The poco m3 is the successor to the very popular poco m2, which sold over a million units in india alone, so this phone definitely has a huge hype around it. But the main question is how good is a 150 smartphone? Can it deliver an amazing experience at that low price point to answer that i’ll be going over all the features that the poco m3 has to offer and by the end of this video it’ll help you decide if the poco m3 is the right choice for you. So let’s get started. The poco m3 is available in two different versions: the global version, which has 4 gigs of ram or the indian version, which features 6 gigs of ram paired with either 64 or 128 gb of storage. The poco m3 features a polycarbonate body, which is basically plastic, and it is definitely something we can expect on a 150 smartphone. But what poco does here differently? Is it uses a leather finish on high quality polycarbonate that feels much better to touch when compared to other plastic phones? The build quality is really good for the price. The phone also features an elongated glossy camera module which houses three different cameras, and you can also see the bright poco logo on the panel. Unlike the flagship smartphones that have an in screen fingerprint scanner. The poco m3 features a fingerprint scanner that’s built into the power button. The scanner is fast, accurate and easy to reach.

The phone also features the good old headphone jack, which is quite rare these days, and it also has dual sim card slots, along with a micro sd card slot. If you do want to expand your storage, the stereo speakers on the phone surprisingly deliver a very good experience and they do get pretty loud too. Seeing the price tag, you would expect this phone to feature a 720p display, but surprisingly, this phone features a large 6.53 inch, full hd plus lcd screen with a resolution of 1080 by 2340. Yes, i do understand it isn’t anywhere close to the amoled displays, but this display is sharp and colorful, and i had no major issues watching videos on this phone, but one thing poco could have done is it would have increased the brightness level a bit more for Better outdoor viewing the phone features, gorilla, glass, 3 for protection and the display support 60 hertz refresh rate and before you feel why they couldn’t include 120. Hertz. Do note that phones, that even retail for 600 dollars still support 60 hertz displays the phone also features a water drop notch at the top, which houses the selfie camera. Even though the phone is tall and wide, it feels light and comfortable to hold, and i love the form factor also do note. The poco, m3 isn’t waterproof so just be careful around water, and it is also available in three different color choices: black blue and yellow. Overall, the display and the build quality is definitely one of the best that you will find on any phone in this price range.

The poco m3 features a triple camera setup on the rear. It features a 48 megapixel sensor, a 2 megapixel macro sensor and a 2 megapixel depth sensor. The main 48 megapixel sensor does a very good job taking photos. The photos are sharp and the color tones are really good in bright conditions. The dynamic range across all the photos is decent and i’m quite happy with it. What surprised me the most was this phone at this price range can take really good low light photos using the night mode. I surely didn’t expect night mode photos to look good. The front facing 8 megapixel camera is just decent and it is ok for video calls. The poco m3 can shoot videos up to 1080p at 30 frames per second video quality is good and bright conditions, but i wouldn’t recommend it in low light environments. Also. I really wish poker at least given us an option to shoot 1080p videos at 60 frames per second, because 30 frames per second at 1080p does seem pretty outdated. The 2 megapixel macro sensor isn’t actually necessary, as i couldn’t even take a few decent pictures using it. You really have to use a tripod and be patient enough to get good pictures using the macro sensor. Overall, the cameras are pretty decent, they aren’t terrible and unless you’re someone who uses the phone to shoot professional videos of photos, the camera should be good enough and good lighting conditions. The poco m3 runs on snapdragon 662 and it isn’t as new and as powerful as the 700 or the 800 series, but it does deliver a good performance when paid with the 4 gigs or 6 gigs of ram.

The snapdragon 662 does fairly good at doing your everyday general tasks like browsing gaming, video calls etc without any issues. But it does have a noticeable amount of lag here and there, for example, it may take a second for the app or the folder to respond to your touch. I have played pubg and call of duty on the phone and i did not face any major lags or freezes while gaming. Also the phone runs on miui 12, which is built on android 10 and thanks to the well optimized ui. The performance does seem good enough for day to day use battery life is where the poco m3 really shines and places itself above its competition. The poco m3 features a massive 6000 mah battery, which should easily last you a day and a half the poco m3 charges via usb c, and it charges at a max speed of 18 watts, and it does take over two hours to charge from zero to hundred Percent, even after playing a couple of call of duty games for an hour and general web browsing, the battery just dropped by eight percent, which is really good. The poco m3 also supports wired, reverse charging, so you can basically use your phone as a power bank to charge your accessories, which is a nice feature to have. I really wish poco could have added fast charging and wireless charging, but that’s, okay, considering the price tag and the long battery life after one single charge now let’s circle back to the main question that i’m trying to answer here is the poco m3, a good smartphone To buy to answer that first let’s look at some of the drawbacks: the poco m3 has decent cameras, they aren’t terrible, but they could be better and the phone does have a noticeable amount of flag here and there.

But apart from that for 150 you’re, getting an amazing build quality, a pretty good 1080p display a unique design, a decent 48 megapixel camera sensor, an amazing battery life and a well optimized ui, along with good processor performance. So should you buy it? Yes, if you’re in the market for an entry level smartphone under the 250 price tag, go ahead and buy it also, it could be an excellent work phone for all your calls and emails thanks to that amazing battery life. There’S. No other phone in this price range that can offer what the poco m3 offers for 150. In my opinion, the puko m3 is the best budget friendly smartphone under the 250 price tag, so definitely do check it out so that’s it guys that was my poco m3 review. Do, let me know down in the comments.