So you want a better quality microphone. Sometimes, when making videos just using the standard built in mic, it sounds a bit empty and the quality is not necessarily there. So what you get in this kit, which you’ll notice, is the the bag to keep everything in and now we’ve got the microphone we’re going to look at how to put this together and then we’re going to test it out with what it sounds. When you talk to into it and also when you play an acoustic guitar, how it picks up the sound and why that sounds better. I have tested this out and i was quite surprised at how good the quality was. So you’ve got the the microphone and you have the tripod actually like these. The idea of them is that you can hold it like that, if or something handheld depending on what you want to use see these flip out. So they stand up. You have the holder, hold the smartphone or iphone in you’ve, got your audio cable and yeah i’m, trying what they call these a wind muff. So if you’re outside and it’s, when it’s actually windy to this or come in handy i’m, not going to use because i want to use uh indoors, i don’t really play the guitar outside in there. You’Ve obviously got your manual, which was on the manual that there’s, obviously a few different types that are available but we’re looking at looking at this one here.

So how does it all fit together? Yeah? Well, you get the that screws in like that, these a one of these, so you tighten it up like that, and then we’re gon na simply put the microphone in now on the picture on the box, it’s obviously got the front camera feet like facing with the Microphone facing this way, i want to be able to have my iphone in it facing that way. So i’ve almost got the wrong way around to the picture. If that makes, if that makes uh, if that makes sense, so i’m going to put that in there, like that, you have that little thing there that tightens tightens it up so it’s nice there. So when you actually fit the wire make sure it’s the one where the you’ve got the two focusing on there, there you’ve got two and then you’ve got the one with the three that fits into the iphone there. So you probably don’t, keep going off camera in here like that, and then you’ve got this one. Now, in the case of the iphone you’re going to have to use your adapter build up to plug it in so i’m going to plug that in there as such. Now, when it comes to putting your phone in you’ve got on here, this heightens widens, so you can put your phone in so it’s, not enough! So there you go and then to tighten it up, keep it in so and then you plug that into there like that.

Now the microphone i’m, using at the minute it’s just a built in microphone on there on the iphone that i’m filming with so that’s just set to go, and obviously the idea is that i can hold it like that. I’Ve obviously got it a different way around to in the picture and but that’s the idea that this will now will now sit like this now. If i want to adjust tighten that up, so it will sit like that. If i press this in, i can alter a maneuver on again to get it straight. So if i put my video camera on, let me see that and the video flip the camera around and then you can now see let’s record now. What you’re hearing is actually the microphone this map reform the comment that made reform so i’ll just put this to one side turn this off and sit down, so i’ve got the microphone directly pointing at me and i can adjust this. I want to be like that. So you can see me hairstyle, um and you’ll definitely hear a difference in the quality um. One of the problems, as we said with iphones, is after when i’m making a video if i’m, not using an external mic plugged into the iphone, you can hear kind of what’s going on in the room picks the ambience of the room up, which is not what You always want when i tried this out with my acoustic guitar.

I found that the the quality was much was much much better, so it’s ideal for, if you’re doing, conversation it’s, for i am for youtube or blogs stuff like that and it’s giving you quality. I think this one was about 60 pound on amazon. The kind people have come out have sent me this one to be able to try out and review. So how does it match up when you pick your guitar up and play it? How ab well we’ll have a look, so if you want to build so this is a good thing with this little tripod is so i want to play do so. I think that picks it up really nicely and is a there’s, a quality about the sound where the built in mic. It tends to sound a bit too sharp baits the top of your head off. This has got so um all in all i’ll just adjust. Oh let’s see this is all in all i’m really happy with this i’ll put a link in the description. I’Ll put the spec for this in the description too, but overall i’m really pleased with this, and i think i will be using this in any videos. The last two videos i’ve made i’ve actually used this microphone in it, so check them out, see the sound quality. Tell me what you think in the comments.