This is the redmi 9t and it’s one of the newest entry level phones available from xiaomi. It also happens to be nearly identical to the recent poco m3 what’s the difference, and is this the better phone to get let’s find out in our full review? Music. The redmi, 9t and poco m3 are very similar entry level devices. The redmi has a little bit more to offer, though, and is slightly more expensive at the time of this review. The redmi 9t would go for 140 euros while the poco 120 it’s not a huge difference, but it’s sort of noticeable compared to the total price of the phone. Despite a similar plastic build, the redmi 9t’s design is different. It has a glossy metallic finish that reflects light in a star shaped pattern, and the vinyl like texture on the back adds some extra grip too. One unique feature that the 9t brings to the table is splash proofing, even though it’s not ip rated it’s nice to have for peace of mind. The only other real differences from the poco are that the redmi 9t has nfc support and on the back there is an additional 8 megapixel ultrawide camera, but we’ll get to that in a bit. The rest of the features are basically the same, so let’s start with the screen: it’s a 6.53 inch ips lcd protected by gorilla glass 3 with a 1080p resolution and a dot drop notch we’re happy to have a full hd resolution here.

Since many entry level phones offer just 720p, this screen looks decent enough and has good contrast for an lcd. Colors are acceptably accurate depending on your color settings and as far as brightness goes, we measured over 430 nits maximum with the slider it’s. Alright, but might not be enough on a very sunny day for audio the redmi 9t is one of the few devices in this price range with a stereo speaker, setup, loudness measures very good on our charts and the quality is excellent, with full and clear sound. You also have a 3.5 millimeter jack for plugging in traditional headphones, as well as fm radio support, waking up and unlocking the phone is done with a side mounted fingerprint reader, which is fast and accurate, and the redmi 9t has 64 or 128 gigs of on board Storage, which is expandable through a dedicated microsd slot under the hood of the redmi 9t, is a snapdragon 662 chipset, which is built on an 11 nanometer process performance here is nothing special. To be honest, although that is expected at this price in benchmarks, the redmi 9t mostly holds its own against the competition cpu wise, but its gpu performance falls behind due to the more demanding 1080p display, while things run generally decent. You may encounter a hiccup from time to time while playing a game or swiping the ui. The chipset is rather power efficient, though, which works really well, together with the device’s huge 6000 milliamp hour battery battery life.

Here is some of the best we’ve seen yet the redmi 9t was able to earn an awesome score of 150 hours in our proprietary tests. However, charging this huge battery is anything but fast. The phone supports up to 18 watts of power input and the bundled 22.5 watt charger was only able to charge the phone from zero to 25 percent in half an hour. The redmi 9t’s interface is miui 12, based on android 10. it’s, a ui pretty ubiquitous across recent xiaomi devices. One difference here from previous versions of miui is that you get native support for an app drawer. If you opt for it. Also, the notification shade can be split into two different menus: a notification center and a control center, and thanks to an ir blaster, you can use the phone as a remote to control. Certain appliances, with one thing we did notice, is that you may encounter occasional ads. Like after you install an app while, it may be a bit annoying it’s, not that obtrusive and helps to lower the cost of the phone let’s move on to the redmi 9t’s cameras. The 8 megapixel ultra wide is something you won’t find on the poco m3. The rest are the same though a 48 megapixel quad, bayer main cam, a 2 megapixel macro camera and a depth sensor. The main cams photos come out at 12 megapixels and during the day, performance is good. With nice, sharpness, contrast and detail and decently wide dynamic range.

There is some visible noise, though portrait shots are taken with the main cam and the depth sensor, and these look great for this price range edge. Detection is very convincing and the subject is well exposed now on to the ultra wide. These photos have a color rendition that matches the main cams and the wider perspective is nice to have the quality. Here is nothing special for this sort of cam, though the photos are rather soft and low in detail. The 2 megapixel macro camera is used to take close up shots and these aren’t great there’s, no autofocus, so getting a sharp result takes trial and error. You’Ll need plenty of light to get something usable and even then the detail level leaves more to be desired in low light photos from the main camera are underwhelming there’s plenty of noise, washed out colors and low detail. The overall exposure is quite dark, while highlights are blown out turn on night mode, though, and the extra couple seconds of processing really make a difference. The exposure is brightened up. Noise is well controlled, colors, look more lively and shadows and highlights have more detail. Don’T expect a whole lot from the ultra wide cam at night. Images are underexposed, low in detail and often blurry there’s, no night mode support to help things out either selfies are taken with the 8 megapixel front facing cam and they have a decent amount of detail. However, they are noisy, the white balance is sometimes off and the subject’s face can come out underexposed and soft.

The redmi 9t can record video and only up to 1080p resolution at 30fps, and there is no stabilization. The quality from the main cam isn’t great you get good contrast, but detail and sharpness are lacking and the dynamic range is narrow, with clipped highlights the wide camera’s footage is much the same story but with even less detail so that’s the xiaomi redmi 9t. For an entry level price you get plenty of nice features like a splash proof, build a large full hd screen loud stereo speakers, incredible battery life and a versatile set of cameras. Probably the biggest shortcomings here are the mediocre, chipset and lackluster camera performance at night. But for this class of phone, these are par for the course and finally, between this and the poco m3, which is the better deal. Actually, i would recommend the redmi the difference in price isn’t, that much and even if you’re, not a fan of this ultra wide cam, you do get nfc and, of course, the splash proofing which might come in handy someday.