Well, this video is not for you just hit that like button to help us with algorithm and you can leave right away. But if you need to know about a smartphone that’s, affordable under 100 bucks or 40 000 er, probably to lead someone into smartphones. Like a kid or an elderly person, maybe your grandma, then here is a review of the infinix smart, ht2021 and so without taking much of your time. Yo guys let’s, get started packaging on here, isn’t anything different from what we’ve seen with infinix smartphones at this level. After you take off the plastic wrap and on opening the box, you will get to see the smartphone itself which i’ll set aside for now. Next up are the micro, usb cable and the 3.5 millimeter jack headphones. A six watt charging brick is what you get to see here also, and there is a plastic case to protect this rare of the smartphone. A couple paperwork and a screen protection film also well that’s about the packaging coming over to design. Well, you shouldn’t expect a whole lot from the smartphone. You get a regular handy, smartphone quite comfortable to hold in one hand with some relatively large bezels and dew drop notch at the front, also having an earpiece opening and a front led flash above the screen. Speaking of this, please, you are getting a 6.1 hd ips lcd panel, pretty much okay for whoever gets a smartphone for 90 dollars.

I mean there is nothing to complain about here. I wouldn’t say this is the best display under sunlight, but it gets the job done with the price of this glass. The right side has the volume rocker and the power button, as you might have guessed, mafia, is opening on micro usb to the bottom of the smartphone, while the 3.5 millimeter jack port is what you see at the top. The rear, on the other hand, houses the 8 megapixel camera sensor with an led flash in this lovely camera array design. The traditional fingerprint sensor is also placed below that under which goes the infinix branding and you’re also left with a double grille speaker opening at the bottom left corner of this rare yeah. If you’re wondering where you should put your seams on the smartphone, well, you can take the rare parts. It’S actually been a while, since i saw something like this and under this cover is a non removable, 5000mah battery two slots for your nano sims and a memory expansion slot. Now the battery life is the major selling point for the smartphone, a five thousand milliamp hour battery, which would definitely last you all day, even through the next day and that’s depends on your use case. Obviously, the only issue i have with this huge battery capacity on the smart, hd 2021 would be the charging brick that comes bundled with the smartphone. You get a six watt charger which takes roughly six and a half hours to charge the device from zero to a hundred percent and that’s quite a long time.

The only way to go about this and don’t really feel stressed charging the smartphone would be charging through the night. While you are asleep here otherwise, that’s a lot of time to wait. But hey you get up to two days of use on a single charge from the smartphone, so you should actually put that into consideration for the quick specs here you get two gigabytes of ram that’s, two gigs of internal storage, of course, expandable via the micro sd Card slot, the mediatek mt6580p chipsets having four cores, which i think we found also on the infinix hot 7. performance, like i mentioned earlier, is not the best thing in the world. You definitely would notice how long it takes to load certain applications or even unlock the smartphone using the fingerprint sensor at the rear. You also could see the stutters when playing cpu demanding titles, especially when coming from higher end smartphones, but for the regular day to day use and someone targeting or wanting to get this device you can’t get by using the smartphone and the google 10 go edition of Apps on the smartphone, as they try to optimize apps for the smart hd, giving you the best you can get from this. Nonetheless, indoor lens processor in today’s standard. Another aspect that isn’t as impressive as the battery here would be the cameras they get. You descent 8 megapixel rare photos from the rear cameras here and 5 megapixel photos from the front facing camera, as can be seen on the screen right now.

Honestly, i can’t really complain here about the quality of photos you get from this smartphone every time i take a look at the price tag of this device. It simply kinda justifies the quality of photos. You are paying for. Videos can be recorded at up to 720p. You do not get video stabilization from both the front and the rear cameras and here’s what the video looks like too. What do you guys think about the photos coming from this smartphone, which you can get right now for 85 dollars or 40 000 error? That’S a price so generally this isn’t that smartphone you might want to get if your expectations in terms of the camera and performance are quite up there. In fact, on a second thoughts, i still wouldn’t consider this a bad deal, especially for what it’s worth this is about a very much descent package. You get right now for the price. Let me know in the comment section guys: if there are better alternatives, i’d love to check them out also, do not forget that you get massive wins in terms of the battery department here, which is something the target audience for. The smart hd 2021 here would love at this price point. Do i recommend this smartphone right now for the price? I would say yes at the time of making this video.