Zmi is a company that is one of these xiaomi affiliated brands and because of that there’s a lot of features related to these per pods pro that will work seamlessly with your xiaomi device and, as you can see, these are wireless noise. Canceling earphones with dual driver, active noise cancellation, triple microphone, call noise, cancellation and true wireless stereo, but you also have adaptive volume adjustment supporting wireless charging and you get up to 10 hours of battery life for each of the earbuds and at a starting price of 59. Us dollars are these the best airpods pro alternatives for your xiaomi device. Let’S have a look starting with the design of the case, and you can definitely tell where they got this inspiration from one thing, that’s interesting about these. They look like airpods pro from the back, but on the front you have this kind of flattened area, and then you have a little button here which you will use to connect to your phone opening them up, and you can see these definitely look like airpods pro In fact, let me bring in my airpods pro to compare and there you see definitely where they got this design inspiration from, but beyond that they’ve done a few things differently. Here you see, the buds are actually facing the outside, while on airpods pro they’re facing inside, and the butt itself is a little bit larger in terms of the stem than the airpods pro, but in terms of build quality and fit.

These are actually really well made and even give airpods pro a run for their money in terms of design and just like airpods pro this little earbud is removable and you’ll be able to adjust the size of these and in the box you do get some additional Accessories beyond just the user manual, you get a number of these different sized earbuds for better noise isolation, but of course, looking at the design just like this is only one part of the story. How do these look in terms of design when you’re out on the street here’s frankie tech? To tell us more and in terms of looks, you know, i think most people would just assume i’m wearing airpods pro, but the zmi purpose pro have a really nice sleek design, and i really do think this is an iconic look and i don’t mind the design Of these at all, and so you see design wise, these things are great, but i will tell you just like regular airpods pro they do get scratched up pretty easily and you can see just a few scuffs already on the zmi per pods pro now. Of course, one of the biggest selling features of these per pods pro is that for 59 us dollars, you are getting active noise cancellation, but what you’re also getting is some seamless integration with your xiaomi devices. So have a look at this, i just open up and there you go, find zmi pure pods pro, and you get this very cool little animation, similar to airpods pro on an iphone.

You just go ahead and connect, and there you go your purple. Pods pro are ready to work with your xiaomi device, and this works with both the china and global variants, this being the global xiaomi mi 11 and the connection is really seamless and let me go ahead and put one of these in to show you – and i See the prayer pods pro are connected to my xiaomi mi 11 and it’s a seamless connection to this phone. But how is the active noise cancellation when you’re out on the busy streets of a place like hong kong, here’s, frankie tech? To tell us more? And you know, hong kong central, you know this whole part of town is very loud super loud, so the active noise cancellation on these zmi purpose pro really does make a difference. You can go from transparency mode just by holding it now. I can hear everything if i want to drown out the world just press and hold and now i’m in complete noise cancellation, and it sounds great, and so there you go guys. The active noise cancellation on these is actually excellent for the price and is one of the better anc experiences i’ve had on this type of product with an android phone. Now i still think the anc on something like the airpods pro is a step above, but when it comes to just the seamless transition just being able to press on these and go through the various modes, where you go through transparency mode, active noise cancellation, they all Work seamlessly with these per pods pro, but last but not least, the most important thing about this type of product: sound quality.

How do these per pods pro sound? Well i’m, going to go ahead and try here, so i have them connected now. We’Re gon na play a little bit of lounger here from frankie tech, music and i’m gon na put these next to the mic, let’s see how they sound. Well, hopefully, you could hear those and, in my opinion, guys, the sound quality of these purpose. Pro is excellent. With solid bass and the mids are also very clear, now they’re not to the level of the airpods pro, but i think for the price. You will be very happy with this product, but how’s the sound quality experience of this product when you’re out and about here’s frankie tech. To tell us more, you know, the base is actually really strong. The mids are very clear. This sound quality is a step above a lot of the lower cost. Tws earbuds that i typically test here on the channel now. They’Re, maybe not airpods pro level, but i think you’re getting a lot of great sound quality with that active noise, cancellation or the price and so that’s it guys in my final verdict. You know what for the price and the seamless integration with xiaomi phones? This is a product. You definitely want to consider of all the tws earbuds i’ve reviewed here on the channel. This is the closest thing to an airpods alternative that i’ve seen so far and all in all, if you’re looking for a great airpods pro like experience and seamless integration with your xiaomi phone look no further than the zmi per pods pro check links in the description And thanks once again to zmi for sending these out, but hit me up in the comments.

What are your thoughts on the zmi per pods pro? Is this the airpods pro alternative for xiaomi device that you’ve been looking for hit me up in the comments? I’D? Love to hear about it and that’s it for this video, if you liked it give me that thumbs up and if you love the content of frankie tech subscribe to the channel hit, the bell icon for future updates stay tuned guys. We got a great new device. Coming later this evening, we’re going to be doing it street tech style once again so stay tuned for that so that’s it – and this is where i leave you by saying this – is frankie tech signing off have a good one, the xiaomi airpods pro for 59 bucks.