Instead, with this phone, the company has gone for a new naming scheme. You know new strategies, so here we are with the latest budget phone in the ever popular moto g lineup. The moto g30 now before i dive into all the details, i want to give you all a little nugget from my verdict, and that is the moto g30 is a very reliable smartphone. I mean for its asking price of 10 999 rupees. I think this phone offers a lot of value anyway, before we get rolling. Please go ahead and subscribe to the mr phone youtube channel if you haven’t yet and do hit that bell icon so that you’re notified whenever we post a brand new video out of breath. Now let’s get started Music, starting things off with the design. Well, it is not the most fanciest looking phone around if you look at the bezels or the chin, but i think it looks fine, considering its asking price. The good part here is that, despite featuring a plastic shell, the moto g30 feels solid in the hand. I feel the rear panel could have been slightly more curved on the sides to make it comfortable to hold. That said, this phone has a 20s to 9 aspect ratio and i did not have any problem operating it with one hand. By the way. This is the dark pearl color of the phone, and i like the gradient shift on its surface. According to how the light hits it, the phone also comes in a pearl sky color, although i haven’t seen that one in person overall in terms of design, i must admit that looks – may not be this phone’s strong suit, but one thing i can vouch for is That the moto g30 is built like a tank, and it definitely feels solid in the hand without a doubt.

As for the display, what you’re getting here is a 6.5 inch, hd plus lcd panel, so not the most crisp, i would say even in terms of brightness and viewing angles well, both are not its strength. That said, you are also getting a 90 hertz refresh rate, and since this is an ips panel, colors look good watching. Videos or playing games was fine for me and it should be fine for most people as well. Considering – and i will say this again – the phones asking price on to the software bit and what you’re getting over here is my ux atop android 11. Yes, android, 11. Finally, on a motorola smartphone, if you’ve been living under a rock, let me tell you that my ux is one of the best and the purest forms of android experience that you can get on a smartphone, no bloat, no nonsense and all you’re getting here is a Near stock experience with the goodness and security improvements of android 11, along with some useful customization options, if you need them in the form of moto actions by now, the karate chop gesture to turn on the flash or the peak display, has become a staple of motorola Phones and you can find both the gestures along with some other useful stuff all brought together inside the moto app moving on this smartphone is powered by the qualcomm snapdragon 662 soc, which is coupled with 4gb of ram and 64gb of storage, and you can also expand The storage to up to one terabyte via a micro sd card, while the snapdragon 662 might not be the most powerful soc around the performance, has been fairly good.

This could partly be true because of the software, as everything just feels so light on the smartphone. Also, thanks to the 90hz refresh rate, animations and transitions feel buttery, smooth app opening times are decent ram management is okay and overall i have no major complaints. Even in terms of gaming, the moto g30 was able to handle call of duty mobile at the highest graphics and max frame rates, not even kidding, plus you can have those long sessions of gaming and the phone just won’t overheat. The battery life for that matter has also been superb. On the smartphone. The 5000mah cell makes sure that this phone can easily go on for at least a day and a half with heavy usage, and as for me, i was able to last about two days on a single charge with medium to heavy usage. Although charging times are not that great, with the supplied, 20 watt turbo charger, it roughly took me about two and a half hours to fully top up moving on all the buttons on this phone offer. Amazing tactile feedback. The moto g30 features a hybrid sim tray, which means you can either put two nano sims or put one nano sim and expand the storage using the other slot there’s a headphone jack, a usb type c port, two mics – that is primary one at the bottom and A secondary at the top and finally, a single bottom firing speaker, whose performance is strictly average, and this is how it sounds like Music Applause, Music.

The moto g30 supports most of the major wi fi bands. It has nfc bluetooth 5.0 and it also supports 4g carrier aggregation. I tested this phone on the jio4g network and had no major problems regarding call quality or network performance now, with everything out of the way, let’s focus on the camera at the back there’s a quad lens unit that comprises a 64 megapixel main camera, an 8 megapixel Ultra wide angle, camera and a couple of 2 megapixel macro and depth cameras respectively. On the front you get a 13 megapixel selfie shooter that’s situated in a dew drop notch. The 64 megapixel main camera does an impressive job in clicking detailed and sharp images. The colors look natural and almost true to the source which can bother you. If you prefer your photos, punchy and vibrant to me. I think the performance is bang on for the price. Even the wide angle. Camera for that matter, takes fine images, and the good part is that the color science across both the primary and ultra wide angle, camera is very consistent. The macro camera is also here, and its performance is just average, nothing special, even for photos taken during the night. They turned out decent. Of course, night mode does help in controlling the exposure, boosting the details and sharpness and overall, improving the end result as for selfies once again, decent performance, skin textures and details are handled nicely. However, the phone does seem to struggle taking photos against the light.

Now this is despite the front camera having hdr capabilities right off the bat. I would say that you will definitely feel the lack of stabilization, because otherwise details, colors and dynamic range. All look pretty good by the way you get an option that lets. You enable stabilization for 1080p 30fps videos which does seem to fix the jerkiness in videos, but this comes at the cost of focus hunting for that matter. Even while shooting 1080p 60fps videos focus, hunting was a major major problem in terms of the videos shot using the front camera here’s a sample. So please take a look at it and let me know what you guys think about it in the comments below front facing video sample being shot on the moto g30, as you can see, it’s a bright sunny day, it’s quite windy, also uh. So a good way to test out the mic: uh mic quality uh. Let me know what you think about the audio output and the highlights are getting blown out. Man and even i’ve noticed this thing also that shooting against the light and this camera absolutely struggles in terms of details and colors. Well, uh colors and details look good, but then what do i do about? The highlights? Exposure is out of place, so yeah that’s the front facing uh video sample shot on the moto g30. As i mentioned at the start, the moto g30 is a very reliable smartphone because you just can’t ignore its price to value proposition.

In my opinion, you get a stellar battery life. A clean android experience day to day performance is also good mind you, the phone can even handle games such as call of duty, mobile and asphalt 9 and, of course, the 90 hertz display, which i accept isn’t. The brightest around still looks decent when you look at it head on and definitely feels fast, of course, so go for the moto g30. If all the things that i just said matter to you, otherwise, if you can spend thousand rupees more, then you can also consider buying the redmi note 10, which offers a superior camera performance a much better design, android 11, that is with miui 12.