For some reason, a 2000 million power battery the mediatek 6737 is and yeah that’s pretty much it first impressions. Okay, i can already tell there’s no battery in here because it feels kind of hollow. What is this, what is all this? Okay, just peel that off okay and our battery is oh, we got a bunch of stuff in here. Okay, headphones, a charging, cable micro, usb charging, brick our battery a quick start guide. Okay, we already know to do this and a warranty certificate. I like how there’s only one camera they’re not trying to lick a bunch of fake cameras, it’s pretty straightforward, let’s, see if you have any juice in this thing. Okay, the android 10 go edition. Okay, so i don’t know if you can see it on your end, but the screen is pretty bad. I guess as soon as you’re tilting it like it’s see what i mean, but they could have done a slightly better screen. So i mean also obviously no fingerprint sensor so i’m gon na. Let me set this up and i’ll get back to you all right. So that was a quick setup. So, as you can see, it looks pretty good because display is pretty bad even for 45 dollars, but at least you know it is pretty snappy for one gig of ram, so let’s install a few apps, not pub g. Obviously wow the lag is real. I did that on purposes when i disabled ads, because that might help a little bit uh, not really actually, okay, one rider not surprising that it’s stuttering like that, but is it playable pretty much? Oh god, okay, okay yeah! It is pretty slow, took a few seconds to load youtube like like almost 10 seconds and yeah i’m sure it will settle as time goes by come on, come on what the heck, what is going on? Okay, speaker, is on the back.

Okay, so not bad. For 45 dollars i mean it is a bit quiet but there’s no distortion. The speaker was popping a bit before, but hopefully that’s a one time thing: rear cameras, five megapixels front cameras, two megapixels, your video 720p front; videos, 480p uh, so yeah let’s take our first selfie let’s go outside we’re facing video on the top 10 k1. Like i’m. Sorry guys outside it’s going to be night time, as you can see, and i got ta – sell this phone two days. I have no time to wait till tomorrow, but either way you know the the cameras suck so i’ve made much of a difference. If i waited till morning where it will be sunlight, so yeah i mean uh for 45 dollars, 720p video. Is it good? You be the judge front facing video on the pop tail k1. This is just laughable because you know because the it’s it’s unusable. So i mean using this as a daily driver. It might not be such a good idea, all right. That is pretty much it so should you buy this phone and i’m gon na say for 45 dollars? It does what it’s supposed to do. I mean first of all, it works, so the phone actually does what you ask it to do, but that might change if you guys fill up the storage too much which you’re bound to do. But if you take good care of this phone and you’re not gon na fill up the storage, then it’s a decent performer for 45 dollars.

It does what it’s supposed to do: it’s, not the fastest. Obviously, but i mean it it performs like it performs good for the price that’s pretty much. All i got to say like it’s, one of the worst displays i’ve ever seen. Cameras are terrible speakers meh, but i’ll be damned. It works and that’s what’s important, so yeah, um, i’m gon na go sell this phone.