So, sharing with you guys, my very first unboxing and first look of this 108 megapixel budget beast now: i’m, not in my usual setting i’m away on business actually and had to unbox this in a totally different location. So here we go box cover, lifted theme is yellow and i do like that big, bold, eight and quick message. It says: hey welcome to realme family and lifting up the first boxed envelope on the back. It says let’s embrace a new journey, so now let’s open up that envelope. You can immediately see the sim eject tool and inside we have a user manual and a clear silicon phone case. Okay, we can now see the main event in front of us. So lifting up the tab in pure excitement. This is the part i like the most getting hands on being introduced to something new, and here it is people wow. I was not expecting the phone to be so slim and light and check out that rare design. You have the real me logo in small and dare to leap engraved in large black fonts. Now the color is actually called infinite black, but i would describe it as more of a frosted silver color. Now you can also see the four camera modules on the back now we know straight away that one of them is the 108 megapixel beast, which i absolutely can’t wait to test so let’s, just temporarily refrain that excitement and place the phone down to the side.

So we can check out the contents of the box. Okay last step is to remove the card and check out the charging gear, so we do have a usb type c to type a cable and it does retain that yellow theme for the actual usb connectors, which i think looks quite cool, and i am happy to See that there is a fast charger included in the box, so the realme 8 pro is running android 11 with real me, ui version 2.0 on top. So this brings lots of new features which includes motion gestures, global theme, customizations improved, always on display improved dark mode. Third party launcher support deep sea privacy with a whole host of privacy and security features, and the new realme ui 2.0 brings improved efficiency in system performance and stability. Now, my initial thoughts are quite good. I’M actually quite excited using this phone, but i don’t want to say anything at this stage as i do want to spend a little bit more time with the device before i go into more detail. But that being said, one of the major hypes of this smartphone is that huge 108 megapixel sensor so as a bonus i’m going to share with you guys some 108 megapixel shots to give you a feel of what this smartphone is capable of Music Music. So there you have it guys. That was my first look, unboxing video experience that i wanted to share with you guys.

My full detailed review is coming soon after i get more time to play with the phone and to get more acquainted with all the features. I hope you enjoyed the video and found it useful. Thank you so much for watching and i hope you all have a brilliant day.