The oppo reno five pro 5g i’m quan i’ve been using this device for about a week now and in this video i’m going to help you answer the question: should you buy this here on emcon, Music reviews, Music? So let’s start this review with the obvious place, which is the design you’ll notice that the color combo here is pretty dope. This is the galactic silver color, which is basically every color you’d, possibly want rolled into one it’s got this shiny effect, thanks to oppo’s new ag glass process, that’s not only enhancing the color itself, but also helps with making the grease and fingerprints harder to see on This device, it has a slight matte, feel in the hand, so it’s actually going to be better for grip as well, and the arena 5 pro 5g also feels both light and slim in the hands. You’Ve got these flat profiles at the top and the bottom and at the bottom, you’re also going to find the usbc port, the single speaker and the dual sim tray. Now, the volume rocker and power button are on opposite sides, and it also features on the front. A 6.5 inch amoled display with a single punch hole for the selfie camera it’s got slight curved edges, but that display is very, very nice gaming multimedia all the daily screen use that you’re gon na require from that display is gon na be good, but also enjoyable. Now, despite the curved display, it still feels comfortable to hold in the hand.

Now that display has a full hd plus resolution. It’S got a peak brightness of 1100 nits, ideally for me, particularly being here in the middle east with harsh sunlight. It would have been nicer to see more brightness, but it still does a very good job. Now that display sports, a 90 hertz refresh rate, and that gives the smartphone an incredibly smooth feel, especially when you’re swiping and interacting with that display now there’s, also an in display fingerprint reader, and that does the job perfectly well. It’S been really fast and reliable. During my time reviewing this device, my only issue with the way the oppo have done the design on the reno 5 pro 5g. Is that mono speaker down at the bottom? It just simply lacks the punch and quality that i was expecting. So this particular version is powered by the snapdragon 865, a seven nanometer system on a chip and that’s paired up with 12 gigabytes of ram. It features multi cooling, to help with intensive use cases like graphic heavy gaming and 4k. Video use look day to day performance in this device has been smooth for me. As expected, you know things like multitasking. All the way through to gaming has been a nice experience with very very little in terms of lag. I think the only thing that i did notice was some heat, particularly when i was filming for extended periods of time i’m talking more than about 15 minutes with 4k, but nothing unusual now, 5g works reliably, i mean 5g is still patchy, where i am but the Speeds in my experience were what you would expect from 5g in this region.

Now this is powered by android and it also features oppo’s own skin color os, specifically version 11.1 right out of the box and there’s been some updates in terms of customizations, for both always on display and dark mode. There’S also a feature called flex drop, which isn’t some way of showing off, as the name implies it’s. Actually, a interesting take on multitasking by allowing apps to be kept in full screen mode or as a small floating window, something that you can interact with or like a mini mode, which is basically a view only mode. So there’s lots more that’s been added to the customization. If that’s your thing now, the highlight and push this year from oppo have been on the camera focus and on the reno 5 pro 5g. It features an upgrade from last year’s arena photo pro, so oppa have been talking up the ai element on their camera system and it’s noticeable, both in photos but also in videos which i’ll talk about in a moment. Now the main camera takes really good natural. Looking images without that, you know over saturation that we’ve seen on some oppo phones in the past, i noticed minimal noise reduction, which is common on smartphones within this price range and category, but even in indoor lighting it does very well. The phone does a good job with the color accuracy. This hdr performance is also very good, and i think you can see the differences between the highlights and details, particularly from darker areas in the shots.

I feel there’s enough here in terms of detail to certainly please most users. Now the eight megapixel ultra wide shots work well in bright, normal lighting and the camera, i think, manages to keep exposure and white balance consistent. However, you’ll start to notice the noise levels, particularly in shots when you compare them with the main camera, so the zoom is also available here up to 20x zoom but day to day use anything higher than about 5x zoom, really isn’t usable, as you can see from These shots now portrait shots, look really good and you can tell the software side has improved on the blurring of the background, while focusing on the subject. This works with both people and items, and i also played around with the two megapixel macro, and you know for me personally, i don’t use this lens as much i mean it looks reasonable with some of the shots that is taken. There is some detail, but the image quality overall is still a little muted when compared with the other lenses. Now, in low light, the camera performs well, as you can see in these examples, 1x shots have nice details, but there’s noise and distortion, which is actually noticeable when you zoom in beyond 2x in low light. So it’s around about lunchtime right now and i’m filming this video test on the oppo renault five pro 5g i’ve got uh. Ai turned off for this example, and i also have ultra steady turned off as well, but i still think it does a good job with stabilization, particularly as i pan around.

Let me know what you think of the audio, because this is filmed entirely now on the oppo renault 5, pro 5g. So, as you can see from the video quality from that example, i think the video has improved and i think, it’s noticeable when you compare it with last year’s arena 4 pro there’s, just a better balance. Even the exposed, video quality and also the noise is well controlled. Now, you’ll also notice that, in low light, the video has been improved and that’s in part with the ai mode and that punches up the colors and also the brightness. To give you essentially a more brighter video in low light on the front. You’Ll find the 32 megapixel front facing selfie camera. It will take decent selfies, but i did notice that the phone overexposed some of the shots. Let me know in the comment section down below what you think of these photos. Now when it comes to the battery. This features a 4 350 milliamp hour battery and the device does support fast charging. Now look in terms of most users that’s enough battery to power you, through most of the day when you need to plug it in you’ll, get fast charging and i was able to get a 100 charge in around 35 to 40 minutes, which is very good. It’S unfortunate, because on this model there is no wireless charging, which is a little unfortunate for me personally, because i’ve been moving towards wireless charging.

I’Ve got lots of wireless chargers around the house and apartments so that’s, something that is lacking in the renault 5 pro 5g. I think, as expected from oppo, you know you’re getting a good choice in the reno 5 pro 5g. Look, you get that nice design the amoled display with the 90 hertz you get good performance and battery life. The only area which i would have liked to see a bit more punch in would have been the camera, because the main 64 megapixel sensor is actually really good and i think it’s going to satisfy a lot of users. But it would have been nice to see improvement in some of those other lenses, but all in all the oppo renault 5 pro 5g does offer good value, particularly in this price segment. I’D. Love to know your thoughts, so let me know in the comment section about down below and i’m going to show you something else over here.