Like a lot of us, he has trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. The root cause of his issues is very similar to my own. Basically, an overactive brain. Neither of us can sleep in silence, because our inner voice literally will not shut up. For me, this has led to a lifetime of dealing with chronic insomnia, which is at times required medication. There are, of course, differences. Brian is a very light sleeper. He gets up at the slightest noise, even his dog’s snoring, so it doesn’t help that right now there’s a construction site right outside his door. I, on the other hand, could probably sleep through armageddon. Now i do still wake up in the middle of the night. A lot but that’s because of back pain or night terrors i’m, a lot of fun to share a bed with guys for the last two weeks, we’ve been testing out bose’s new sleep buds 2 in hopes that it will help us get some rest. Now. The paths we ended up taking were slightly different, but we can both report some success. The bigger question is: is a wearable sound machine ever worth 250 dollars Music? Now i want to be clear. The bose sleep buds 2 are not headphones. You can’t listen to music. On them, you can’t, listen to podcasts on them and you can’t take phone calls with them. Instead, you load sounds from bose’s library onto them and that’s it and, yes, i said, load, not stream.

The bluetooth here is no good for streaming audio and it’s, pretty damn slow for transferring even the small file sizes we’re talking about here. The sleep buds are very much a single use gadget, which means that everything rides on how well it does that one thing they need to be small enough and comfortable enough to wear all night. They need to block enough noise to keep the non stop traffic outside. At bay or to at least muffle an obnoxious snorer next to you, but it also needs to let enough in that a smoke alarm will rouse you, and the soundscapes also need to be pleasing with no obvious seams and cover a wide range of styles. To please a bunch of different tastes and last they need to be easy to use, because the last thing anybody wants to do as they’re getting ready for some shut eye is struggle with a buggy or complicated app. So let’s go through these things. One by one are the sleep buds too comfortable. Yes, with some caveats, the soft touch, plastic and anti friction. Coating are really great. Uh they’re, some of the best feeling earbuds i’ve, ever worn, wireless or otherwise and brian had few complaints either. These have all the hallmarks of the sort of premium products that bose has built its name on the seal even keeps out enough of the environment that you might not even need sounds if all you’re trying to do is keep a noisy radiator at bay.

Now my wife is an incredibly light sleeper. If i so much as get up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. She shoots up like someone is kicked in the front door, so i’ve tried sleeping with headphones on before and i just can’t do it. But i had no trouble passing right out with the sleep. Buds in thing is, as the night drags on things, get a little different, see, brian’s a side sleeper and while he found the sleep buds to be very comfortable in a vacuum, he found that he had to position the pillow just right to avoid pressing them into His ear and making them uncomfortable i toss and turn a lot while i sleep and inevitably every night. I would find myself in a position where they were pressing uncomfortably into my head, or they would simply fall out. Brian also had one of the earbuds fall out. A few times on him – and we can both confirm that trying to find these tiny white earbuds in your bed, while half asleep without glasses on, is a surefire way to ruin your night Music so for short periods of time in a controlled environment. The sleep buds, too, are very comfortable, but in actual use it’s a bit of a mixed bag, and the same is true of the sound selection. It took both me and brian, a few nights to find what would work for us. He preferred the warm static in the noise masking category, whereas i was drawn to the ambient drones of wanderlust under tranquilities.

The noise masking nature escapes and musical selections cover a wide variety of styles, there’s, 50 of them in total and they’re all pretty seamless. Now, it’s pretty obvious that they’re audio loops but you’d be hard pressed to find the loop point. If you were looking for it now. Personally, i found the nature scapes and noise masking settings to be almost oppressive and that’s, despite the fact that i usually sleep with nature sounds on i’m partial to crickets and thunderstorms. Brian, on the other hand, thought the tranquilities were a little bit too distracting and you couldn’t see using them for anything other than maybe meditation Music and look i get that you can’t, please all of the people all of the time, but i like nature sounds. I just don’t, like these nature sounds boardwalk, for instance, sounds less like waves crashing on a beach and more like somebody caught a fraction of a second of a wave and then looped it until it was completely indistinguishable from white noise without variety and movement. The nature escapes just don’t sound natural. Now this would be less of an issue if you could simply pump in your own sounds often i like to fire up headspace before bed and do a wind down exercise or meditate, but that’s not an option with the sleep buds too i’ve even created my own Sleep sounds from field recordings, i’ve made of storms, crickets and katy dids, and if the sleep buds work like any other bluetooth headphones, i could simply use those but you’re stuck with what bose gives you now.

Obviously, you’ll need to use the app to browse, sounds and load them on the sleep buds and i’m happy to report that it’s clean, simple and functional. But there are some questionable decisions for one there’s, no master list to look through and see what’s on your sleep buds and remove sounds you don’t want. Instead, you have to flip through them one by one and the only time you’re going to be prompted to remove a sound is if you try to load a new one on and have run out of, storage and since there’s no streaming of audio. All of the previews happen on your phone, which means you better figure out what you want before you lay down, lest you pissed your bed, mate off and lastly, you can’t browse sounds to see what’s available unless you’ve taken the sleep buds out of their case and Connected them to the app and then there’s alerts, the sleep buds too can ring in your ear. If you get a phone call, which i suppose is useful, when you’re trying to sleep personally i’d prefer maybe alerts from my home security system or even my alarms, the bose sleep app has an alarm feature built in, but i can’t simply use my existing phone’s alarms. I have to use the ones built into the app now these are all minor inconveniences, but they add up. The problem is since this is such a niche single purpose gadget. There should be zero inconveniences for 250 dollars.

Sure the sleep buds 2 helped me sleep better, but not much more than headspace or my own recordings and brian had to develop a convoluted system of playing a podcast loud enough that he could hear it over the sleep buds in his ears to find something that Worked for him, we both agree that the sleep buds too aren’t bad they’re, just not great.