. This is Oppo Find X3 Pro. The latest flagship smartphone from Oppo the successor of Find X2 Pro Oppo states that this one as their fastest and best flagship. Until now, this smartphone has just been launched globally by Oppo. Now let’s discuss the uniqueness of this flagship class smartphone that will soon be available in Indonesia. This is Oppo flagship smartphone that will soon be available in Indonesia. This one that I hold is blue color. This matches Jagat Review’s corporate colors, so everything is blue, fitting and cool design wise Oppo states that they follow the design that is language space, age design. The back body of this smartphone is made out of single glass sheet, which results in a unified continuous surface, even including the camera. So the curves that you saw are the curves from the glass on the back. The material choice also makes Find X3 Pro thin and light. This body, curves is said, makes it have a futuristic curved design. This smartphone is 8.26 mm thick. It weighs 193 gram, which is light for flagship class while for colors from the launching it was informed. There is Gloss Black, which is really glossy. Clearly, black and made of glass looks beautiful, elegant, like ceramic, and there is also blue with dual finish style, matte and gloss the advantage of this one. The fingerprints don’t easily stick on the backside, because it’s matte, we cannot confirm what colors will be available in Indonesia or if there will be any other colors.

Besides these two protection wise. It already comes with IP68 Water and Dust Resistance certification, because it’s IP68 it can be submerged in water. Ok, now the display side, this one is said to be true: one billion color display. This is one of Oppo Find X3 Pro advantages. Yes, of course, a good screen will bring a comfortable user experience. The screen size is 6.7quot with OLED panel. It has QHD Resolution, so the resolution is high. It supports up to one billion colors refresh rate is 120 Hz, with Dynamic, Refresh Rate, which supports refresh rate from 5 Hz like when reading ebook or reading in general, it’s only 5 Hz, but it could go up to 120 Hz. This is said: can conserve power consumption up to 46 according to Oppo, then there is also O Sync Display Hyper Response Engine which reduces response time so it’s only around 5 10. Ms, while normal is 30 40. Ms, so the response time is improved tremendously. There is also Ultra Vision Engine which offers video image sharpener for low resolution. So if you watch a low resolution video, it still looks sharp here and, of course, like the other flagship smartphone screens, it is already HDR10 certified. Ok, we are not talking flagship. If we are not talking about the camera, of course, Oppo promises, 1 billion colors capture ability with Dual Primary Cameras for this Find X3 Pro. There are two primary sensor units. The sensor is Sony IMX 766, which is sensor that was specifically developed with Sony.

Both of these have 50MP sensors with 11.56quot size, which is big. This is All Pixel Omnidirectional PDAF, and this is used for Wide Angle, Camera f1.8 with OIS, and there is also Ultra Wide Angle, Camera with camera aperture f2.2. For the Ultra Wide Angle, this size is huge for the Ultra Wide Angle. The resolution is high and this is very high. There is also 13MP Telephoto Camera f2.4 up to 5x Hybrid Optical Zoom and up to 20x Digital Zoom, then there is 3MP, oh relax. This is not Macro Camera. This is Microlens Camera f3.0 with up to 60x Magnification Confused. Yes, this is not a macro camera. No, this is a microscope. Yes, this is microscope with 60x Magnification. This makes the smartphone become a microscope which can check supper small details. This is cool and very different. There are also other features like AI Scene Enhancement. This support 10 bit colors. Then there is 10 bit RAW for photo. There is Cinematic Mode with 10 bit 4K support, and it also has LOG and HDR format. There is also AI Palettes or filters that can change the photos automatically. It uses Qualcomm, Snapdragon, 888 processor, SOC known to be super fast and the fastest now, and it have tons of features that we have repeatedly discussed. The launched unit uses 12 GB RAM with 256 GB ROM storage. There might be other variants, but we don’t know yet, and we also don’t know what will be available in Indonesia for SIM cards.

It uses Dual Mode: SIM 5G, with 13 5G Band, Support battery wise. It has a 4500 mAh battery, which is equipped with SUPERVOOC 2.0 Flash Charge 65W. It can charge up to 40 in just 10 minutes and it also support AIRVOOC 30W, fully charged in 80 minutes so from 0 to 100 in only 80 minutes, but without cable then it also has 10W Reverse Wireless Charging. It can charge TWS and relax it’s all safe because it already has TV Rheinland Certified Safe, Fast Charge System. The speakers are, of course, stereo with Dolby Atmos support. This is really mandatory for flagship to use stereo speakers and for OS. It uses ColorOS 11.2 based on Android 11. There is Color Vision, enhancement to adjust color display on the screen for those who have CVD or Color Vision Deficiency. The there is also Oppo Relax 2.0, which is relaxation feature that can display nature, sound, recording or from places that are interesting to visit and, of course, for you that are gamers. It also has Game Focus Mode so that the gaming doesn’t get disturbed by other notifications and applications. In addition, it also has special ringtones and notifications, which were created by Hans Zimmer. This is one of famous composer, whereas his works have been used in more than 150 world class movies. It’S in this Oppo Find X3 Pro. Of course, there are still many things that we can discuss about this Oppo flagship smartphone, which is fast slim and light, but all of that, of course we will do in a complete review later, once it’s officially launched in Indonesia by the way globally.

This Oppo Find X3 Pro will be available, starting from 30th of March 2021 at around 1149, but but generally we cannot convert the EURO price into Indonesian currency. Just like that. There are many factors in smartphone pricing that once the EURO is announced, the price in Indonesia can later be more affordable. We can ensure that Oppo Find X3 Pro will be available in Indonesia, but there is no confirmed date for its release. Quotas soon, as possiblequot is the info we received from Oppo Indonesia Team. We shall inform you probably via Tech News. Ok until here is our preview of Oppo Find X3 Pro.