. This here is the ROG Phone 5 Ultimate Edition, a limited edition, smartphone. Very few of these in the world A thumbs up for your boy would be appreciated.. This is the world’s. First smartphone with 18 gigabytes of RAM, which is absolutely insane.. Certain regions will also come with this fan. Gift collection, which we’ll also be taking a look at., And we also have the ROG Phone 5. So we can do a bit of a comparison and see what’s different between the two. Let’s get to it.. So let’s. Initially, look at the ROG Phone 5 Ultimate Edition. We’ll check out the fan gift collection later on., So we’ve got this silver box and it’s in this unique shape, similar to what we’ve seen on previous ROG phones.. But if we do look at the regular ROG Phone 5 it’s a pretty standard, looking box as we get on pretty much all of the smartphones., So it seems like only the ROG Phone 5 Pro as well as the Ultimate Edition get this fancy box. Let’s unbox It. Now I do quite like the silver finish, which reflects the design of the device. And we’re immediately presented with this Anime inspired Akira theme.. So as well as the device inside the box, we do get the new air active cooler, which this time has some buttons.. It also has a kickstand, and this is only included in the ROG Phone 5 Pro, as well as the Ultimate Edition.

. It is not included with the regular ROG Phone 5.. We also get some paperwork some stickers, as well as a clear case.. This case is a little bit different to what we get on the ROG Phone 5. And we do get a Type C to USB Type C: braided, cable, a 65 watt fast charger which is included out of the box surprisingly.. And finally, we also have a cover for the USB Type C port on the side. Now let’s get to the device. All right, I got to say this looks very very slick. We’ve got this satin white finish.. Now, if we compare it to the ROG Phone 5, you’ll notice that, although the sides and general layout of the device is pretty similar, we do have a glossy finish on the ROG Phone 5 and it has a dot matrix, RGB ROG logo. Here at the back.. However, on the Ultimate Edition, we actually have an ROG Vision, PMO LED display., So this is actually a secondary display at the back.. This is monochrome on the Ultimate Edition on the Pro you actually get a color display., And this can display lots of different scenarios and animations. Right now. Let’S take a look at the display., So this is a 6.78 inch. Samsung AMOLED display it’s, fully HD Plus in resolution. It’S got a 144 Hertz refresh rates with a one millisecond response time: 300 Hertz touch sampling rates and it has the world’s lowest.

24.3 millimeter touch latency.. Now we do have small top and bottom bezels, but ROG Phones. Traditionally, have never really been about a bezel, less design shall we say And that’s, because we do have symmetrical front firing speakers. Now these are up to 35 bigger in size and have up to 21 higher power outputs.. Now the display on the ROG Phone 5 is pretty much exactly the same.. You just get a different theme on the Ultimate Edition. As you can see here. Now we do have a Gorilla, Glass, Victus and let’s. Take a look around the device. We’ve got nothing at the top. At the bottom. We have a USB Type C port, as well as a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack with a high end jack.. On the left hand, side we have another USB Type C ports with a connector for the air active cooler.. Now this is something that I absolutely love about: our ROG phones having that USB ports on the side as well means if you are gaming and you want to charge the device, then you’re not going to have that cable in the way it’s going to be right. Here in the bottom., They were actually, I believe, the first to do. This. At the bottom of the left hand side. We have a SIM card tray. On the right hand, side we have the volume buttons, we have a power button and then we have the ultrasonic triggers.. Now ASUS is calling them ultrasonic triggers this time, not AirTriggers, which I’m so used to.

. I don’t know if there was like a copyright issue or something like that, but these are pretty awesome.. Now these are closer to the edges, so they are easier to reach this time.. They can be partitioned. We have horizontal and vertical slide options, swiped options as well as motion controls. And with the Ultimate Edition you have up to 18 different controls, including two additional rear touch pads. Now for me, that is way too many controls but I’m sure a lot of you guys Will be able to make the most of them. Now let’s talk a little bit about what’s powering the ROG Phone 5 Pro, because this is the fastest smartphone in the world.. Of course, we do have the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5G chipset.. However, there’s a bit of a twist – and that is because they’ve placed this right in the middle and split the battery into two cells on the top and on the bottom.. This gives it a sentence: CPU design for optimal thermo performance., But we’ve also got a large 3D Vapor chamber, thermal components and graphite sheets on both sides to dissipate the heat.. And if you are using the air active cooler, the fan is going to be directed directly towards this area., And this can give you up to 10 degrees celsius, lower CPU temperature and up to 15 degrees, lower surface temperature.. I absolutely love that this device has been built from the inside out to be a gaming device.

Like just little things like that., Absolutely awesome.. Now we do have up to 512 gigabytes of storage, but the key new feature here on the ROG Phone 5 Ultimate, which you’re not going to get on any of the smartphone right now, is up to 18 gigabytes of LP DDR 5 RAM. That that’s absolutely insane.. Now, on the ROG Phone 5 and the 5 Pro, you can get up to 16 gigabytes of RAM, which is amazing anyway, but 18 gigabytes of RAM really I’ve thrown everything at this and it’s been so so smooth. Again, I want to emphasize that, in my opinion, This is the fastest smartphone in the world right now.. Now we mentioned the battery briefly and the total size is 6000 milliampere hours, but it’s been split into two 3000 milliampere battery cells on the top and the bottom., And so far in my experience, this thing has amazing battery life as expected, but we do have fastest 65 watt wide charging. Last year it was 30 Watts. And having 65 Watts charging can give you around 71 charge in just 30. Minutes. Now. 71 may not sound amazing in 30 minutes. But when you consider the size of these batteries because they are split, they can be charged faster. You’re, getting around 4400 milliamperes of charge in just that 30 minutes., That is usually much larger than most smartphones, have in a total battery size., So that’s absolutely awesome. Being able to get that charge in 30 minutes.

Now we don’t have wireless charging as previous.. This doesn’t really seem to be a priority for a gaming smartphone. And one of the things which I hope was a priority, but isn’t much of a priority on a gaming. Smartphone again is the cameras.. I mean they’re okay, but they are definitely not up there. With the flagships., We have a 24 megapixel front facing camera, a 64 megapixel primary Sony, IMX686 camera.. This has electronic image stabilization, not optical image. Stabilization.. There is a 13 megapixel ultra wide camera, as well as a 5 megapixel macro camera.. You guys know how I feel about low resolution macro cameras, but anyway, anyway. Taking a look at some of the software features. Asus has really packed this with so many different customizations. I can’t actually go through every single one of them in this video. We’ve got an audio wizard with customizable equalizers to really tune in your sound. There’s. The updated Armory Crate with your gaming profiles, assistant performance manager, as well as ROG connect. There’s, quick controls, which give you virtual buttons for quick actions like a screenshot or screen recording. And there’s, also a bunch of different accessories. You can get to really give you that gaming edge, such as the Kunai 3 game pad.. This is also compatible with the ROG Phone 5 series, as it was with the ROG Phone 3 series and for pricing and availability.. So let me break this down.. The ROG Phone 5 will be the first to be available and that’s going to be coming in March, starting at 799 euros.

That is, for the base, eight gigabytes of RAM with 128 gigabyte storage version. And for 100 euros more. You can get double the storage with 12 gigabytes of RAM, and if you want 16 gigabytes of RAM, then you will pay another 100 euros.. The ROG Phone 5 Pro will be available in April and that will be priced at 1199. Euros. Comes with 16 gigabytes of RAM and 512 gigabytes of UFS, 3.1 storage. And finally, the limited edition ROG Phone 5, Ultimate, which I am told will be very very limited – will be available in May. And that will be coming in at 1299 euros with 512 gigabytes Of storage and a whopping 18 gigabytes of RAM. Now, as mentioned towards the beginning, it will be coming with the fan: gift collection in certain regions., So let’s check out what you will be getting., So here’s the box. We can see the fan gift. Collection. Let’s see what you get inside.. So the thing that stands out right away is the snapback.. So we’ve got the ROG logo embroidered inside the snapback.. We then get a towel, so you can see Republic of Gamers with the logo. Some ROG playing cards. All right. I got to say these look super super slick in all black with silver and blue highlights., Wow okay., I like this. There’s, some ROG building blocks, and these are again in the monochrome theme. And in this top section here we have some of these emblems, which I Believe you can kind of stick onto your clothing.

And then we’ve got this small box with a message. And inside here we’ve got some monochrome stickers, which look slick again, as well as an ROG mask cover., All right, so that’s like a silk mask, which is also Included., So a nice little fun gift pack, if you do manage to get a hold of the limited edition, ROG Phone 5 Ultimate. – And that is the ROG Phone 5 Ultimate as well as the ROG Phone 5.. What do you guys think of these devices? Will you be picking one up? Definitely let me know down in the comments below.. I hope you enjoyed this video and found it useful.. If you did then do smash that like button for me. And if you haven’t already then be sure to subscribe and hit that bell icon because March is going to be insane., We’ve got lots and lots more content coming up on here. Thanks for watching.. This is Saf SuperSack, TV. And I’ll, see you next time.