The mi 11 is the cheaper of these two flagship smartphones, starting from 740 euros perfectly respectable. Meanwhile, the oppo f5x3 pro is a much more expensive and now is a good time to clench tight at 1049 quid ouchies. So is the oppo f5x3 pro actually worth that jumping cost and which one of these mega mobiles is gon na be best for you well, i’m, really bloody glad. You asked because i’m about to do a full side by side comparison to see how the me11 and the oppo f5x3 pro stack up and for more the latest greatest tech. Please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers all right. So the first thing – you’ll – probably just about notice when you stick the oppo, fine, x3 port and the mi 11 side by side – is the fact that the me 11 is the slightly larger of the two. Although let’s face it they’re both absolute units. Six point: seven inch oppo fine x34 versus the 6.81 inch me11. As you can see, though, both smartphones really make the most of that space on offer with very skinny bezels surrounding those mighty displays up front you’ve got a coating of gorilla glass 5. Protecting the oppo f5x3 pro, although that actually gets upgraded to the lid it’s gorilla glass invictus for the me 11, which is more drop resistant as well as super super scratch proof. And then, if you flip around to the back end, you’ll see it’s once again, a glass finish around on the rear, but again a very different approach from oppo and xiaomi it’s gorilla glass 5.

In both cases here on the meat, 11 you’ve only got this lovely frosted. Finish, though available in either a midnight grit, or this rather fetch and blue version, and that might finish, does really help to repel the the nasty finger scuffs and all the rest of it. Though you will see, it does get quite greasy if you uh sort of tilt it to the light it catches it just so here in the case of the oppo f5x3, pro you’ve got a choice of either a matte or a mirrored finish. This is the mirrored version now that’s great news. If you want to do your hair on the move or something like that, unfortunately does also mean that it picks up those nasty, scuffs and greasy marks all too easily, and it is all too visible. So yeah, you might want to keep a cleaning cloth handy, but i certainly do like the design on both of these smartphones. They certainly look expensive, which is just as well because they are – and i especially like the fact that it’s a single plate of glass here on the oppo f5x3 pro as you can see that camera chassis is actually built into the back roll than a separate little Unit and both of these blowers weigh at my over 200 grams as well. So, even though they’re a bit on the big side, they certainly don’t feel overly cumbersome to use, and if water resistance is a key factor for you, then the oppo fine, x3 pro is gon na, be a huckleberry, because that’s got full ip68 water and dust resistance.

It can be fully submerged for a good half hour or so in a shallow body of water and have absolutely no ill effects, whereas the mi 11 does not have any official ip rating. That said, it can take a bit of a splash in no worries, so don’t worry if you live in a drizzly country like the uk. Now both these smartphones work, the latest freshest android 11. and on the surface it seems to be a very similar ui experience, but actually it comes in two very different geysers here on the oppo phone x3 pro you get the latest color os 11.2, whereas the xiaomi Mi 11 actually uses xiaomi’s on miui 12 launcher. So all the standard stock android features are present correct, like an apps tray. Thank god. You’Ve also got access to that google feed, if you just want to browse endless news, you’ve, also got the ability to fully customize uh that ui with either launcher as well, although it is a tad easier here on color os on the fine x3 pro thanks to That personalization section just allows you to quickly and easily tweak everything from the always on display to the icon styles, even the fingerprint animation that plays out whenever you actually use that in display fingerprint sensor, but both color, os and miui add in a whole bunch of Bonus features on top of android, including the likes for fully customizable, always on display with loads of random options, and both of these launchers also add a very useful one handed mode thank christ because of course, they are rather large smartphones.

So it definitely helps out and you’ve also got a good bit of face recognition action to complement the in display fingerprint sensor on both of these blowers and again nice and fast and responsive on either of them and gamers delight because you also have a dedicated gaming Modes on both the oppo phone x3 pro and the me 11. courtesy of the color os and the miui 12., that adds a whole bunch of features on both of these smartphones for blocker notifications. Just keeping your focus on the game and ensuring all of that performance is diverted to really resource goblin titles like gentian impact, and here on the mia 11. You get a couple of other bonus features. Courtesy of me ui that you don’t get on the upper such as this rather nifty control center, which let’s face it has been completely ripped off from apple’s ios. It just gives you fast access to all of your toggles, including all your smart home goodies on the highly exciting subject of storage, where the oppo f5x3 pro comes with 256 gigs as standard and the me11 you’ve got choice of 128 gigs in the base version. Otherwise, throw a bit more cash at xiaomi and you’ll get the 256 gig model to match the oppo and it’s ufs 3.1, in both cases, nice and nippy, great news. If you’re going to be downloading a lot of big files or playing again, some massive games like gentian impact, but sadly neither smartphone supports microsd memory card expansion.

As for the sim support, well, both the oppo and the xiaomi will support dual sims and in the case of the oppo phone x3, pro you’ve also got support for e sim. So, no matter your choice of phone, you get a nice spacious panel for browsing. Your photos kicking back with some netflix, whatever it’s a 6.7 incher on the upper 6.8. One inch on the xiaomi in both cases, they’re amoled screens, with full hdr 10 plus supports you – can stream a nice bit of hdr content on services like netflix. You can completely tweak the color output on both the phone x3 pro and the mi 11 by diving into those display settings. You can get nice accurate, looking hues. Otherwise i like the the vivid and the saturated mods which provide really nice punchy in your face colors. Instead, that’s particularly good news, if you like a good bit of anime bit of pixar action, those animations really do look lush. Personally, i prefer the color output on the fine x3 pro compared with the me11. I find it’s just a little bit richer, just a little bit easier on the eye. You’Ve got a quad hd plus resolution panel on both of these smartphones, so nice fine detail again perfect for browsing your photos enjoying some video on the go and both color os and me ui 12. They do offer up video image, sharpening tools which can basically help to enhance lower res content.

We’Re talking like sort of really bog standard, 480p, 720p stuff, you can even upskill sdr content, so it looks more like hdr and as you’d expect from super premium. Smartphones you’ve got support for high refresh rate 120 hertz on both of these blows, as well, so great news for when you’re uh, just navigating through android in general, nice and silky, smooth instant uh reaction and, of course, great news for supported. Apps you’ve got a stereo speaker setup on both of these blogs, with nice punchy, clear, audio on that top volume and, of course, you’ve got fine audio tuning as well. You’Ve got the dolby atmos action here on the oppo f5x3 pro, whereas the audio tuning comes courtesy of a bit of ammon godot here on the me11, and then both cases can basically just tweak the sound output based on what you’re up to on your smartphone. And i had bugger all problems with the bluetooth connectivity on the oppo finex 3 port and the me 11 as well. My strong, stable connection, whether i was rocking pair headphones, uh streaming to a speaker even at a decent range. You’Ll get a solid connection and, of course, that comes with full support for all of the uh. The premium stuff you’d expect like high res audio. So you get that nice punchy clear, crisp sound when you stream into a pair of bluetooth headphones with that high res audio support. You’Ve got full ldac support aptx.

All of that good stuff. Only problem is like a lot of premium bloody smartphones in 2021. There is bug roll headphone jack on either of these blowers, so it is going to be type c, dongles or bluetooth all the way, basically so that shift onto performance and both of these premium smartphones have got serious flagship swagger, as you’d expect a bit of snapdragon 88 chipset action in both cases, although the mi 11 has eight gigabytes of ddr5 ram, stuffed inside, whereas the oppo boosts this to 12 gigs. Despite this, the oppo f5x3 pro actually performed more poorly in geekbench. As you can see here, compared with the mate 11. Both the single core and the multi core results, but i take that with a pinch of salt. Both of these blowers have that built in adreno 660 gpu, so they can run even super demanding titles like gentian impact on those very top detail. Settings at 60 frames per second with excellent performance. I didn’t see a single jitter, the entire time i played on the fine x3 pro, and there was only the very occasional little drop in frame rate with the me 11.. No issues. As far as the screen responsiveness is concerned, with both these blows either, the fine x3 pro proved perfectly responsive with it’s 240 hertz touch sampling. The m11 does bump that up to 480 hertz, but both do the job. Absolutely fine for competitive online games like call of duty, mobile and pubg you’ve got dedicated coolant tech with both of these smartphones as well and yeah.

They do both get a little bit toasty around the arse area, once you’ve been gaming for a half hour or so, but i didn’t see any throttling or any performance issues because of that, and as i believe i mentioned earlier, you’ve got gamer features on both these Blowers as well so, for instance, for blocking the notifications, recording your screen doing all kinds of good stuff in game and another benefit of having that snapdragon 88 chipset. Is you get qualcomm’s built in x60 modem for full 5g support? The oppo phone x3 pro supports more 5g bands, so you will get more worldwide coverage, but both definitely get a bit of future proof in there. As far as the battery tech goes, where you get 4 500 milliamp cells stuffed inside the upper 5×3 pro. But if this was a game of top trumps or phone trumps, if you will well in that case, the mi 11 would win by a nat’s pube, because it’s got a 4 600 milliamp cell. But the good news is that both the oppo fine x3 pro and the me 11 can last a full day on a single charge. No worries whatsoever. I tend to finish each day with around sort of 20 battery life remaining and that’s, with a good sort of five to six hours of screen on time, plus plenty of media streaming and all that good stuff when it comes to recharging. Well, both these smartphones are faster than using bolt with a firecracker wedged firmly up.

His rectum you’ve got 65 watt supervooc charge here on the oppo f5 x3 pro, whereas on the mi 11 it’s 55 watt fast charging, so both will power up in around an hour. Maybe just under i said, it’s a bit of a roll reversal when it comes to the wireless charger, because you’ve actually got 50 watt wireless charging. Here on the me 11 or as it’s a mia 30 watt wireless charging here on the opportunity. Xd pro still nice and nippy, though for sure so let’s finish up by comparing the camera tech on the oppo phone x3 pro with the xiaomi me 11. here on the oppo phonics 3 pro you’ve got a primary 50 megapixel imx 766 sensor, designed by sony specifically For this phone, whereas the mi 11 uses a 108 megapixel samsung sensor instead, now the phone x3 pro supports 10 bit image and video capture. It can capture 1 billion colors. So you get more accurate natural, looking results compared with the me11, with less visible, abandon as well, and it can certainly produce beautifully vibrant images with that ai mode active. Even when the light is weak in very low light, the mi 11 can produce brighter images than its rival here, but sometimes that autofocus does struggle with night mode. Active. The mi 11 still produces a brighter image, but the oppo f5 x3 pro serves up a more natural looking pick very similar to what you see with the naked eye as for alternate lenses, the fine x3 pro boss, a 50 megapixel ultra wide angle, lens with the Same imx 766 sensor as that primary snapper, and once again it can capture one billion colors, so there’s no compromise with the photo quality, but you’ve also got limited distortion around the edges.

For both your photos and your video in comparison, the xiaomi mi 11 makes do with a simple 13 megapixel ultra wide angle lens, which produces less detailed darker images. So this is no contest. The fine x3 pro is the only phone to pack a dedicated telephoto lens with optical zoom, which maxes out at five times hybrid zoom. But you can boost that up to 20 times digital zoom and when you do boost in unsurprisingly, the oppo offers stronger detail and fresher colors. Compared with the me 11. with xiaomi’s phone. You do have the option to shoot a 108 megapixel photo and then basically crop in, but it’s still no contest and last up. The fine x3 pro also has a 3 megapixel macro lens, while the mi 11 has a 5 megapixel telemacro shooter and both are very good indeed at capturing up clause picks if that’s your bag for your home movies. Well, as i mentioned before, the fine x3 pro can capture 10 bit, video, which looks absolutely stunning very natural. Looking results, you’ve got up to 4k resolution, footage of either 30 or 60 fps. Meanwhile, in the case, the me 11, you can bump it up to 4k or all the way up to 8k level. If you want super high resolution, if you want to check out the video results on both these smartphones we’ll go check out my in depth. Reviews on both of these phones, where you’ll be able to see a good bit test footage and see my final thoughts and last up up front.

The fine x3 pro has a 32 megapixel selfie cam, while the mi 11 has a 20 megapixel effect and both are far too good when dealing with a craggy old face like mine. So that, in a nutshell, is how opposed fresh do. Finex 3 pro stacks up against the slightly cheaper xiaomi me 11. i’ve got to say of the pair. I definitely prefer the oppo i like that display a hell of a lot and the camera tech is just absolutely untouchable, but the me 11 isn’t too far behind at all, and certainly in terms of performance and battery life and design and all that good stuff. I love them both, so if you want the best of the best fine x3 pro all the way, but the me 11, certainly at that price point, some really premium tech really bringing it to the likes of samsung and apple. So my little comparison has been helpful. I’Ve got a full me: 11 review live right now the oppo phonics 3. Pro review is half in the bag, so it should be uh with you early next week be great to hear your own personal thoughts on which of these smartphones. You prefer down.