Not only is it one of the most impressive smartphones of 2021, thus far, but it’ll also lighten your wallet or purse to the tune of 1099 pounds. I’Ve had my sim nestled snugly inside of the oppo fun x3 pro all week, long and frankly, i’d be quite happy to just leave it there and use this bad boy as my full time. Blower. If i didn’t have a literal, pile of other smartphones to review from the incredible performance to the boss level camera, there is loads of stuff to love here so here’s. My full review of the oppo find x3 pro and for more the latest greatest tech. Please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers now if you haven’t, killed your brain with much needed alcohol over the previous ludicrous 12 months. You may remember that last year’s oppo find x2 pro swagger onto the smartphone scene, with a luxurious leather style arse, which was both eye catching and immensely pleasing on the palm. Well, oppo has decided to change things up a bit and innovate for the oppo f5x3 pro and is opted instead for a unique glass unibody design, the fine x3 pro’s shiny, rear comes courtesy of a custom, hot forging process in uppers onwards and frankly, it’s got me Feeling a wee bit tingly in my man, bits that camera bump is surprisingly subtle, with lenses seamlessly built into the back plate for a unique and attractive finish. You’Ve got a choice of designs between this mirrored finish or a more matte design.

Instead and as much as i enjoy admiring my baldy buns in this thing, i’d – probably rather have that frosted finish, especially as this thing picks up fingerprints. The way my stubble collects bits of crisp and pork scratchings, of course, like basically every other premium smartphone around right. Now the oppo f5x3 pro is, unsurprisingly, a 6.7 inch godzilla, although at least that display practically fills the front panel there’s very little in the way of bezel action, helped by the fact that the screen actually slopes around those edges and at 193 grams it’s. Not exactly super hefty, certainly lighter than a lot of premium rivals like that s21 ultra and last year’s, xiaomi mi 10t pro. Meanwhile, the ip68 water and dust resistance offers a bit of peace on mind and the screen is still surprisingly responsive, even when moist it’s also very reassuring, to have a good bit of gorilla, glass, 5 action, both front and back as well. This isn’t as protective. If you actually drop the phone, unlike the latest treasures, gorilla glass victus, which you’ll find on the likes of the xiaomi me 11, but it’s still very scratch resistant. So i should hopefully keep the oppo f5x3 pro looking nice and fresh it’s, the usual story over on the software front, with oppo slathering a bit of color os 11.2. All over android 11. color os offers easier customization compared with stock android, while adding shag loads of bonus bits like thank the baby jesus.

Some proper one handed help if you’re a stumpy fingered sufferer like myself, the edge lighting feature for incoming notifications is still spooge worthy and the always on display is just as tweakable as most other ui elements. My only real complaint is that there is a fair bit of setup required with the oppo fine x3 pro so, for instance, standard android features like the apps tray and gesture navigation are disabled by default. Thankfully, those features haven’t been completely axed, though you’ll just need to switch them back on again, and to do so, you will unfortunately have to search around through the absolute cluster of a settings menu. I heartily recommend just going into the search option at the top and just type it in there and thankfully oppo doesn’t cram loads of crap wear onto its phones, unlike others, although it does add on plenty of its own apps, including an audio recorder, a data migrator For copying bits over from your old phone and this actually quite good or relaxed – and this serves up all kinds of common – sounds including the pitter patter of rain against your window, which, to be fair, is common enough in blighty anyway and city strolling, which actually makes Me kind of anxious these days, oh god other people, lots of other people all all around me. Oh too, close turn it off now grease up your loins and get ready for a big old sexy spec stump, so the oppo phonics 3 pro sports 256 gigs of storage, that’s ufs 3.

1, so nice and nippy great use if you’re, downloading big files or opening games. Like gentian impact, doesn’t take half an hour to load, but unfortunately there is no microsd memory card support to expand that once you fill her up, you do at least get dual sim support and there’s also support for esim with selected carriers if that’s your bag and Another undoubted highlight of the oppo f5x3 pro is that 6.7 inch amoled display, as i mentioned before, this does actually slope around the edges of the smartphone, and i did find that i had a couple of little issues with my palms intruding on that display and mucking Up the touch responsiveness, but usually that was only when i was reclining uh on the saw four or in bed for instance, so i had to clutch the phone that little bit tighter, but absolutely zero complaints with the visuals helped along by that super sub, quad hd, Plus resolution, which is dynamically scalable detail levels are sublime, while you also impressively have dolby vision and hdr 10 plus support which help to produce lifelike pictures, you can tinker with the color modes to really boost any vibrant visuals or stick with a more natural vibe. If you like, and the finex 3 pro can easily match any conditions for an easy viewing experience comfortably topping the 1000 nits level for sunshiny days, while dishing up the usual array of eye comfort mode. So you don’t strain your peepers at 2 am and you’ve got a bit dynamic, refresh rate action on here as well, and this can scale all the way from 10 hertz if you’re, just viewing a static image, all the way up to 120 hertz, if you’re skimming About the place, or actually using a supported, app to be able to enjoy that super smooth refresh without unnecessarily draining the battery when it’s not needed.

As for your audio well, those stereo speakers are fine. In a pinch, although i spent most of my time hooked up to my bluetooth, headphones or speakers using the bluetooth 5.2 support the oppo 5×3 pro busts, all of the premium, auto tech shenanigans that you would expect you got a good bit of high res audio support. You got that ldac action, aptx all the good stuff and there’s, also a good bit dolby atmos fine tuning, so the audio can match whatever you’re actually up to. But no before you ask there is sod all headphone jack action here you had to go and spoil it. Didn’T you, but thankfully the oppo f5x3 pro does at least make amends when it comes to the performance which, in the want of better more sophisticated words, is absolutely hot qualcomm. Snapdragon 888 chipset is backed by an almighty 12 gigs of ddr5 ram, and i was seriously impressed by the results. After punishing this thing, these past few days, i saw practically zero jitters from gentian impact on those top detail levels and kept it maxed out at the 60 frames per second setting. Gameplay remains seriously smooth, even during a lengthy session, helped along by the vapor chamber, coolant and the game space competition mode as well, which hois all of the phone’s resources at whatever game, you’re running that mighty display’s, 240 hertz touch. Sampler means no latency as well ideal for fast paced online titles, where you’re up against crafty, whipper snappers with annoyingly youthful reactions, and you can customize the sensitivity to your liking using game space which can also block notifications and all the usual jazz.

You’Ve also got full 5g support, thanks to qualcomm’s built in x60 modem and with support for 13 separate 5g bands. That means you’ve got pretty much global coverage here. So a nice bit of future proofing. Now the 4500mah battery isn’t as big as some rivals like samsung’s s21 ultra, but it definitely does the job for your everyday shenanigans. I did manage to completely drain the oppo f5x3 pro on a couple of occasions, but that was generally when there was a lot of gentian impact and skype action on the go generally, with around five to six hours of screen on time per day. I would end with around 20 charge remaining, and that includes a good bit of diesel streaming in the background, but a camera play all that good stuff and when it comes to recharging again the oppo fine x3 pro is faster than a corked up. Cheetah you’ve got 65 watts super vook support here, so it choses up definitely in under an hour and if you’ve got a wireless charging pad you’ve also got 30 watt. Air voc support you’ve also got 10 watt. Reverse wireless charging too, so all very well and good. But i’ve definitely saved one of the best bits of this oppo blower for last, namely the quad lens rear camera, headed up by a 50 megapixel imx 766 sensor with optical image stabilization. This beefy shooter supports 10 bit image capture and you can expect dazzlingly realistic photos to be turned out, no matter how tricky those conditions are.

Colors are perfectly captured, so your more vibrant subjects will look just as dazzling on your screen as they do in real life. Moving subjects are handled expertly and the portrait mode is a winner as usual, and even when shooting against the sun. I found the hdr smarts helped to balance things out. Well, when things are proper dark. The upper 5×3 pro won’t cope in that auto mode, but if you switch to the impressively fast night mode, you’ll once again get glorious results very close to what you’ll see with the naked eye. Now the second lens slapped on the back of the oppo f5x3 pro is another 50 megapixel effect it’s an ultra wide angle lens and it once again uses sony’s imx 766 sensor, so there’s no compromise with the photo quality once again scenes are accurately reproduced with realistic Colors and very fine detail packed into every snap and some bonus software smarts can limit the usual distortion effect around the edges, so there’s no sacrificing quality there either. The third lens here is a 13 megapixel telephoto effect, which offers a three times optical zoom five times. Hybrid and it maxes out a 20 times, digital zoom – and yes, it is a far cry from the periscope zoom action of last year’s, fine x2 pro, but you’ll still get detailed shots at the 5 to 10 times level of zoom by that maximum level, or things Are definitely looking rather fuzzy and to be perfectly frank about as appealing as a geordie and skin tied jeans and last up is a three megapixel macro lens, and i know i dump on macro lenses quite a bit, but this is actually a fairly good one.

You’Ve got an admittedly pretty cool microscope mode which can produce some rather stunning close up images of whatever you’re pointing at, but i can’t help but feel that it’s, just a quirky gimmick that most people won’t ever use for more than a couple of minutes. Out of curiosity, if they even realize it’s there at all, one thing is for sure, though your horn movies will look seriously pimped if you shoot them on this thing. The fine x3 pro can capture 10 bit 4k video with the same support for a billion colors. As the photo options and yeah the results are once again, stunning focus is perfect, everything looks perfectly natural and you can skip between those three main lenses fairly seamlessly, even when you’re zoomed in five times the image stays sharp audio capture is also strong. Clearly, picking up everything going on all around you, and even at that 4k resolution with the super, steady mode switched off, you’ll get a smooth finish when you’re moving and shooting no sick bag required. As for the 30 megapixel selfie cam, well that’s, not as impressive as the rear, cams. Unfortunately, doesn’t always cope well when battling stronger light, while photos definitely lack that wow factor, but it is absolutely fine for simple shareable shots so that’s my full final review of the oppo f5x3 pro and bugamy blew it in cheap, but you certainly do get some primo Tech for your cash – and it certainly is one of the best smartphones that you can buy right now, i’ve got to admit i was hoping to be dazzled a bit more by the oppo f5x3 pro.

I was hoping for something just a little bit more special, considering just how epic the fine x2 pro from last year was, but you know what if you’ve got the cash and you want a super premium, smartphone job done so that’s. What i think, but it’d, be great to hear you guys thoughts as well. Please do slap those down in the comments below if you want to see a bit more from the phoenix 3 pro. I did a side by side comparison with xiaomi’s me, 11 uh. Just last weekend gone so go check that out, certainly that me 11 it’s about 300 quid cheaper. So if you don’t quite have the crazy cash to stretch to the fine x3 pro might be a worthy alternative and for more than the latest great steak, please do plug subscribe and ding that notifications bell and have yourselves a lovely rest of the week cheers everyone Love Music.