I also want to give a big thanks to the me community who um sent me this out to review as well. So this is retailing for 279.. They start from 279, so in the uk, i’m guessing it’s, going to probably be around 280 pounds, it’s going to start at that sort of price and, first of all, i’m going to jump straight into the cameras. The megapixel sensor, it’s a quad camera, set up 280 dollars. This phone is starting at just remember that i’m happy overall, with the camera performance in video and stills overall, a very good camera for the price. There are plenty of camera features to choose from as well and at the top there is the 108 megapixel feature as well. With this, you get large images, sharp crisp and overall, very good quality. The note 10 pro also has a very good macro lens um. You know it’s just a macro, but you do get some decent shots with this device. We have an ultra wide lens built into here as well, and you get a very respectable shots using that as well. There’S, no telephoto it’s, just a digital zoom. Unfortunately, two times and five times, zoom is, you know, probably just about acceptable anything more than that it gets a little bit unusable. The phone has a really strong portrait mode, it’s one of my favorite parts about the phone portrait. I haven’t really noticed any blemishes at all. The pictures are crisp, detailed, great color accuracy and the bokeh effect separating the background from the foreground.

The subject it’s near on perfect. They have a cool clone mode in this device as well. You can also do it on the mi 11 as well, the clone mode playing around with that you can do it in photo and video that’s, a pretty cool feature and the 16 megapixel selfie camera that’s very good. Also, we can shoot up to 1080p 30 frames per second on video as well: okay, so i’m, shooting at 1080p 30 frames per second on the front facing camera of the redmi 10. Pro i’ve got about a foot away from my chest. It’S quite cropped in that is arms, length, i’m. Quite a long man, so i’ve got long. Arms we’ve got long arms. You can get a nice um sort of angle of view like that walk through a little bit darker into here. Um. Let me know what you think: quality looks decent on here, switch around to video. This can shoot up to 4k at 30 frames per second, yes, this is 4k 30 frames per second. This is pan around this marina there’s. No stabilization in this setting either a tiny bit of jitter. Okay, so that’s a 4k 30. walk around here a little bit. It also does 1080p at 60., okay, so now we’re at 1080p at 60 frames per second now, when you go into the settings on here, stabilization is actually grayed out so i’m, not sure that means stabilization. Isn’T enabled this does look more stable than the the 4k.

I was shooting earlier if you walk, if you walk see what uh let’s think about stabilization, looks tiny bit wobbly but better stabilization than in 4k, which i said this is 1080p at 60.. What a beautiful day as well – okay, let’s, try 1080p 30 frames per second and 1080p at 30.. Now. One thing i did notice with this device is that stabilization is grayed out in 4k, 30 and 1080p 60. So it looks to me as if stabilization is only enabled at 1080p 30 frames per second, which is a little bit disappointing i’d like to have seen it in the 1080p 60 at least, but yeah it maxes out at 1080p 30 for stabilization. This is 1080p at 30 frames per second now in the settings. Stabilization isn’t, grayed out and it’s actually on let’s do a little walk. 1080P 30 frames per second, and you know what that is stable. That is really stable. So i think i can confirm. Stabilization is only active at 1080p, 30 frames per second and below 1080p, 60 and 4k30. There is no stabilization you can tell in this setting that is much more stable and smooth yeah. Okay. Now, if you jump to the steady mode again, steady mode is only available in 1080p at 30 frames per second, which i don’t really think you need. To be honest, the 1080p 30 frames per second with stabilization enabled is good enough without the steady mode, the steady mode you’re going to lose a little bit of quality anyway, so i don’t think they’ve integrated that very well okay.

So this is a mode called steady mode on the note 10 pro 1080p 30 frames per second – and to be honest, i don’t think they need it as there’s always there’s already stabilization at 1080p, 30 frames per second anyway without the steady mode, although it does make It super steady, you do lose a tiny bit of quality as well, but overall video quality is very good and using tripod uh. You know when you’re shooting 4k and stuff for more steady shots, then it’ll be absolutely perfect, but i think the overall video quality is very good. There is something that i noticed uh when taking pictures and videos is a little bit more lens flare than usual on previous smartphones, i’ve used before yeah there’s, more sort of lens flare on this one. You know for some of the shots, it might look quite artistic. You know, and people actually do try and get that sort of lens flare as well, but i did notice it quite maybe a bit too often in this device, so let’s jump into this sexy display 120 hertz refresh rate amoled, um 1080p. Amazing isn’t it fantastic viewing angles: uh when you’re using the device, it’s so responsive to the touch as well. The screen is excellent. It really is so one thing i did notice, especially using this at night in bedtime and in the morning i’ve just woke up automatic brightness is on as well sometimes reading mode and there’d be slight little flickers light changes on the screen, which might have been the Automatic brightness, maybe adjusting too much or too little, but that seemed to disappear and i don’t normally.

I don’t normally see that when i’m, using it in the daytime so for power, performance, it’s powered by the snapdragon 732 adreno 618. I did do a gaming video on this and absolutely pretty much smashed all the games apart from fortnight, which is an absolute buggy ass of the game. Anyway. Fortnight is probably best off leaving it to the high end sort of smartphones, but it is playable um. I did get a couple of kills on there, but performance has been absolutely fine on the note 10 pro even general browsing and navigating obviously the 120 hertz refresh rate makes it look even better and feels so much better when you’re scrolling through social media there’s. Definitely nothing to moan about for performance on this device, especially starting at 280 dollars, and this fingerprint sensor as well is still surprisingly fast rapid and accurate, approximately 99.9 of the time it opened first time every time so getting into your phone. Quick enough is a doddle. So build quality and design. I did mention something in my unboxing about it being slightly thinner than the me uh. 10T. 10T pro. It is slightly thinner and it does for me this feels better holding this than it does the the me 10t pro that’s, slightly thinner, sort of body, more rounded as well, i think build quality is excellent, although it’s a plastic backing just pick up. Quite a few fingerprints, it is a beautiful device. 6.67 inch display gorilla glass 5 as well.

Hdr10 support, it’s, um, yeah it’s, a beauty really is 280, probably gon na be about 280 pound that you start from. So i think design build quality is excellent. It really is closer. Look at that display in terms of brightness. The maximum is 1200 nits as a well. The display is fantastic, so i checked the loudspeakers out in the unboxing video, which i will link up there as well there’s, a firing speaker there at the bottom and there’s also one at the top. You can see the little grille there, but it also comes out of the earpiece there, although it sounds as if it does anyway, because it’s, obviously so close, but yeah you’re getting dual speakers set up and the sound quality is excellent. It really is for a device of this price. The sound quality is very good turn. This Music up Music Applause, wow wow, really impressed so the redmi note 10 pro comes with a 5020 milliamp battery also supports 33 watt fast charging as well, and you also get the block now, because this can run at 120, hertz or 60 hertz there’s, no sort Of adaptive sink either it doesn’t change, while gaming or doing whatever it’s, either or the other. So on 120 hertz. This is the battery consumption. I had over a couple of days so my screen on time, 120, hertz, 7 hours and 58 minutes and then another day was 7 hours and 38 minutes so it’s quite consistent.

There, 120 hertz battery life wasn’t too bad. I did have to put on charge, but i also did a couple of days in 60 hertz and these are the results: nine hours and 13 minutes on one day so much better than the 120 hertz, and also got 10 hours and 40 minutes, which i thought Was excellent so the his there is quite a difference between the 60 and 120, which i’d expect anyway, but overall, i think the redmi note 10 pro delivers good battery life and that pretty much wraps it up. I mean it’s got me ui 12, on top of android 11 as well. Software experience it’s been okay. I prefer a pure google stock experience, but i do like the fact that we have the app drawer in there as well. Now it also puts it into little categories as well, for you from there so yeah very, very impressed from the redmi note 10 pro, starting at only 280, a very strong camera good battery life. An amazing display, 120 hertz amoled display incredible 33 watt fast charging as well dual speaker setup, which has great audio quality as well 3.5 mil socket for headphones. What more do you want? What more do you want? Let me know in the comments below what more do you want without inflating the cost, because i know some people are gon na say: oh, i should have a glass back or you know it should have a gold plated frame or something like that.

But remember that’s going to increase the cost. This is sweet. This is just the sweet spot of smartphones got ta, be the best smartphone of the year so far it’s affordable for most people. Obviously i know some people’s budgets are different other than others than others. Um. Also it’s got a nice flat bottom there as well, which stands there perfectly, and i don’t need anything behind it to um. You know pop it up against craftsmanship at its best at an affordable price as well any comments pop them down below.