. The top of the line grew gained, Super AMOLED screen and more current hardware does Asus now have a strong product to rival Apple and Samsung Let’s check it out Before we go into details about the Zenfone 7. It is good to remember that Asus also launched a Pro variant of the device.. What changes Just the chipset version and the amount of memory, so everything youll, see in this Zenfone 7 review also applies to the Pro. Asuss new top of the line no longer has that concern for being an affordable model, and this time the company has invested in More expensive, technologies., The design is very similar to its predecessor, except for the fact that we now have a bigger plumper and heavier device.. The biometric reader left the rear and is now on the side integrated with the power button.. It was not this time that Asus adopted biometrics on the screen itself. However much the panel is now of the AMOLED type.. What matters is that the position is good and the sensor quickly recognizes the fingerprint.. The camera’s rotating block has grown to house a telephoto lens, and this is more awkward when you are using the camera for a selfie and have that giant block staring at you. But it has its pros, like the possibility of using the ultra wide for selfies in group and also the screen that is free of notches.. The rotating mechanism is just as robust as before.

You can open and close the camera manually and even hold the phone swinging around by the camera block.. The Zenfone 7 comes with two cases in the box, one transparent and the other named Active Case. It has a small lock to prevent the camera block from rotating, which can help prevent accidental triggering. Asus guarantees that the mechanism has a lifetime of 200 thousand activations, which would be equivalent to using 100 times a day for 5 years.. The model comes in two color options: white or black.. Both are finished in smooth glass with Gorilla Glass, 3 protection. But if you expect protection from water or wireless charging, It was not. This time. Asus removed the P2 jack for headphones, but the Micro SD slot is still there and it is not a hybrid type meaning you can use two SIMs and expand the internal memory without any problems. In terms of technologies. We only have the novelty of wi fi, which is now the sixth generation and the support for 5G networks.. A cut costs point in the Zenfone 6 was its LCD screen. It was a good panel, but it was well below the competitors now in the Zenfone 7. We have a Super AMOLED screen made by Samsung., Increasing the display, helped to reduce the size of the bottom bezel, and now we have better use of the front.. The used panel achieves brighter brightness than before and comes close to rivals from Samsung and Apple when the HDR kicks in.

. The colors displayed are well balanced by default, although the white tone tends towards the cold, giving a bluish appearance, but this can be easily corrected between the various configuration options.. The highlight is the 90 Hz screen.. It may seem weak compared to rivals with 120 Hz, but it already delivers greater fluidity without charging. So much of the battery. There is an automatic mode that regulates the speed of the panel for each type of use. In videos or when using the camera. The screen is locked at 60 Hz to save battery but rises to 90 Hz. Most of the time.. The Zenfone 7 has 2 sound outputs, one dedicated speaker next to the USB port and the one on the top that serves as a secondary channel.. The problem is that the upper output is small and weak, which generates an unbalanced sound.. At times, you may not even notice that the sound is really stereo.. It also lacks bass, featuring audio, more focused on reproducing voices.. The Zenfonre 7 does not come with a headset in the box, nor does it come with an adapter for P2. So you end up getting stuck to bluetooth, headphones or lucky enough to find one with a USB C connection that works on the device.. Did the performance evolve with the switch from Snapdragon 855 to 865? It should have, but it seems that ZenUI has run out of gas., At least in our speed test, focused on the lot of tasks where we saw the new one being a little slower than the previous one.

Unfortunately, this is not uncommon and it has already happened with several other devices from other brands.. What matters is that the top of Asus is at the level of the Galaxy S21, with its Exynos 2100, even even surpasses the Korean rival in benchmark, as in the case of AnTuTu.. Okay, the difference is so small that we could even declare a tie, but it is good to remember that Samsung’s hardware rival is the Snapdragon 888 and not 865 of the Zenfone 7. And in games. The Zenfone 7 does not suffer to run any game, and this was already expected from a device with Snapdragon 865.. If you are looking for a gamer device to have the greatest fluidity possible, then you should invest in the ROG line. This one is geared more towards less demanding players who want enjoy all Android games with good performance and no frills.. The Zenfone 6 is good on battery and this new one can be even better, even if we have the 5000 mAh before, and our test was carried out with the screen in automatic mode, alternating between 60 and 90 Hz, which really impresses. Apparently Asus, decided to optimize. Zenui to have the lowest possible energy expenditure without worrying too much about performance.. The charging time has dropped thanks to the more powerful charger that comes with the device. For the battery of the Zenfone 7 to go from 0 to 100. It is necessary to wait more than an hour and a half.

It may seem time consuming for a current top of the line, but compared to the predecessor that takes an hour more. It is already a beautiful advance. With 15 minutes in the socket you will have 27 battery to use which reaches 52 in half an hour being enough to use the Zenfone 7. Almost the whole day.. The disappointing part is seeing that Asus has not been paying so much attention to the software, and Zenfone 7 is still stuck to Android 10, while Google has been dropping test versions and Android 12. Other than that it is the same interface as before. With a look very close to pure Android. That dedicated Zenfone 6 key called the Smart Key was integrated into the power button along with the fingerprint sensor, but still has the same functionality as before.. You can set to open any application or perform a specific function by double tapping or tapping and holding this button.. There are several features in addition to what standard Android offers and many are also present in the ROG line, with the exception of the Republic of Games, theme and Air Trigger settings. ZenUI is not one of the most fluid interfaces, but it delivers good performance on a Daily basis., The Zenfone 7, has three cameras at the rear, which also count as front thanks to the swivel mechanism.. The primary sensor evolved to a 64 MP from Sony, while the secondary, with an Ultra Wide lens lost resolution, but gained a more advanced sensor with autofocus.

. Finally, we have the third camera with a telephoto lens that delivers the optical zoom three times., The Zenfone 7’s camera delivers quality worthy of a top of the line.. There are many details registered and the vibrant colors go through life for the photos without being that cool tone adopted by Samsung in its latest releases and not the yellowish tone of Apple on iPhones., You can use the Ultra Wide camera to record macros thanks to autofocus. On average, it will have a distance of 4 cm from the object which allows you to get closer than other devices without a dedicated macro camera.. The ultra wide does not have such a wide lens to capture as much of the scenarios as possible, but the photos have balanced colors and a good level of detail.. We really don’t owe it to the Galaxy and iPhone line, and now, with the optical zoom, we have clearer distant photos with the Zenfone. The problem is that the aperture is not the largest and, with the smallest light input combined with the not so efficient HDR, we ended up with darker photos compared to those of the Galaxy S21 and iPhone 12. However, when approaching something that is very distant here, we see the Asus model surpassing that of Apple and getting very close to Samsung’s, rivals that have more advanced telephoto lenses.. Does this show that the Asus cell phone is a versatile device for shooting near and far but in dark places? Well, the Zenfone 7 is capable of taking good photos at night and competes equally with rivals in places where there is a light source close by.

In darker places. You will have to resort to night mode, which is not so efficient but tries to save the photo. Using portrait mode at night. Results in very dark pictures as HDR is not activated.. The good thing about the rotating set is having the same cameras available for selfies, and this is where the Zenfone 7 stands out before rivals it records good selfies by day and has the ultra wide to zoom in and allow more people to fit in the photos. Despite not to stand out in nighttime selfies, it still records good photos. In videos. This is where Zenfone stands out here: a small difference between the common model and the Pro comes in., The more expensive one has more efficient stabilization. In our tests. We really saw that the Zenfone 7 does not control as much shaking as the Galaxy S21 and the iPhone 12, but it has an agile focus and captures 8K videos with better fluidity than Samsung’s and records clearer and less grainy videos at night.. It really is a great option for vlogs, even with a system to automatically follow the person with the rotating camera.. The Zenfone 7 is the size of the S21 Plus, but competes with S21 in price.. What is the best? Samsung models have a 120 Hz screen better sound, slightly better cameras and rounder software, with guaranteed updates for a long time.. The Zenfone wins in drums and camcorder, but stands out for its rotating camera.

And, as you may already imagine, the Zenfone 7 loses to the iPhone 12 in performance, but wins in battery.. It may not be. The king of selfies however. triple set gives more versatility.. The Zenfone 7 is practically a turbocharged version of the Zenfone 6. The screen has grown and improved the battery lasts longer and the cameras take better. Pictures. Performance could be better, but it seems that ZenUI is more concerned with making the battery pay off.. The new top from Asus has its ups and downs and, in general, is a cell phone with a positive balance.. It currently costs the same as the Galaxy S21 and can even fight with the Korean rival, but Samsung’s top is more complete.. If the rotating camera is a differentiator for you, then the Zenfone 7 will be a good buy. If you don’t mind it, it might be better to take a look at the rivals. And, of course we help you find the best deals for Asus’ top cell phone and all the others mentioned in this review. Just click on the links below. Take the opportunity to comment on what you think of the evolution in the set of rotating cameras.