In that way, Music what’s good guys. My name is electric eating and you’re watching no limits on channel and you’re. Welcome to my tech kitchen today, i have two sets of lenses from survey company yeah it’s, a c rui, but it’s pronounced like su ray and basically those are the lenses for your smartphones, let’s start off with a smaller package. This is the survey three lenses kit, the macro lens, the fisheye lens and 18 millimeter ultra wide lens. Also, we have here the special mount it simply snaps onto your phone, for instance, onto my iphone 8 yeah it’s, not the best one, but it has only one camera right here and basically, it’s kind of you know improving my photography game a lot with this phone. The iphone 12 pro max has a wide angle: camera it’s, 13 millimeters, not an 18, but still you can use this lens on the main camera. Only the main camera can be used with those lenses. Basically, and also here in the kit. We have the zipper pouch. Some cleaning cloth also the bluetooth remotes start stop or just to take a picture. Shutter release button, so the case itself is pretty nicely built. It has a special caribbean and these lenses are protected. You also have one more protective cover and all of the lenses have small little. You know mount protector and the front cover protector, like so let’s try to mount one of those lenses onto the phone so guys we took off the cover of the lens and of the lens mount.

Then we take this mounting. You know snapping thing and we simply kind of line the small portions of the lens, and then we twist it and it’s locked in then we put it onto the phone like so, and we have a look like from above to level it up to line the Camera itself and the lens, so let me record a small portion, so you’re welcome to my tech kitchen guys here is it here here is it here: it is my tech kitchen, my a camera, my big camera, my c camera, my lighting, my laptop, my everything and Myself, this is the fisheye also. I gave this lens to my girlfriend. She wasn’t sochi, you know the olympics in sochi and she made one shot with it, so here’s the shot and some other shots from me from moscow from kremlin and from my backyard here. It is Music pay attention how wide it is compared to the regular lens of iphone 8 it’s much much wider and it’s a lot of fun to use now let’s put on a macro lens it’s, a pretty fun lens to use. So let’s put this on line. It up and as you can see right now, this lens doesn’t focus at all. Only the macro capabilities, so let’s see this two ray logo, this fisheye lens, like so or the keyboard. You see the control button right here, yep, so it’s. A fun lens to use here are some more samples of this lens and it’s much closer than using the regular mode.

The regular camera it doesn’t allow you to get as close as this macro lens can and now guys i’m recording this on the 18 millimeter lens, which is a wide angle lens it’s, not oh, my microphone, it’s, not as wide as the 13 millimeter ultra wide on The iphone 12, but as you can see like this it’s, getting much much wider if i use this lens instead of a regular iphone, 8 normal 28, if i’m not mistaken, on 26 millimeter miller, mirror lens west Music. Now about the disadvantages and advantages of this kit, it’s a very nice kit, the build quality of all of the lenses is pretty good. They are made out of aluminum, i guess or metal. The mounting point mechanism is also a very strong one. The bag is pretty sturdy, but actually i won’t be carrying it around with the bag. I guess i just put those lenses out and throw it into some soft bags, so it takes less space in my backpack, but i did enjoy using those lenses and if you use a telephone smartphone, an old telephone, you know and if you are using a smartphone With only one camera and you don’t want to buy a better newer one for much much more cash, you can actually pay around 120 130 dollars for this kit and you’ll be able to use a macro lens, a fisheye lens and a low distortion, wide angle lens On your regular iphone, 10 r, iphone 8 smartphones from android and all that stuff, so, in my opinion, it’s a great choice if you don’t want to pay extra and if you can get around to using the you know the clamp to mount the lenses and to Swap the lenses all the way around, so i like this kit and here is a little surprise.

Survey 400 millimeters for your smartphone. Well, 400 mils on the smartphone sounds like crazy. So this kit has the tripod, the mini tripod and the bow head, because without it you simply can’t normally use this lens because it just requires some stable surface. Also, you get this mount. It has two points of rotation and you can basically mount it to any phone of any size and a very nice mount and the lens itself. It is with the cover on both sides, and you have to manually focus this lens so it’s as you can see. Probably it goes one side and the other side. The picture quality is not that great. You have a lot of chromatic aberrations, the lack of sharpness and overall it’s, more of a fun lens to use than any kind of professional. Definitely not a professional lens. So let’s try to mount it so guys here it is, the lens is pretty big and heavy. It looks like a telescope actually and you can see how i was shooting the main clock of russia with my original lens and with this 400 millimeter lens. Of course, this lens cannot focus in this room because it’s, you know not that close, focusing distance lens, but you can play around with it in a you know, bigger space like out of the window, like i did here, trying to catch a plane like i did Here or just you know, have some fun. The quality is not that great.

The price is around 150 dollars, which is a lot, but you can basically put into this bigger case every single lens and the lens mount inside of this case into here and carry around only this bigger case with all of three lenses from this one. This bigger one, this mounting point the clamp and all that stuff yeah. It has the mini tripod. The ball head, the great mounting mechanism, but overall i don’t see myself using this combination at all. Surrey is making a big step forward. 400 millimeters on the phone is a great choice but it’s not for me actually, so please guys share your thoughts in the comment section below if you do enjoy using your lenses for your smartphones. Also, there is a moment case for the lenses. So basically, your mounting point: your Music mount is on the phone on the case itself and you don’t have to use the mounting mechanism or the clamp and share your thoughts in the comment section below. As i said, and if you did like the content on my channel, please smash the like and subscribe bottles. As i say in my videos and i’ll, see you guys in the next video and by the way, don’t forget to hit the bell for notifications.