Finally, we have another phone review: okay, it’s, a cool phone; maybe you’ve seen this video, maybe you’ve seen that video. Maybe even this video, that is three videos on rock one, run two and rock three: you know they have standard become better and better, but they have almost always been the best gaming phone out there, and it is no exception. Today. This phone is an absolute beast. We’Re gon na be taking a look at it. I’M gon na be showing you all the features and, if, like i said, you saw these three videos, you know how. I do these videos there’s a lot of other youtubers, which is kind of gon na review. With this phone they’re gon na be talking a lot about specs a lot about the small details. Well, i’m, not gon na be doing that. Well, i am gon na be doing that but i’m also gon na be showing you some awesome features in the phone. So you know how the video is gon na go we’re also gon na be playing some stuff in some games and all of that, but i just realized something’s missing. This really is becoming a bad habit, but i kind of need it for these videos. I need the energy, as you can see, i’ve already taken out the phone out of the box. I removed the plastic i’ve opened the box, but literally the only thing i’ve done so far is take the phone out of the box, which was in here and here we also have a case actually, and we get some stickers so similar case as last year to Slap that on there very simple to apply – and there you have it it’s, very launchable but uh it will protect your phone a bit, so that is that’s, always good, obviously it’s a gaming phone, but they’re really focusing on being a gaming phone.

So, even when you start up the phone you can go and scan this for 3d let’s see what we can more find i’m, not sure everything’s falling out now. So we got the the cord for the charger and here’s the charger and holy crap that’s a fat charger which i guess is a fast charger which is going to shut off your phone really really fast. Look at that. You know maybe it’s hard to understand on the on the screen right here. How big this is. So let me just compare it so this is the wrong one, and this is like the things you get from iphones well, it’s just used to get because i’m pretty sure they have removed it quite the difference, but this is obviously it’s a fast charger, and this Is not very fast, i can tell you that i have tried it it’s, very slow and while we’re talking about batteries and charging the phone, this phone has 6 milliamp of battery in it, which is just completely insane it’s the same as last year. But this time they actually have two batteries. Instead of having one, they have one battery on each side, which has three thousand milliampere battery, which makes it charge faster and also when you’re charging it. It will not get as warm. That was everything which was in this. It was, it was a phone, it was a case as well as the charger, nothing more than that, but you don’t need more than so.

If we take a quick look on the phone look at, that was quick, so funny thing about this phone. Is it actually has the 3.5 millimeter jack right there, which you don’t really see on phones uh that often nowadays, but it’s, really cool it has that it also has the normal usbc right there. It also has, if you can see that a small plastic thing right here, which you can remove, so you can also charge it from from down below and it’s actually recommended to do that, so it will charge even faster, but the cool thing about this is you: Can charge while playing and covering these outlets with your hand, so that is just absolutely amazing. On recent videos, i’ve reacted to people which are playing on phones, which has two gigs of ram. Well, this bad boy has 16. god damn and if you’re buying the ultimate version, it has 18. all right. It is the fastest android phone ever created. It has just an amazing screen. I know a lot of people might be interested in the screen. So here you can see a small photo of that and all that stuff, 144 hertz all right. High quality amoled display with 300 hatch touch sampling rate, which will give you at 24.3 milliseconds latency. When touching the screen, which pretty much means it’s fast, when you’re touching it, obviously it’s really hard for you to see this um on the video, but it is absolutely super smooth.

The speakers on this phone is completely mind blowing. I have compared them to other phones and they sound completely amazing. The speakers are actually a lot bigger this year and they’re front facing speakers as well, which makes sense when you’re playing, so you can really get that the gaming sound. So you can hear, if they’re on the right or on the left, it’s great, all right, quite frankly, there’s a lot of cool details about this phone, which i’m not going to be bringing up, because it would just take too long. But if you want to know more about the details of this phone, i will go ahead and type as much as possible in the description, so you can just read it so we’re going to be turning on the screen recorder here frame rate we have at 60 And which is recording it, you can record up to 90 apprentice and 120.. What i want to show you is we’re going to be jumping into something which is called x mode, which, if you’ve seen the other reviews, you already know what it is. You can go to customer Music, it has music. I didn’t even know that well we’re, gon na turn off that. For now you can gon na turn on x mode, which is pretty much gaming mode. But the cool thing about this year’s x mode is you can go and customize it a lot. Okay, depending on what you want here, you can see some different.

You have x mode the the normal x mode right here you have dynamic here you can see what it does: battery endurance, network enhancement, display, quality system performance and so on. Then we also have system lights we’re going to turn that on which will actually go ahead and turn on the lights on the back here, which is really cool, can have a lot of different options. Here i’m gon na switch to color cycle let’s see it is switching between colors right here, pretty freaking cool. If you ask me, you know it’s, not a gaming phone. If, if the back isn’t glowing that’s what i usually say you can change, fan speed game genies. You can customize well, you have your game, steer different functions for different games, so on ar selfie, oh so yeah you can take okay, you can take a or selfies here, okay! Well, nonetheless, you have all these different options. All these cool things you can do. Then you have a game library right here and there you can see pubg mobile, which is currently the only uh game which i have on my phone right now. So another cool thing about this. You can also have my recordings here, so you can see. I have done three small recordings here, which is actually a cool feature. You can click on the button and it will record a short clip for you, which is kind of cool. Then in this you can also going to download other games as well, and you have your own profile, which is kind of cool, but it’s, going to start pubg right here and i’m going to show you some more features because, yes, it has endless amount of features.

So i’m gon na showing you the real power. You know the insane part about this phone. You might see a button. The number one right here, which i’m gon na i’m gon na, be showing you soon. Okay, trust me! So if you scroll to the left right there, you maybe remember this from last year as well, you have different things. You can turn off alerts, you can turn off call. You can turn lock brightness, which i think is really cool, so it won’t change the brightness while playing so it’s locked right now, if i click that off, as you can see, it’s switching brightness navigation blocking. So, for example, when i do this, you can see this pops up, but you know what i don’t want that so it’s going to block that yeah yeah yeah. So as you can see, i can’t they they’re not appearing anymore. You have marked clip, which was the thing which i was talking about before now, when i’m recording, obviously it’s not gon na work. But if you click it, it will record a short video. Then you can see here. It says record. You can record the game there’s. So many cool features you can speed up the phone i’m, not sure. Why would ever need to do that? Maybe there’s a game which is really demanding and needs a lot of power with super high graphics, maybe in the future? Well, you can turn this off to clock up the phone or wherever you have air triggers, which i’m gon na be showing you which hopefully you’ve seen before in the other videos, you can add a crosshair to the phone.

You can also see frames per second right here: the the heat of the phone, how much cpu it’s taking if x mod is on, which is obviously is hell. Yeah man, you also have a haptic audio and you also have something called i’ll. Do wizard in the phone which we’re gon na make, so you can, for example, turn it to gaming mode, so it will be focused on, for example, you’ll, be able to hear footsteps a lot easier, so i’m gon na press this button number one. Yes pretty much. What that is, it is something called scout mode, which is this when you turn it on it, inverts colors. This is apparently a feature which exists in other gaming phones as well. I just have never seen it it’s, so easy. Look at this. You can even customize it, so you have a little button right here and you might be thinking well panda. That kind of looks like yes. I agree it kind of looks like it really isn’t it inverts some colors. I have noticed it is not inverting all colors, but some colors, so it will make it easier for you to spot enemies. Yes, okay, it has a feature like this. Do you understand how insanely overkill and some you know it might not be overkill, but they’re, really pumping in to this phone, which i absolutely love but holy? This is a gaming device from future. All right is there any other phone review which has a dance break.

Yeah, no, i think not. This is why this is the best phone review. You will ever see all right. So, as you can see in the middle right here, you can see small crosshair. You can add in a customizable crosshair to your device, which will always be there. Let’S see crossy right here. So, as you can see, i can customize the crosshair colors opacity as well as size, that’s, that’s, a big boy or very tiny boy, that’s, pretty cool i’m. Not sure if it’s super useful, but you can have it so you will always know where the middle part is. You also have the air triggers, which i have already customized to be the leaning buttons right here. These air triggers are used absolutely insane. I have a photo right here which you’re gon na see, and apparently you can do so. Many things with these air triggers are absolutely insane. You can make it so there are one button or two buttons because it’s a larger this year, as you can see, it’s a little much larger i’m, not sure how you do it, but apparently you can make one of the buttons to two buttons. So, for example, on the right side right here i can have aim and on the left part of the air button. Look at this it’s so far i can make it so maybe it is shoot or whatever you can also go and swipe. You can do a lot of slide whatever you also have some really strange features for some.

So, for example, let’s see if this yeah you see when i shake the phone, you can see small little thing appear there. You have motion control. Okay, so i have shake let’s just put that on on the bag right here. So now, when i’m, shaking it it’s going to be opening my bag, which, quite frankly, if you’re using gyroscope, you can’t really use this. But if you’re not it’s a pretty cool feature, because i can just shake my phone and it will open, you can also do some tilt and, like lean and stuff like that, for it to do different things, this thing is, i i don’t know why. I think it’s, so cool, look at the game. I use instantly switch pretty much what it does it just inverts all the colors on your phone it’s, actually not doing it in the game simply on your phone. So, as you can see, even this button turns white. I haven’t tried it in a game, so i’m, not completely sure how good it really is. But if you take a look at the these things which are going around, if i invert them, you can see they turn white and they become a lot more visible. In my opinion, look at this so imagine playing a game and you’re switching like this, and you can see the enemies a lot easier and, like i said before it doesn’t invert all colors, because you can take a look at the trees.

They’Re green, inverted they’re. Still green – and you can see my cross here – are still red, just more white ish, but i think that’s a really cool feature. Then you can also switch charging and stuff like that. For example, the cool thing about this phone is, you can actually go ahead and do so. If you plug in your charger, you can go ahead and customize it. So it’s not charging the phone it’s just keeping the phone alive, like maybe a laptop or something like that, which i just think is absolutely cool and you might be thinking well. Why would you want to do that? Well, so your phone doesn’t become super hot when it’s charging the phone and you may be playing and recording at the same time, but if it does become hot, you can buy this thing, which is a cooler for the phone which i’ve never tried. Simply what you do you slap it on the back right here? I haven’t tried it, but the cool thing about this Applause is, as you see here, it has buttons here which you can also go ahead and customize to your phone, so it will be like these air triggers just down here. So not only will you have you? Can have two separate buttons up here. You will go ahead and have these buttons on the back as well. So this is what i’m meaning when i’m saying that this gaming phone is completely destroys all other gaming phones.

It also have a little stand so, for example, if you go ahead and lean it on some things, this is a pillow, so maybe not the best thing to lean on. This is not a sponsored video by the way, but then you also have some really good. Uh, okay and then we have this thing, which is like a freaking controller for your phone which slaps on the phone, and you can play with i’m. Not gon na be showing you that in this video, maybe in a future video or if you want it panda can gon na do it. I think he will do it a lot better than i would if you’re, maybe xbox, playstation 4 playstation 5 player. Maybe would like this better than playing on the actual phone. I hope you like this video and i really hope i went through the most important things like i said before there will be more information in the description about this phone more in depth detail. Hopefully, i really feel, like i’ve, been talking a lot in this video look at this. This is actually insane look at my clothing. I think that’s really cool anyway guys. There was always this video hopeful instagram. As always.