysia if at a very, very attractive price point of 999 ringgit for the base variant that comes with six gigabytes of ram, but mine here is actually the one with eight gigabytes of ram. So this is one zero. Nine nine ringgit here in malaysia, so very affordable price range um. This is basically the uh, so called uh. How should i put it early mid range kind of king of the devices out there, so it comes with a lot of features here at a very affordable price point. But enough talking about that, let’s see what came in the box all right, so obviously i’ve already unboxed this guy right here and what came in the box was pretty standard. What you get in almost every box these days, you do get the fast charger. A 33 watt charger right here, which is still good because you get that in a box right.

Apart from that, you also get your type c, cable and last but not least, you get a matte kind of silicone case in the box, which i think is pretty good because it’s something new, not the kind of cases, the transparent ones that you usually get. So this is good as well to provide some kind of basic protection and of course we do get the device uh. The redmi uh note 10 pro right here, all right so i’m, going to put all this stuff aside for now, so that we can focus on the device itself all right. So as soon as i remove this device from the box. Ah, the design does look very similar to the redmi note 10. The standard version right here um they do look quite similar, except this has a slightly more uh bulkier camera lens at the back. So what i mean by that is pushing this aside for now. If you notice, this is the non pro version and it lies flat on the table, but for this particular note 10 pro it will wobble quite a lot but that’s because it comes with a larger sensor as well. So i’ll talk more about that later. In terms of the design and build quality, again we’re, getting a very solid device right here with the redmi note 10 pro one thing i need to note is that the back panel here is also very glossy and it’s very prone to fingerprint uh being sticking on It all the time, so you might want to take note about that.

I did wish it came with like a matte back but here’s what we got. We got this shiny back cover here. My device is the gray or the black version. There might be a special name for it, but it’s just black and, to be honest, it looks pretty good. I like the way how these redmi devices are looking like these days, like i said, one last look between the non pro version as well as the pro, and i also have my k40 right here. So actually they all do. Look pretty alike so tell me, which one you actually prefer here from the smallest camera bump to the medium camera bump to the largest camera bump on the k40, all right, so gon na put these two devices aside now, because we’re not talking about them, let’s go Back to the redmi note, 10 pro flipping the device to the front. Here we get a very nice super amoled display and why i say it’s nice is because it is also a high refresh rate display at 120 hertz and it also supports hdr10. That means watching content on the redmi note 10 pro is just going to be much better compared to any other normal kind of device. So again, a very nice display here, high refresh rate. So far, everything has been very smooth. I just love how the animations, just you know they just move on so quickly, so that’s, something very good about this display.

Definitely one of the better ones out there and very suitable, for you know like watching youtube videos, netflix and all that on this display right here, so contrast levels are great, saturation levels are also very good. Brightness levels is decent. I can definitely see the screen when i was outdoors just now, even under very bright sunlight, so that’s, a plus point there all right. So one thing i need to touch on is that we do have a fingerprint scanning on the side. I almost missed that out earlier, so this fingerprint scanner here is actually looks like a standard kind of button and it actually was pretty fast. So let me just show you very quickly there we go so it unlocks very, very fast. Just look at that speed guys. So yeah, just in case you’re wondering and these days, we’re always wearing masks and all that, so this fingerprint scanner is definitely very helpful, also because it’s so blazing fast. All right now, let’s talk about what’s powering this device. So in here we have a snapdragon, 732 uh, coupled with eight gigabytes of ram, like i mentioned just now and 128 gigabytes of internal memory. So it is ufs 2.2, if i’m not mistaken, so not the fastest to actually transfer files to and fro, but definitely good enough for this kind of price range, i’m. Very happy to say at this price range. Getting this kind of processor is almost very difficult to find in the market these days, and i think the redmi note 10 pro is just one of those few devices out there in the market that can actually provide this kind of processor, coupled with the kind of Ram uh at this kind of price point so definitely very good performance there, unfortunately i’m not able to access geekbench and 3dmark.

So i can’t share with you any benchmark scores. But what i can tell you is that i’ve been gaming on this device again with my mobile legends right there and i’m very pleased to say that the experience was very smooth. So it was a bit out of my expectations because i didn’t expect it to be that smooth. I need to point out that the ultra high frame rate kind of thing definitely works very well on this kind of display right here, even when playing the game, i could definitely feel that extra smoothness in terms of the graphics, so gaming on this device was very Smooth it didn’t, even heat up, even after, like 30 to 40 minutes of gameplay, so i’m definitely pleased to say that if you’re, a kind of gamer and you’re looking for a mid range device or maybe even like an entry, high level kind of device, this one Here the redmi note 10 pro will definitely work and satisfy your gaming needs all right. So since gaming is out of the way, obviously uh normal daily tasks like youtube, instagram and facebook, and all that they all also launch pretty quickly so let’s show you a quick idea on how they launch uh. We have youtube right here, let’s see not now. Okay, i’ve got some songs playing this now, so this is what you get here with youtube. Of course, you also have your facebook right there and yeah. So this is the kind of speeds you can expect from apps launching on the redmi note 10 pro all right.

So on that note, i want to move on to the next point, and that is the cameras at the back. So we do have a huge bump here, like i mentioned just now, and this is housing – a 108 megapixel main sensor, uh 8 megapixel ultra 5 megapixel um. What is that again? A five megapixel dev sensor and finally, a two megapixel uh macro lens. So it is a quad camera setup right here. If you can see it on my camera lens right there. So, in terms of camera performance, i don’t like to talk about numbers let’s talk about how the images look like, so i did take a couple of photos. Both indoors and outdoors, as well as in the night, so i have a lot of photos here to show you guys. Please take a look at these photos here, guys we have these daylight shots that look really nice uh. What i think about these daylight shots. If i were to sum it up in in just like a sentence, is that the colors here are actually looking pretty natural, they don’t look so saturated, like other devices out there, daylight shots was decent, i wouldn’t say it’s, very, very sharp, and all that is pretty Good, i want to point out the portrait mode, which actually did a decent job at trying to you know distinguish between my position as well as the background, so i was able to get some pretty nice bokeh or like blurred out background at the back.

So that’s pretty nice here as well in terms of the night mode, i was able to get in a couple of decent shots as well. I kind of like how the the night mode is being done here. It isn’t too noisy and isn’t. It isn’t too, like a stylized, like some other kind of cameras out there. So so i would say that, in terms of daylight shots portrait shots as well as night mode. You can expect this redmi note 10 pro here to perform pretty steadily all right. So, moving on to my next point, i did notice something a bit strange with the redmi note 10 pro, and that is my internet speed connection all right, so just to give you an idea, basically, the the speed that i’m subscribed to right now is 800 mbps Down, but i noticed that i was only able to get about 300 max so i’m, not sure what’s. The deal with this device right here on other devices i’m definitely able to hit at least 500 or 600, but my download speeds on the redmi note 10. Pro right here is only hitting yeah, like you see about 300 ish, but it’s never been able to hit like 500 mbps, even though my plan is 800 mbps so yeah, i just want to point that out that the internet speeds can’t get blazing fast but yeah. I guess it’s still quite fast, all right so that’s that for the internet speed moving on, i want to touch very quickly about the battery life, so we do have a 5020 milliamp hour battery in this redmi.

Note 10, pro so far, not much issues as always. I’M able to get one full day on one single charge and if you have not enough juice where’s that charger, you can actually uh pump this up using the charger that came in the box, it does zero to 60 in about 30 minutes, if i’m not mistaken. So pretty quick there for this charger that came in the box all right. Last but not least, let’s talk about the stereo speakers that came on the device, so they do go pretty loud, um, not too busy. The sound sounds pretty good, very similar to the one on the redmi note: 10: the standard version they both sound quite similar, actually yeah. So speakers wise are definitely good here as well. On the redmi note 10 pro. To sum up, my first impressions with the redmi note 10 pro. I must say that i’m really impressed with what we can get today at this kind of price point. So again, at 1099, ringgit it’s, really a no brainer. There is no other device out there. That can offer better value, or maybe even better performance for this price range. If you know one device that does please let me know so i can review it for you all right, um. I think that’s pretty much it for my video right here. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them down in the comment section below and hit that like button.