So a budget phone is the way to go. The samsung, galaxy, a02s or m02s in certain markets is one such device and, like all budget phones, there are compromises to be had still. When you add everything up and take the price into consideration. Is this phone a goodbye i’m angie for gsm arena? And this is our review of the samsung galaxy a02s Music. Now the a02s has a bit of a confusing name situation, but if you remember only one thing, you should know that the s differentiates this phone from its even lower specs, a02 and m02 siblings. Semantics aside, this phone has a standard and clean design for its class. Ours has a blue paint job with differently shaded rhombuses on the back it’s a unibody plastic panel, which makes sense for the price it’s very similar to the galaxy a12. But the texture is nicer. Even though it’s plastic at 196 grams, this phone isn’t exactly light it’s understandable with the battery size, though the camera island lies almost completely flat. Unlike many other galaxies, which means this phone won’t be very wobbly on flat surfaces, the buttons are a bit mushy and while it’s not a deal breaker, the experience is notably unpleasant. There’S no fingerprint sensor here as it’s an entry level device, but you can use the selfie camera for face, unlocking it works quickly and reliably, though it’s not the most secure option out there. The a02s has some pretty thick bezels and an even thicker chin.

This is far from surprising, considering it’s a budget phone as for the display itself, it’s a 6.5 inch pls lcd with a 720p resolution. That means it. Doesn’T have a particularly high pixel density at 270 ppi, but it also means that the screen draws less power. The lcd has a max brightness of around 400 nits, which isn’t too bad. The contrast ratio was excellent, especially compared to the galaxy a12 on the audio side of things. You’Ll find a headphone jack at the bottom. You also get fm radio if you’re using wired, headphones. There’S, a single downward facing speaker which had average loudness a touch louder than the galaxy a12, but unimpressive overall, if there’s a standout feature on this phone it’s. Definitely the battery life. Thanks to the 5 000 milliamp hour battery, the a02s got 114 hours of endurance on our tests, though it’s a bit behind the galaxy a12, which has the same battery capacity and screen size, but a different chipset. The phone ships with a 15 watt fast charger and it gets from flats to 30 in half an hour. It needs around two hours and a half for a full charge, still that’s much faster than the galaxy a12’s three hour charging time. The a02s relies on the snapdragon 450 chipset and either three or four gigs of ram. This is a chipset that’s been around since 2017 and honestly, it shows this phone is significantly slower than its competition, which sport more powerful chipsets for the same money.

Oddly enough, the phone was less prone to stutters than the a12. However, the galaxy a02s runs android 10, with one ui 2.5 on top we’re, hoping that it’ll get android 11. Eventually, though, this device isn’t exactly the highest priority for samsung. What is promising is that this phone will get four years of security updates other than that you’ll be pleased to know that one ui 2.5 is very consistent from phone to phone. So what you find here, won’t be so different from what you see on other galaxies. You have the same in house gallery app file manager, samsung browser, gesture navigation, as well as a system wide dark mode. The a02s has a triple camera setup, consisting of a 13 megapixel main camera, a 2 megapixel macro shooter and a 2 megapixel depth sensor. In comparison, the a12 has a larger 48 megapixel quad bare main snapper, but if there’s any difference in image, quality it’s not in daylight photos during the day photos were sharp and detailed and were definitely good enough for the class there’s. Some grain in uniform areas, but we’ve, seen noisier images from more expensive phones, what’s more unpleasant is that colors have a greenish hue and dynamic range is limited, there’s, no tele camera, but it takes decently zoomed in shots and it’s, definitely better than the a12s portraits taken In live, focus mode are nicely done and subject. Detection is consistently good overall there’s no hdr here, however, so highlights will be blown out in backlit scenes.

You should also know that live focus handles non human subjects quite well too. The macro camera takes unimpressive shots they’re, not very detailed because of the low resolution, and the fixed focus is limiting at night is where the entry level nature of the main camera really shows through images, have a very narrow, dynamic range under exposed, shadows and blown out. Highlights the detail in dark areas is particularly mushy in better lit areas. Images are usable it’s, a bit of a shame that this phone doesn’t include a night mode because it would really have benefited from it. The selfie camera isn’t particularly impressive. Either images are soft and have little detail even when we disable all the skin. Softening noise was plentiful, too colors could be more saturated, but the dynamic range was good still. You should tap on your face for proper exposure in backlit scenes. The a02s maxes out at 1080p at 30fps – and there is no stabilization to speak of footage – was sharper and had more detail than the a12, but you’ll still find a greenish tint and a limited dynamic range. If you’re dead set on a galaxy phone – and you really can’t stray from the budget segment, then it’s between this phone and the galaxy a12 of the two, the a12 is better overall. But if you’re looking for the cheapest galaxy phone around well, this one is okay. If brand loyalty isn’t that important to you, though, then you have a lot more options: there’s motorola’s g9 play the redmi 9 or even the real me 7i.

These phones have faster chipsets and some even offer 4k video capture. Some might be a little more expensive, but it actually might be worth it over the headaches that come with lower chipsets and there’s, also future proofing. To consider so take your pick wisely. Thank you for watching everyone.