Please watch till the end leave a LIKE if you enjoy it SUBSCRIBE to my channel. If you want to see more of this check out some of my other videos and hit that BELL notification when you subscribe, so you can actually receive the notifications for my content today, I’m going to be reviewing In Another World With My Smartphone, also known as Isekai Wa Sumatofon to Tomo ni, which is the Japanese name, and basically this is about an ordinary high school boy. Who’S just doing his daily stuff named and his name is Mochizuki Touya and out of nowhere bam comes lightning and he goes to heaven, and so he ends up in a room with god and god’s. Like oh sorry, mate. I didn’t think anybody be there. Oh uh, you can always get reincarnated in another world, though he takes it well. He’S like all right, can’t help what happened I’ll just head to the other world and god’s. Like you know, what I’ll give you a little favor I’ll boost, your physical abilities make it so you’re able to use magic and I’ll. Add in one thing that you want Mochizuki’s like oh, can I use my smartphone in the other world and god’s like you know what sure, just for you mate, because uh because of that accident, god makes it so his smartphone is able to be used in the Other world and recharge with magic, so he sends him down there and he starts his journey out in this new world reincarnated as a normal person.

One thing god doesn’t give him, though, is the ability to read and write the language he’s able to speak and communicate with the other people, but he’s not able to read and write, which is a little bit of a problem later on, and so he finds a Teacher for that and so right when he pops down he’s walking on a road heading to town carriage rolls by him stops all of the sudden a guy comes running out. He looks at his clothes it’s the standard uniform for Japanese high schools he’s like what are those clothes. I want those clothes. I will buy them from you and that’s how he makes his first bit of money by selling his clothes to a strange old man … and, as he leaves the clothes shop and he’s heading to an end, to stay the night there’s a little scuffle going on The alleyway and that’s, where he meets Elze and Linze Silhoueska, which are two of the main girls in this story, uh that you will find out about if you watch the anime he meets these two girls helps them out and it continues his journey with those two Girls, but since this is indeed a harem, which means multiple girls, one guy, he meets many girls along his journey and even later in the story, he’s told his destined to have nine wives and some of the girls he meets are Kokonoe, Yae, Sushie, Yumine, Leen and Francesca also known as Cesca, which is the best girl Cesca best girl in this story, no main girl this time, because it is indeed a harem.

So there is no main girl. Well, i guess technically there’s nine main girls, but Cesca is the best girl. So look out for her. She doesn’t end up in the story until like the end of the anime, so the art is pretty good. Although the uh animators can get lazy at times, which may or may not kill the story, for you depends on what you’re, looking for in anime uh character, development close to nil, uh, it’s, not really about that it’s. More just entertainment, a slice of life ish, isekai harem, the music in the anime, is okay, it’s, not the best, but you know it’s music voice, acting isn’t, very good uh it’s, pretty disappointing for how entertaining it can be at times kind of kills that entertainability, but The entertainability is pretty high because it’s it’s a funny anime a watch which is good, but the voice acting kills it at times. Taking all these into accounts, the anime is about a iIm, going to give it a 5 out of 10, which is just straight average, because because of the voice acting, it can only go up that high. If the voice acting was higher it a higher quality, it would definitely be seven out of ten, probably which is about the same amount as that first season SAO personally, I would not recommend this to beginning anime watchers, definitely for more seasoned veterans who are willing to Watch this not the greatest anime to watch but it’s a good one, so you should check it out after watching a couple.

Others, this probably isn’t the best harem to get into to start out with it is 12 episodes long, which is a standard amount for the smaller anime that are just littered around um streaming sites. So yeah once again on the unbiased anime scale. It is a 5 out of 10 just straight average, because its entertainability is pretty high music and uh character, development, doesn’t really matter in the story um, but the voice acting kills it at times so voice acting is the main problem with this one, but if you’re Able to look past that it is an entertaining anime to watch. If you are interested in watching it, you can watch it on Crunchyroll VRV, also known as VRV and Funimation um yeah that’s about all. I have to say about this: uh best girl, Cesca check her out, look out for her towards the end of the anime and that’s about it. So if you enjoyed the video, please leave a LIKE and share it with some friends, probably SUBSCRIBE to the channel and hit that BELL notification. So you actually get the notification for when I upload videos and next time I will be reviewing Arifureta, also known as From Commonplace to World’s Strongest which to find out what it’s rated you got. Ta watch the Isekai Review for it. So I will see you buddies.