This is another super budget, android smartphone that sells for around 80 bucks and otherwise has a very large 6.8 inch display. Now, if you guys recall about a few months back, we did check out another phone from them called the k30, and this phone also has a very similar overall dimension and footprint. The only difference is this k30 has a lower resolution display, which is quarter hd around 540 by 960 pixels. So on such a large display, it is a little easier to see the pixelation versus this new model. The p40 has a higher resolution that is now 720p, so it should look a little bit more crisp, but everything else in terms of this phone is very similar to that. Other k30 has the same mediatek quad core processor and also has a five megapixel rear camera. It has just eight gigs of built in storage, which is quite low, but thankfully you can expand on it using a micro sd card, but for a light version of android. It should be. All right has also a 3 000 milliamp hour capacity battery and there is built in gps, the typical stuff like built in wi fi bluetooth, as expected these days. One other thing that is notable here is the cellular bands are limited to 3g connectivity. So if you are browsing the web, for instance, you really want to use the wi fi for the fastest internet connection, but if you’re doing things like making calls and text messages, obviously 3g speeds will still suffice.

Alright, so here is the phone itself. Other contents in the box are very similar to their other devices. It includes a charging cable, also a wall adapter using usb, and there is a extra tempered glass screen protector which comes with the package just like their other phones. In the past, there is a sim ejector tool and even a second plastic or film screen protector included, quick user guide and a free, tpu soft carrying case. We can peel back this uh film here on the back and we have a very dazzling finish on this phone. Although this is plastic and not glass, it still glistens and has a very beautiful finish that is gradient slightly shimmers and changes colors. According to how you pointed at the light – and it is a very attractive overall finish – i have to say for a budget phone – it is a unibody device which means the back cover can’t, be removed. You can’t swap out the battery on this one, so that is one thing to keep in mind, but overall has a decent weight now in terms of the naming as well as the design, it is very heavily inspired by the much more expensive huawei p40. So this is basically xcody’s copy of that, including the leica branding, which is obviously not going to be real. In fact, some of the extra lenses here are also not real camera sensors. It has just a primary 5 megapixel lens.

The rest are for decorative purposes rails. Here also have a blue kind of shimmer to it, so it looks quite pretty. There is a volume rocker, along with a power key which is textured by the way. So it feels a little bit different from the other keys it’s, pretty easy to click on and feels tactile enough. One of the other side quarks of this phone, though, is the bottom here: houses the speaker microphone and the charging port, which is unfortunately, micro usb. It is a little disappointing considering that in the k30 that we saw from before, they had already migrated to usb type c, so this seems to be a slight step backwards. However, this phone does still preserve a standard 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, which is missing on the k30 that we saw from before. So if you do like to use traditional wired headphones higher quality headphones, this is going to be a plus, but in the other area for charging it’s going to be a slight step back and on the front here we have just the phone’s main display. We have a small earpiece on the top. We have the aforementioned cutout for the hole punch notch, although it is still technically connected to the top bezel portion, so there isn’t, really a full circular cut off. There is still a portion here which is linked, but overall it’s still fairly non obtrusive and presents a pretty symmetrical look as far as the other bezels are concerned, and for watching videos it remains a pretty comfortable experience almost feels like you’re holding onto content and definitely Makes it seem like a more expensive phone, although there is a slightly larger chin on the bottom, as you can see there, but it’s still not too bad for a device in this range? Ultimately, though, this is still a very large phone or a phablet, since it has that 6.

8 inch dimension. Now that selfie camera is a bit more obvious. If you have a white background like this, but in certain scenarios, where you have a wallpaper that kind of just blends into the section here in the dark and non obtrusive now as far as the overall system is concerned, it is actually a little different from the Aforementioned k30, which from xcody they were actually using a android, go build of the operating system versus on this one. It seems like they’re using a regular version or the full version of android. I say that because on the k30 it came with some go edition of google apps like gmail go there’s assistant go maps, go which are a bit more light and optimized to run better on a device that has less powerful hardware like these phones. Again, they have the same entry level processor from mediatek locked at 1.3, gigahertz, so very entry level by today’s standards. However, this phone here seems to actually have a slightly different launcher and again it doesn’t come with the go edition of apps, but rather the full blown additions of their counterparts, and that does take up a little bit more power for them to run. So i would have preferred if they just stuck with android, go to be honest, considering the entry level specs. But that is something interesting that i wanted to quickly point out and as a whole it’s, not a you know, shabby display for the price definitely has a decent overall experience, thanks to the fact that it is now again finally hd plus resolution.

So at least text does look sharper. Viewing angles are also decent as expected for an ips panel, so you can see that colors don’t wash out too easily, although the brightness level can definitely be perhaps a little bit brighter, but for this price range it’s still acceptable. Otherwise, phone comes with a few gestures here, including double tap, to wake it up from sleep and in terms of the regular navigation of the ui it’s. Okay, in terms of the fluidity doesn’t feel too bad and general tasks still open up without too much issues. We do have a physical keys in the bottom, although gesture navigation is disabled by default, perhaps that’s a purposeful choice, since there will be more animations with gestures that can boggle down the phone, so they just stuck with permanent keys on the bottom there. Otherwise, the launcher here again is a little bit more customized than before, not really stock, but we still have access to quick launch shortcuts for turning on or off wi fi data connectivity by default there’s also no drawer of applications. So there is no kind of swipe up to access that a full list of apps like on stock android devices. For some reason, that’s been disabled here, but you can always bring that back if you prefer, by downloading something like nova launcher all right, diving closer into the phone’s performance, starting off with the camera overall it’s acceptable. But by no means this is going to be kind of a camera centric phone as expected as a device in this price range it’s only going to scrape by as far as getting you, you know some quick shots that you can capture and save as well as You know maybe documents you want to scan in and as a whole color reproduction looks decent.

Perhaps the only downside is 5 megapixels is not a ton of detail or sharpness that you can pull in compared to you know other phone sensors, these days, which have say 13 or even higher. So if you start to zoom in you’ll definitely notice a lot more fuzziness, but from afar the image still looks decent enough for some quick snaps and not bad just for quickly sharing. As you can see there, you do have to remain relatively still, since there is no built in optical image. Stabilization uh with that being said overall, not too shabby. If you just want to have a basic camera on your device and don’t have super high expectations. I tried it out with t mobile here in the seattle region and calls went through without too much issues since the phone’s body is constructed out of plastic reception, quality does seem to be all right. You’Ll roughly receive around two bars of both reception for cellular and for wi fi caller said that i sounded pretty clean without too much issues. Let’S jump into a quick look at youtube: Music Applause, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music, all right. So turning the sound down there takeaway would be the overall experience is decent. We do have the advantage of a very large display and in terms of watching back videos at 720p, you can see there. That is the maximum resolution that the screen can support and still looks decent as a whole it’s, an enjoyable enough experience as far as watching youtube videos are concerned.

The speaker on the side here is not going to be the loudest in the world, but as a benefit it doesn’t distort or sound too tinny either. Even if you turn the volume higher you can hear in that demo, there sounds decent in terms of clarity and also, if you kind of put your hand on the side, doesn’t seem to completely muffle it up. So there is a bit of room for the sound to escape from the other edges and so as a whole remains a okay experience for a built in speaker. You can see that videos also load back at a relatively good speed in terms of buffering and scrubbing between parts of the video also handles it pretty well too. Although some of the animations can definitely encounter moments of hesitation, as you can see, there, it’s not to the extent where it becomes frustrating to use, it still is okay, i would say, as far as expectations for a low cost phone is concerned, jumping into web browsing Let’S, try loading back a page like the verge and, if you’re, using the mobile version of sites, it still renders it actually fairly quickly again, thanks to the pretty decent wi fi reception, speed on here with the antennas, sometimes more complex pages, with lots of ads and Videos might take some time longer for everything to completely load but as a whole, not too shabby everything is still usable and you can still scroll decently in terms of the fluidity here i can also pinch to zoom and that also works.

Okay, one thing to keep in mind, though, is the phone. Just has one gigabyte of ram, which is very entry level, these days again, it’s just enough for most budget phones and for android go edition phones to have, but it means you can’t. Do a ton of multitasking – or you have to be very conscious of that same thing – goes with having multiple tabs open. You want to keep that to a minimum. We cannotice the mediatek chipset here. Quad core is indeed true, as well as the fact that it is technically running on an android version 10.0. So, okay, in terms of up to date, perhaps the last thing to talk about here would just be very light. Gaming again, the device here is quite entry level. Things which are too graphically demanding such as say, asphalt, series or pubg will definitely be too taxing. I think, on this entry level phone here, we’ll handle lighter games. The best things like stack fruit, ninja older titles, in particular, lighter ones for kids, it’s, really where it will still be a decent experience and again loading times, will still seem acceptable. Really, last but not least, the 3000 milliamp hour capacity battery is also decent. I feel for the price range here: it’s, not the largest capacity in the world, considering that we do have a pretty large display, but it still lasted me through the entire day and the phone can fully charge up in around an hour and a half so decently.

Fast top up speeds as well, although it is again using micro usb now the phone itself, it doesn’t, get too hot i’d say in terms of the processor um. Even when you’re doing some more demanding tasks, it gets a little bit warm towards the bottom region, but never gets too hot. This also isn’t really a chip that thermal throttles or anything like that. It’S, a pretty tried and tested old chipset by today’s standards without too many surprises or again, thermal throttling or anything crazy like that. So that is more or less it as far as our hands on review of the new x goody p40, and this is a phone that i think overall is still a decent value for the low price range. Although there are a few mixed feelings, one of them being that, of course, there are benefits here compared to their past phones, including the fact that they are finally using a higher resolution display for the same price, which is great. And there is now a headphone jack which they’ve brought back, which is awesome as well. Although some slight cons here is again using micro, usb again, instead of usbc, as well as the fact that they stuck with a full version of android and has a slightly thicker skin, compared to the more light android go that they chose in the past version. Basic phone for making calls browsing the web and watching some videos without doing anything too demanding.

I think it still can be a pretty good fit it’s hard to find many other competitors in the same price range. That will give you as large of a screen and with a pretty modern design like this one. That is again for something that is very cheap thanks for watching here at os reviews, that’s been a closer look at xcody’s new ultra budget smartphone.