So far is obviously there will be a lot of smartphones coming. So this is poco x3. This key price – almost 40 000, as i unboxed, and i gave first impression earlier your phone, i think, money market. Can you one of the best options that you can marijuana it’s more of a value to money driven market? So not everyone in pakistan can afford expensive smartphones and there are smartphones like this one which come at an amazing price with amazing features. So we will go through all those features in this video and then i can tell you how good my experience is using this smartphone and i think so far. This is one of the best options: poco x3 nfc. Now why it is because is around 40 000 rupees, which just suits our market. This kind of smartphone make high sale numbers in pakistan, so battery is really important in a smartphone. There are like smartphones, which doesn’t have a all day battery but easily poco x3 is all day. Even look phone call communicator. They can use easily for two days, though, then easily a phone call. I have to test this one extensively specification, wise it’s, a 5160 milliamp power cell, which is a big size. Big number punches are superb batteries and easily full day batteries be sufficient. So you want like so it’s like a budget processor, but still with eight cores. It can perform very well scalability your storage it’s ufs 2.

1 it’s not fastest, but in this price, it’s not expected to be fastest to screen home is smartphone military at six point six, seven inch, which is already massive size but it’s lcd panel. You feature some amazing smartphone screen, which is 120 hertz refresh rate, so achieving that feature in this price is already amazing. If someone is buying this smartphone for just gaming, i can easily recommend right: okay, storage, processor and 120 hertz refresh rate, all those things just fulfill. All the gaming purposes, as i mentioned in my last video, your frame has smartphone car it’s, not plastic, it’s, aluminum frame, but the back is plastic clicking it’s. So much well made it feels like glass but durability wise. It will still behave as a plastic rear panel. Camera setup, which are really good main sensor and ultra wide wearer, whereas we have two megapixel macro and depth sensors. There are some simple photos: you can see photo quality daylight, sufficient daylight man, it’s not on the next level like in the quality, is still entertaining smartphone cameras. They sometimes feel a little cheap sounds like they feel more plasticky inside coffee, fast side, fingerprint scanners, then 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, which is not available in any flagship right, now kill our top ir projector. So you can use this smartphone as a tv tv remote. Then we have a hybrid sim slot, either you can put dual sim cards or uh one memory card and one sim.

Then another amazing thing about this: smartphone: 128 gigabyte, key storage and with six gigs of ram joe k is priced by still coffee achievement to have 128 gigs internal storage. Let’S talk about the software one ui, maybe you don’t like it, but still android phones. My subsequent advantage, they are so customizable. You can change pretty much anything you want like in there are some apps baked into the room into the memory. Okay, so that’s a bad thing from xiaomi. Another thing you i want to say in this smartphone, if you download any application user interface technical, but the thing is even samsung is putting ads nowadays, i think if you are looking for good phone with certain given takes around under fifty thousand rupees to opt for Your 40 000 say become price magical market available. I can easily recommend poco x3 to anyone.