I have here is the redmi note: 10 xiaomi’s cheapest phone on the redmi note 10 series. It has super amoled and full hd plus display at an entry level price. So what else does this phone have than just the display let’s find out the back of the redmi note 10. Has a premium look into it? It is built from a polycarbonate plastic that is gradient looking and has a glossy finish. It feels solid and lightweight as well. It has a quad camera setup that kinda resembles dummy phones. It is usb type c and also comes with dual stereo speakers. On top and at the bottom of the phone, the fingerprint scanner is side mounted built into the power button. Now moving to the front, it boasts a super amoled, full hd plus display, which is one of the game, changing features in an entry level device. The colors are great, it looks punchy, the blacks are deep and we know that it is power saving. It also gives a brightness level of up to 1100 nits outdoors in auto mode. However, despite the amoled panel, the display is in contrast on the back, is not that premium. Looking for me, it looks like the bezels are a bit large because of a smaller 6.4 inch screen. But if we’re talking about sharpness, it has a high ppi density, which makes the small screen and the full hd plus in overall games compact and tactile sharpness to the viewing experience.

It also has a whole cutout in the middle for housing, the 13 megapixel front camera and speaking of the camera, the redmi note 10 is equipped with four lenses: the 48 megapixel f, 1.8 main cam 8 megapixel ultra wide and 2 megapixel for both the depth and The macro sensors, looking at the main cam the results, have a low exposure due to cloudy weather. The sample photos show true to light colors, deep blacks and a lesser dynamic range, but once we turn on hdr, it adds softness to the photos and also balance the overall image while maintaining true to life. Colors and not exaggerating the color reproduction photos taken indoor are sharp and detailed. Its white balance is a bit inconsistent, but overall it outputs a well balanced photo taking photos at night with night mode off, shows a bit of noise and also colors looks okay, but once returned on night mode. It lessens the exposure of the photos taken and adds a bit of boost to its colors now heading to its 8 megapixel ultrawide sensor. It shows the same results in terms of colors and other aspects, but there’s a bit of noticeable softness in the edge of the photos, as is common with budget phone, where white cam lenses almost always have distortion on the edges. This one has little to none now. For the macro, the colors are a bit washed out and it shows noticeable noises on the images it is acceptable in this price range and at least we have a quad camera not moving to itself the camera.

The selfie camera has a 13 megapixel main sensor. The skin colors is okay, colors are not that over saturated and it is well balanced on video recording. It can record up to 4k at 30fps 1080p at 60fps and 1080p at 30fps. The camera features are also improved. It has a pro mode for each of the sensors we have. We can shoot pro mode on macro, ultra white and white, for both photos and videos. You also have an option to shoot raw and just like xiaomi said on its global launch. It has a pro mode on its time, lapse, which is kind of gimmicky. These camera results and outputs are okay, especially in this price range. It does have some ups and downs when it comes to other lenses, but overall you get what you paid for now. I know all of you are waiting for this let’s talk about its performance and show some gaming restaurants as well out of the box. The redmi note 10 runs on android 11 and miui 12. On top. We all know that miui 12 has cool, animations and interactive ui. It is equipped with a snapdragon 678 powered by an 11 nanometer process and adreno 612 gpu the review unit. We have comes with 6 gigs of ram and 128 gigabytes of storage. Now for the gaming, it comes with xiaomi game turbo that optimizes and boosts your gaming experience now, let’s begin our gaming test. First let’s test it on call of duty call of duty is on high graphics, quality and high frame rates by default.

The game runs smoothly with no lags in between games. It can go up from high graphics quality to max frame rates with no noticeable lags or frame drops the battle real mode. The battle royale mode performs the same way as the multiplayer mode. Now our next is pubg mobile by default, stack to hd, graphics and high frame rates, but you can go ultra frame rates from both the smooth and balanced graphics quality. The game runs mostly with a few frame drops, but not that drastic now on to rts games, let’s start with league of legends, while league of legends wildriff by default is set to high definition, graphics, quality and 60 fps turned off. I tested it on both 60 fps on and off, and they both performed very well. The gameplay is smooth even in clashes. I didn’t encounter any luck or stuttering. Next is the all time favorite mobile legend settings by default are set to ultrawide with hd mode on and hfr mode on as well. The game runs smooth and i didn’t encounter any luck at all. Now on to mihoyo games, let’s start off with hongkai impact 3.. The settings by default are set to recommended settings which are medium and video 30 fps in combat and 60 fps out of combat, but i set it to costume and replace the 30 fps in combat with 60fps. It kinda surprised me because honkai is one of the demanding games out there.

It runs very smoothly and i can say that this chipset is well optimized. However, we can’t reach the constant 60 fps. Next is gunshin impact. It is playable in 30 fps with the lowest quality and blooms turned off. You get lags and stutters when you pan the camera around and also casting skills, it eats up almost all of its gpu performance. It is not stable, but if you really want to play the game then this will do, but i can say that you might not enjoy it due to the poor, graphics quality. So out of all the games we tested, ganshin impact is the only game that we had problems with now, of course, if you are a competitive or even a casual gamer, you don’t want your phone running out of juice. While you are in a clash or dropping some predator missiles in no time well, at this entry level, price redmi note 10 packs a 5 000 milliamp powered battery along with 33 watts fast charging overall xiaomi did a pretty good job to introduce a phone that could Even outperform a mid range device and for the starting price of 8490 pesos, i think that it is definitely an entry level killer as update 33 watts fast charging, full hd, plus amoled display and a mid range chipset. You could never believe it is in its top 10k price range. It still has some downsides, though, like the display is smaller. The dual speakers are not quite powerful and it feels cheap, but it is a personal preference, but still, i hope that this will be the start of the industry standard when it comes to entry level devices.

Just imagine if xiaomi also included a 5g connectivity in this phone at this price range, so that is the xiaomi redmi. Note 10. comment down your thoughts about this device if it is really worthy of the nickname entry level killer. So i hope you enjoy our video. Be sure to subscribe and hit the bell icon, so you are updated with our future uploads don’t forget to visit manilashaker.com for more tech, news reviews and comparison of the latest devices. Again.