This is samsung’s latest introduction to india, with the a series uh previously we’ve seen the a12, but this is the second. A series device to hit the indian market and it comes with a new design language for the a series for the 2021 model here and today, we’re going to be taking a look at everything it gets and how it performs uh in a hands on review. Right here, Music, okay, so first let’s get started with the most basic of things, which is design and for this model here, samsung has gone with a different design language on the a series you’ll see that no longer is there. This platform uh sort of cut out for the cameras it’s now individual circular, cutouts and they’re all raised edges. You can see their lips individually there and three of them are raised. Um cutouts, but one is flush with the back along with the led flash now. This is a muted color variant, it’s called absolutely black and in my opinion it is quite understated, it’s, quite subtle, but it does attract a lot of fingerprints. It is glossy there’s, no matte finish, so you can see there’s a whole lot of fingerprints right here and you don’t really get a cover in the box that you can slap on to protect it. Now the sides are not metal, they are plastic, but it is still shiny so that it looks a little bit like a more premium up market device than your usual m series.

Uh devices on the bottom you’ll see there is a single firing, speaker, there’s, a usb type c port and there’s, a 3.5 millimeter audio jack good to see that that’s not gone yet on the a series, you also get a sim card tray here, which i’ll open Up and show you in a second, you get another microphone here at the absolute top. I don’t know if that’s visible, yep it’s right there and on this side you get the power on off button and you get the volume rockers. Now you will see. There is no side mounted fingerprint scanner, because this time samsung has opted for an in display fingerprint scanner at even this price point, which is quite surprising to see. Now we have seen under uh in display or under display fingerprint scanners from samsung in the a series in previous iterations, but still it’s nice to see that even at this price point it is being offered. However, i will say: it’s not the quickest fingerprint scanner we’ve seen from samsung that’s in this under display uh form factor. It is quite slow to respond. There’S no failed inputs. Luckily that rarely happens, but it is quite slow to respond and that’s something i’ll get into more later, which is the performance of this device, but for now let’s take a look at the rest of the design uh. There is a 6.4 inch, uh, fhd plus display on the front. It is amoled and it has a 90 hertz refresh rate, which is actually quite interesting to see from samsung, because samsung usually doesn’t put 90 hertz on their smartphones.

This is one of the first in the a series to do it here in india, and the global variant does not get this 90 hertz amoled panel. It gets a tft panel with a standard 60hz refresh rate, so it is surprising to see samsung do this specifically for the indian market. Does it make the experience smoother? Yes, to a certain extent, it does, but it also has to do with the rest of the components that samsung is packed in where the problems really start to begin with this phone and again, like i’ve, said previously that’s something i’ll get into later right now, we’re, Just focusing on design there are no stereo speakers, so it’s important to note that, and there is a front facing selfie camera um on the front. In a u shaped notch now i would have liked to see an infiniti or design here because it is 2021. That is samsung’s latest design, language uh and considering they have done that on the back they’ve. Given it a new design language here, it would have made sense to do it there as well, and also since samsung has gone with the infinity or design in amoled displays. Uh in the m series already with the m51 and m31s, it would have been nice to see it here as well, but for some reason it’s just an infinity. U display, which is all right. The bezels aren’t too thick the chin at the bottom is more pronounced than the side bezels, but it’s, okay, it’s, not too bad.

It looks fairly modern. Still now, let’s quickly talk about the specifications of the camera on the back and in the front. So, on the back, you have a 64 megapixel main sensor, along with an eight megapixel ultra white sensor, a five megapixel macro sensor and another five megapixel depth sensor. Now it is important to note that the global variant, the one that ships with 5g um – that gets a 48 megapixel primary sensor, so samsung has upgraded the resolution of the sensor for the indian market, specifically, which is nice to see and this being a samsung product. The performance is as you’d expect: colors are punchy or daylight. Shots are pretty good. You’Ll, be hard pressed to be able to tell this device apart from any other samsung at this price point, and it performs admirably well in most conditions in low light conditions. There is a dedicated night mode you can switch on and it does help compared to when the night mode is off, but there is a fair bit of grain in night low light shots as well. So if that’s something that’s important to you, it is definitely worth considering now on the front again in that selfie camera, it is different from the global variant. The global variant does not get this. This is a 20 megapixel uh sensor, which does take fairly sharp selfies they’re quite clear, and the portrait selfie is also pretty uh. Okay edge detection is all right, nothing to write home about, and nothing particularly bad, either it’s a good enough camera for this price point.

Now let’s quickly talk about battery storage and ram, which are your basic powerhouse apart from the chipset. So now the battery front, you do have a 5000 mah unit which isn’t the largest we’ve seen from samsung at this price point, but still it is uh comparable. It gets you more than a day’s usage, easily um, and, along with that, you have 128 gb of internal storage, which can be expanded if you’re, using a micro sd card up to one terabyte, which is good now ram options. You only have one 6 gb ram on this model. You don’t get 4 or 8 gb um, which is all right. 6 gb is just about enough in 2021. I would have liked to see 8gb ram, because the performance, i think, would have been slightly punchier with that, but 6gb ram is just about enough to get you through the day, with all your day to day tasks. Now, this being a samsung, a series device, you do get things like your secure folder, along with uh samsung knox security. So you do have those options here: it’s good to see um that even at this price point you do get those security features. So if you’re someone who really likes to keep your data private and secure, then yes, you do get that option here on the a32. Another good thing here is android 11. Now you do if you notice here get one ui 3.1, which is the latest and it’s, not core one ui.

It is full blown one ui. So, of course, you get all your regular features like samsung pay and fc, and everything like that and along with that, there is android 11 out of the box, which is good to see because not a lot of competitors of samsung at this price point are being Able to offer android 11 they’ve promised it with future updates, but currently a lot of them even at launch do not offer android 11 out of the box, so it’s good to see samsung actually up to the mark there and the one ui 3.1 in fact came Just a few days ago, with a new software update, so it is good to see that samsung has really bolstered their software updates even for this price segment, which is a really good thing to see in 2021. Now, like i said, battery is a 5000 mah unit and you do get a 15 watt uh charging adapter in the box, which is just about okay, to charge it in around two hours. But i would have liked to see a 25 watt adapter that would have charged it up slightly quicker and made it more appealing as a feature now when it comes to display quality. This is, of course, a samsung amoled panel, so you do get very crisp. Sharp colors everything looks super nice and it is fhd plus so yeah. You can’t really see any pixel on this really really really pixel peep even then it’s a very sharp display, good quality uh, very, very good for content, watching, of course.

Okay, now let’s come to the main thing, which is the performance from that chipset, which is a helio g80, a mediatek helio g80. It is a 2020 chipset, but it is built on the 12 nanometer process. So it’s not the sharpest tool in the box. It does get your day to day tasks done, but if you try doing a little bit of intensive stuff, then you cannotice a bit of stutter or lag every now and then it isn’t all that snappy to use – and i wish samsung had uh pushed in a Slightly higher or slightly more powerful chipset at this price point, because if you do compare it even to other samsung devices like the samsung m51 or the samsung f62 or even the m31s, they all get better than 12 nanometer chipsets and they all perform considerably better than This so a more powerful chipset is definitely something that samsung could have packed in. But then again, that being said, samsung has added quite a lot of features uh here that you don’t get in the global variant, which does get the dimension g chipset, which is a 5g chipset. So samsung has said you know what doesn’t need 5g right now, because 5g is still a while away in india, at least so, rather than give people a feature that they can’t really use right now, let’s get let’s, give them features, sorry that they can use like A 90 hertz amoled display and a 64 megapixel rear camera and a 20 megapixel front facing camera.

So on that front, samsung has made a somewhat sensible compromise. I would say, but yes, this phone does seem to want a higher chipset or at least more ram to make it just a little bit smoother when it’s performing okay, so now gaming performance and as you can see, we are waiting for call of duty to load Up a bit: okay, that’s fine! Now here you do get a samsung’s game, booster, which you can use to turn on things like priority mode, which is basically a d mode for when you’re gaming. So there’s. No incoming calls notifications and things like that, and it does boost performance to some extent, uh and i’m glad to report that there’s no heating issues. But then again it is a slightly underpowered chip for something as graphic intensive as this, and you can see that, especially in the settings. If you go to settings in call of duty, mobile and audio and graphics, you’ll see that the highest graphic quality you can select here is medium and not high or very high, or things like that and even frame rate goes up only till high, not very high Or max so certainly the chipset does leave something to be desired here: uh, but still tap tap games like subway, surf, etc. Should do just fine with this chipset, okay, so let’s come to my final thoughts on the samsung galaxy a32. Who is it for? Should you buy it, should you not buy it? Should you buy a different samsung phone? Basically, the long and short of it is that this phone does come packed with a lot of features like a 90 hertz amoled display uh like a 64 megapixel quadra camera setup and a 20 megapixel front facing selfie camera and, in my opinion, a rather nice elegant Understated design, which really looks uh at home in 2021, but yes, that chipset does leave something to be desired.

It should have been a slightly more powerful, beefier chipset or maybe the ram could have been bumped up to 8gb to support uh the entire experience, but still overall, if you do want android 11, the latest updates one ui 3.1, a 90 hertz amoled and a good Enough battery life at this price point of 21 triple nine, then you can definitely go for the a32 and in fact, as an introductory offer, samsung is offering up to 2000 rupees off if you’re, using an hdfc bank, debit, credit or emi transaction. So you do get that option. You can bump down the price to 20 000 and get yourself a decently fair deal with the samsung galaxy a32. But if you don’t care about the 90 hertz uh amoled, if you don’t care about things like this new design language, then you can possibly go for the samsung galaxy f62, which is slightly higher priced, but it does offer you a few extra features and better performance Or you could go for the samsung m51 as well, which is right now currently somewhere sitting between the 20 and 25k range after having been launched quite a while ago. So if you do need these features, then the a32 is absolutely fine. But if you’re not a spec chaser, at least when it comes to things like a 90hz amoled and that rear camera, then you can definitely go for a different samsung as well. If you’d like, but overall i’m quite happy with the phone, i think it’s a nice addition to samsung’s ever growing arsenal of devices at this price point.

But anyway, that was our review of the samsung galaxy a32. Let us know how you liked it tell us if you would like to buy this phone um, and if you not this, then what other phone would you like to consider at this similar price point if you like this video, do definitely give us a thumbs up.