in and today we’re reviewing the redmi note 10.. This is one of the three smartphones launched by redmi in india. So there is the redmi note: 10, the redmi note 10 pro and the redmi note 10 pro max we’ve already reviewed the redmi note 10 pro max so make sure to check out that video as well, but for those of you who’s actually interested in this particular Smartphone well, we’ve got all of the juicy bits for you with respect to its performance, camera battery, everything so make sure to subscribe to our channel before you proceed further and, of course, hit the bell icon so that you don’t miss any future updates from us. With that, out of the way, let’s begin, Music first off let’s go over the specs of the redmi note 10.. This particular smartphone comes powered by the qualcomm snapdragon 678 chipset. For those of you not familiar with this it’s, a very slight refresh of the snapdragon 675, which launched about two years ago, so it retains the same 11 nanometer process. It remains the same octa core design. The only thing that really changes is there’s, a very, very slight bump in clock, speed more on that later uh. The phone also comes with six gigs of ram, which is the unit we have here there’s an amoled display, which is pretty impressive at this price point. There’S, a 5000 mah battery the camera on here is a 48 megapixel primary camera, there’s also 8 megapixel of ultra wide 2 megapixel macro and a 2 megapixel depth sensor.

So a quad camera setup in total on paper. The redmi note 10 does feel impressive, but also leaves a few questions, especially with respect to the qualcomm snapdragon 678 performance and that’s. What we’re going to dig into today. So let’s begin. So when it comes to benchmark numbers, this phone isn’t clocking numbers that are well within the realm of impressive, for example, or the antutu 8 score for the redmi note 10 is 2′ 6222, whereas phones, for example, like the poco m3 that recently launched with the snapdragon 662 score 181 thousand 207 naso 30a, which comes with the helio g85 chipset scores 201637. So great start for the redmi note 10 here. But as we move down the ladder, we see that, while the cpu numbers remain impressive, it’s the gpu benchmark where the phone lags uh, for example, 3dmark wildlife score on the redmi. Note 10 is 482 points, whereas on the nars of 30a it’s 701.. Similarly, on the gfx benchmark speed of test, we see the narso 30a outperformed, the redmi note 10.. When we move over to real world gaming, we see the same kind of behavior with call of duty mobile, having a medium frame rate of just 48 fps at low graphics and a stability of just 58 percent. Darzo 38, on the other hand, had an average median fps of 58 fps and a stability of 87 percent, so we are seeing the snapdragon 678 sort of not go toe to toe with its competitors um.

Of course, this really is a benchmark based uh analysis and, while gaming for sure has not been the best experience, what has actually been pretty decent is the day to day usage. Now, what is interesting is if you have a lot of apps open. In the background, the phone will very aggressively put them to deep sleep and, frankly, that’s, not so bad. Your applications like whatsapp and all don’t go into deep sleep states, that’s good, because you don’t miss those critical notifications, but especially for things like um. You know your photo editing, apps, maybe even your browser with which you may open, maybe like 10 to 15 times they will all be put to deep sleep speaking of browsing by the way, if you do have that many tabs open expect them to require a reload. Every now and then performance wise, the redmi note, 10. it’s sort of a hit or miss to be very honest. Having used devices like the nars 30a and even the poco m3, the note 10’s experience is not the smoothest out there and speaking of smooth let’s straight away just dive into the display. The redmi note 10 comes with an amoled panel, which is going to be very impressive from the get go the display settings allow you to choose between a more natural tone, a saturated one and an automatic mode. You also have the option of choosing your white balance, which is pretty impressive. However, when we put this phone through our kalman display test, we found that the color reproduction was completely off the charts in the incorrect sense of things that’s, not necessarily because the panel is um inaccurate, but for some reason the processing engine of the display is still Tweaking colors on the fly, so when kalman is sending this phone a display pattern, there’s something is changing in the background which is causing an incorrect readout.

So, overall the display, while to the eye, seems fairly usable. It seems good you can put it in saturated mode. If you like, poppy colors or you could leave it to natural, if you like more balanced and uh, you know a less uh hurtful to the eye appearance. So if that’s your thing, the note 10 display is not that bad it’s bright enough to use outdoors. Although the screen protector does cause a lot of reflection, issues remove that and you should be fine in indoor settings. The display does not go very dim, so we clock a big brightness of four nits when using this in pitch darkness. So um you know there is that it’s, not the damage display out there, but overall it’s fairly usable, especially because it also has a 180 hertz touch pulling rate. So, if you’re gaming, unfortunately, while the gaming performance is not that great, but thanks to the polling rate you do manage to still you know, maybe get in the top three in the call of duty mobile match. If you’ve got those skills, so that’s display next let’s talk about the camera performance. Now the redmi note 10 claim to fame is the 48 megapixel primary camera and, for all intents and purposes you should be impressed. But for those of you who care, this is not a sony imx sensor, but instead an omnivision unit now using the primary camera. While the images do appear to be pretty good, especially when you’re shooting in the bin mode, there are some caveats.

The camera interface by itself is a little on the slower side and taking photos. The whole experience is a little bit laggy right from the time where you try to focus on the subject, especially if you’re trying to focus on something. In particular, the focus is slightly slow. The shutter response is a hair slow and if you try to do burst so, if you go from short to short to short, there is significant lag between two shots, so overall it’s a fairly slow camera, app and uh, not one that’ll, you know always be reliable When it comes down to taking that one critical photograph, you know when you’re trying to catch that fleeting moment. So, if you’re, the kind of photographer who takes deliberate photos or you’ll, stop think frame, you know with patience and then shoot not a problem. But if you’re always trying to catch action, this phone may not live up to the hype. Just saying, then you have the ultrawide camera, which well does pose some issues. There is notable distortion on the edges. There is noticeable fringing in high contrast areas and the images come out a little on the softer side, so they’re not the most sharp, while the center is. But you start seeing the softness from in across the frame. In fact, as you move away from the center overall, the images are usable once you edit them or, if you’re, just looking to instagram them, but as high resolution output.

I wouldn’t really put a lot of faith in that next you have the macro camera, which is surprising because so on the redmi note 10 pro max it’s, a very impressive macro: camera 5 megapixel with autofocus. This is just a two megapixel dud macro camera, because there is no autofocus. There is no focus, peaking and there’s no image stabilization, so you will never really be sure if your shot is going to be in focus until you take it and look at it. You know by magnifying the image on the screen it’s a really frustrating experience to shoot macro on this smartphone. So um, not not a lot of faith in that either next up, you’ve obviously got the sound you’ve got a decent display to watch your videos on you. Won’T know how will the sound be when it comes out of the speakers, so the redmi note 10 actually does feature dual speakers stereo speakers. That is one on the top one at the bottom and they are asymmetric in their placement so that you know no matter how you hold the phone. One speaker will always be outputting clear, sound now. The speakers do get loud, they’re decently, usable, if you’re just sitting in a quiet room by yourself uh. But if you go into a noisy environment they’re, not that loud and they’re, definitely not very clear um. You can definitely make stuff out if you’re, watching a movie or any sitcom or just casually listening to music by yourself again in a quiet room works fine, but if there is any amount of ambient noise, the speakers do get drown very quickly.

So sound output is pretty okay, uh, nothing to really rave home about, but what’s really cool is that you do get a headphone jack, so you can always plug in your favorite headphones earphones, whatever you may have into this and enjoy the sound in a much better. Fidelity last but not least, we’ve got the battery life on this phone and that’s. Something that definitely did leave me. Impressed um 5000 m8 supports 33 watt fast charging and, given that it’s, an amoled display with a 60 hertz refresh rate i’m getting about a day and a half easy on this, and when i say day and a half i’m, my usage is not designed to. You know stress the battery it’s, actually, what i would do in my daily life so which is taking calls entertaining messages watching a few youtube videos and even listening to music on the go. So between all of that, the battery life is about a day and a half of decent use charging it from zero to 100 takes about 75 minutes, which is not bad. I mean you could just plug it in while uh you know, you’re getting ready for work in the morning to get a decent amount of top up, or once you do get to work, you can plug it in then to just charge it up completely. Then you also have the built in design of this phone now that’s, something that i really did like um.

The white finish on the redmi note 10 in my usage has actually been turning quite a few heads and there was a time when white phones are very common white plastic back, but in the last few years, we’ve seen so many colors. So many gradients textured finish so many things have happened. So the plain white back is now something of a novelty once again, and that really does turn heads second thing: that’s cool about this plastic white back is that it’s definitely fingerprint resistant, so it’ll not show up. Even if it does catch your fingerprint, because your fingers may be oily like mine and it will not show those prints easily at all then there’s, the other thing with respect to the camera module now from afar, this camera module does resemble that of the mi 10t Pros and it sort of is a visual hint at a more premium offering than what it really is at the end of the day. It’S a nice touch, no doubt about it. You also have a side mounted fingerprint sensor and interestingly it’s not as flat or wide as we’ve seen in competing devices, so it’s actually pretty much exactly like a normal power button would be, but with a fingerprint sensor embedded into it. The cool thing is that it works reliably well it’s fast to unlock, and i have actually not had any issues using this at all um. The front is, of course, gorilla, glass, 3 it’s, and the frame is also pretty amazing.

I’M, not too fond of the glossy silver finish on the frame, but you know once the phone goes in the case. None of that matters at the end of the day anyway. So let’s conclude this review now. The redmi note 10 does come with a few. Compelling features got that large battery life it’s got that 48 megapixel camera it’s got an amoled display, but when it actually comes down to performance, whether it’s gaming, especially gaming, in fact it lags behind the competition day to day performance, while today may be uh usable i’m. Not sure if a year from now it’ll still be as smooth, that is as it is today, android devices do tend to get slow slower over a period of time as they get filled up and as they go through multiple iterations of apps being installed removed. Data being moved in and out of the phone, so while today this phone does live up to the day to day usage uh in a reliable fashion, um again, not sure how it’s going to be for the next one year. So who should buy this phone that’s? A very important question: so if your budget is just 12 000 bucks, you could consider the meat end, no doubt about it. It’S got a great set of features and as long as you’re willing to accept the fact that you’re not gon na, have the fastest phone in the market, you should be fine. You still do get great battery life, you get a decent camera setup.

You get a good display and you also get headphone jack, expandable storage, dual sim, all of that and you also get a phone that’s, a good looking device. However, if you’re looking for a smartphone that is actually going to deliver a good gaming experience, you may want to look somewhere else, maybe consider the nars or 30a. Maybe even look at the poco m3 for that matter, although that’s slightly underpowered but does deliver on the promise of more stable gaming frame rates, not just the high ones. So there is that.