So we got here a mystery box from xiaomi and i wonder what this is this time around. All we can see is there’s a lot of numbers here. So right now, let’s simply open the box postcard. Dear me fans. We challenge you to do a ksp review for redmi note 10, pro within just 30 seconds, that’s quite hard. Maybe i’ll do a full review on this one it’s, the all new successor to the redmi note 9 series. My first impression of this phone is it’s, really really nice it’s really a step up over from the last year’s redmi note 9 pro – and i can say the 3d curve glass is really really something to consider on this phone it’s. Really nice it’s really smooth and it’s really elegant. I love the way that xiaomi designed this phone it’s, really something unique on its own and it’s, really really something that you should consider if you’re out there in the market. Looking for a brand new phone, especially on the mid range category, this one should really blow you away. Probably for me, one of the showstopper here is the amoled display on this phone. It has a 6.67 fhd plus display, together with a 120 hertz of screen refresh today, together with a 240 hertz of touch sampling rate and also a amoled display, which is probably a first in any redmi note series, together with a corning gorilla, glass, 5 protection up Front, and did you know that this phone is also ip53 splash proof ready? It is very useful when you accidentally splash water on this phone.

I love the way the xiaomi packs the amoled display on this one. It gives you a good good experience, very, very rich in watching those movies on this phone, especially watching my favorite tv series, it’s really really enjoyable. The sauce on the redmi note 10 is pretty rich and it has a dual speaker inside this phone, giving me that experience while playing games. Speaking of games, i tried to play some of my favorite games on this phone and it gave me a really really nice experience. I can say that the frame rush is pretty irrelevant and, of course, the experience is very, very rich, since you have the dual speaker, together with the amoled display everything feels so premium on this phone. Did you know that this phone comes in three variants? It has that onyx, great glacier, blue and, of course, the gradient bronze, which one is your choice, and one of the reason why i love this phone is because it comes with an android 11 out of the box, and it also runs together with the miui 12.. It gave me a rich, rich experience using this phone mui 12.5 coming soon, and one of the most noticeable change on this phone is the arc side, fingerprint scanner it’s. One of my complaints during the redmi note 9 pro series which the fingerprint scanner is really flat and i can feel it on my hands. It’S, really not comfortable using it, because it has sharp edges this time, it’s round and a lot lot better.

So how about let’s focus ourselves on the main event of this phone? The 108 megapixel camera it’s really something and it packs a lot of punch for this phone, and it also has three other cameras: the 8mp ultra wide sensor, the 5mp telemacro lens. And, of course, your 2mp depth sensor. So how about this try to take a look at some of the shots that i’ve taken from this phone? So we can see outdoors. The shots are really really captivating it’s, really nice, it’s sharp, and i can really say that it’s very, very punchy, especially when you take some photos using the 108 mp camera. You can zoom it to your heart’s content. Now we also take some shots using the telemacro lens and i can say that it’s really improved over the other predecessor take a look. So after taking some good outdoor photos, i can tell you that it’s nice to edit using the stock editor here with the magic sky. You can really expand your imagination with different kinds of skies. Using this feature, it’s really something very very nice inside this phone, and one of the main features that i like in this video camera is the filters you can see here, there’s, so many filters that you can choose from from rome to black eyes to cyberpunk. To nordic and, of course, lime being one of my favorite here and i can see the video captured on this camera really really is stable, since the eis is good and you can use the steady video mode now using the night mode on this camera, i can See that it’s really nice, it enhances the lightings on your surrounding, especially when you’re in dark area check this out i’m inside a dark dark tunnel, and one of the features that i like on this video is the dual mode.

You can see that i can record something at the rear together at something on the front, so my viewers can know what’s happening back there and, of course, what’s happening up front, pretty cool hey now. Did you know that the front video camera has filters now check this out? It’S, really captivating don’t, you think now taking some food shots on this phone is really really nice. All you need to do is just simply turn on the ai mode, and it will do the trick for you check some of these shots out and guys. These phone packs of 5 30 milliampere are so battery supporting up to 33 watts of fast charging, probably it’s. One of the first also from the redmi note series it’s really fast. I charge my phone from 13 to 100 in just one hour and ‘ minutes how about that so guys. If you want to know more about this phone, do check me out on my channel at xiaomi review and i hope to see you on the next one mission accomplished.