Besides the battery that phone underperformed so has samsung turn things around with the galaxy m12. Well let’s find that out in this review, but before moving forward. Let me give a huge shout out to the sponsor of today’s video, not vpn, from browsing security on a public network to keeping the internet history private from your isp or the government. Nor vpn’s got your back. Nordvpn hosts over 5400 high speed servers scattered through 59 countries across the globe. That means, apart from using a fast and secure connection, you can also access contents blocked in your region, for instance, disney plus, is not available here in nepal right now. So, instead of downloading its installation file from untrustworthy third party sources, i can simply connect to a vpn and download it from the play store and right now. You can enjoy not vpn’s 2 year subscription at a discounted price of just 3.71 per month, with a bonus subscription time of 1 month, one year or even two whole years, so be sure to check out the link given in the description and use the code gadget Bite at checkout with that let’s get on with the review, starting with its design. The galaxy m12 features a new textured rear panel. That looks refreshing to say at the least here. Its bottom quarter goes for a smooth finish, which ultimately makes for a striking design. Also, it feels quite nice on the hands plus it does not attract many smudges or fingerprints.

Either the weight distribution is fairly well balanced, so you will have no trouble holding the phone for a long time. Having said that, if you’re used to lightweight smartphones, you will take some time getting used to weighing 221 grams, you will definitely feel the galaxy m12 in your pocket, but because of its ergonomic design, as i mentioned earlier, the phone’s easy on the hands now moving on The rear mounted fingerprint sensor of the m11 has been shifted to the side, which adds to the redesigned aesthetics, and i am honestly pretty surprised with how fast it is. Likewise. The volume rockers click well, but because of how it’s placed it requires a little struggle to get to the left frame stays mostly clean, except for the sim tray, while you’ll find the headphone jack usb type c port and the speaker grille on the bottom. Moving on to the display it’s, a pls lcd screen with an hd plus resolution and despite featuring a smoother 90 hertz refresh rate things, don’t, look that good on the galaxy m12 samsung should have gone for an fhd display or an amoled panel, given its direct competitors. Like xiaomi is offering sharper full hd display at a similar price point still, this 6.5 inch screen is not entirely terrible to look at it’s smoother than your regular 60hz panel. The viewing angles are decent and it can get fairly bright enough as well, and even though it only has hd resolution, i could not notice any sort of pixelation issue and for the most part, the content on the display looks pretty sharp.

But as expected, the colors look muted but that’s pretty common for an lcd screen on budget phones. Thankfully it has white one l1 certification for hd video streaming, which, if you are not aware, budget phones from oppo and vivo still lack galaxy m12 system wide dark mode. Is pretty well implemented too, and somehow adds a certain value to this? Otherwise mediocre screen in terms of performance samsung has gone with an in house exynos 850 on this phone. It is an efficiency, focused chipset that features eight cortex a55 cores, which we know cannot deliver much in terms of sheer performance. However, because this is manufactured under an 810m process, you will not find more energy efficient silicon on similarly priced phones. So, while you will struggle to drain the phone’s battery, don’t expect top tier performance on the galaxy m12 relative to helio g series, power phones to cope with the fairly underpowered silicon. Samsung has installed one ui core here, instead of the full fledge one ui. This is nothing of a deal breaker, but it does lack a few features like secure folder but, more importantly, it runs on android 11 out of the box, and samsung also recently announced that they will be providing four years of security updates on its smartphones, including cheaper Phones like these so that’s, a big big plus for samsung. As for real life performance, i have the 4gb ram variant and it handles lightweight apps, pretty well and that’s, including some multitasking too.

When it comes to gaming, you can play a handful of demanding titles in a control. Setting call of duty mobile, runs under medium graphics and high frame rates. But there are a couple of starters now and then. Similarly, pubg mobile can be cranked to balanced graphics and ultra frame rates or hd graphics and high frame rates. I preferred playing in the former setting as bumping the graphics results in a rather stuttery performance, but the more important thing here is that, even after about 40 minutes of gaming, the phone does not get heated up that bad moving on other relatively less demanding games like Mobile legends clash, royale and injustice 2 are smooth enough to be playable. Asphalt. 9 is surprisingly unplayable at high quality settings, but the performance mode shifts gears back to normal by the way samsung’s. Similarly, priced galaxy a12 is almost identical to the m12, but is powered by an even inferior helio. P35 soc. I am really unsure about the decision. To be honest, galaxy m12’s cameras, on the other hand, are pretty good. It boasts a 48 megapixel primary lens, followed by a 5 megapixel ultra bite, a 2 megapixel depth and a 2 megapixel macro sensor up front. You get an 8 megapixel selfie shooter inside the infinity v notch to reach a verdict about its quality. I compared it against the redmi 9 power, which has a similar camera setup, starting with the normal images. M12 can produce comparatively better looking shots under a well lit environment.

It retains excellent details while the colors are close to natural. On the other hand, photos from the redmi 9 power tend to look a little washed out and lacking in terms of dynamic range wide angle. Shots, however, are not that good. On the m12, as its 5 megapixel images have low details and sharpness, while the redmi 9 power can deliver slightly better looking shots in terms of details, however, they are slightly over saturated and has narrower field of view. Ok in terms of portrait images, the galaxy m12 comes off victorious edge. Detection is similar on both the phones, but the m12 handles exposure way better and on certain occasions we can clearly notice redmi 9 powers struggling to distinguish the subject. From the background. Also subjects look slightly yellowish here, while i like the details and color tone on the galaxy m12 macro shots. On the other hand, aren’t worth discussing much as both the phones are defeated on this front. Moving on selfies from the galaxy m12 look way better too, from the subject’s skin tone. Details to maintaining background exposure photos come out a little better on the m12 it’s the same in terms of portrait selfies as well. Nighttime shots from the m12 are not that great though, and there’s no dedicated night mode either. As a result, photos taken in a dimly lit environment are grainy and lacking in terms of detail. When it comes to videos, the galaxy m12 is locked up to 1080p 30fps from both the front and back cameras.

There is no form of stabilization either, so the recordings are strictly average. Moving on the galaxy m12 is also an absolute beast when it comes to battery life featuring a massive six thousand milliamp hour cell, even under heavy load with multiple hours of gaming, i was able to get more than nine hours of screen on time. That easily makes this a two day phone to those with a less demanding usage pattern, but juicing up this battery with a 15 watt fast charger easily takes around three hours to get it from zero to hundred percent. If you primarily intend to use the galaxy m12 for content consumption, its audio performance will not necessarily disappoint either its single firing bottom speaker can get loud enough, although there is nothing much to talk about in terms of details plus, it also supports dolby audio, but only When you have a wired or wireless earphone connected to conclude, i think the galaxy m12 is a decent upgrade over the galaxy m11. The company has worked on improving the design while providing better cameras, performance and battery life as well. Still it is not a perfect budget phone, as you would hope for its display and performance is not as good as its competitor, but again you get better camera performance and software support on the galaxy m12. So, unlike the galaxy m11 from last year, i would actually recommend the galaxy m12. So i guess that is all for our review of the samsung galaxy m12.