, if you’re new here and want to stay up to date with the latest tech. Please hit subscribe, followed by the bell. You can also keep up on facebook, instagram amp twitter by clicking the links in the description.. So today, we’ve got a huge amount of news to share for the oneplus 9 and the oneplus 9 pro we’ve got. The device revealed in leaked official renders, as well as a new video we’ve, also got news of a much longer warranty and an incredible new feature that we weren’t expecting to see before we get started, though, please like the video, if you’re a fan of oneplus. Let me know in the comments what country you’re actually watching today’s video from so the first story of the day is that both the oneplus 9 and the oneplus 9 pro have passed their 3c certification now normally, this is good news. Is it tells us that the phone is coming very soon, but of course, we already know that it’s launching on the 23rd of march now. The certification does, however, reveal that the oneplus 9 is 5g. It supports dual sim and fast charging and it is likely to ship with a 65 watt fast charger in the packaging. Now, next up we’ve got news that the company are very confident in the reliability of the oneplus 9 and they’ve announced a two year warranty with the oneplus 9 series. Now, of course, products generally come with a one year, warranty so it’s double the usual and that’s great news for consumers and it’s, not something we see with smartphones for people that upgrade their smartphones every two years.

Then this provides full peace of mind and it should give the rest of the consumers a lot more confidence in the oneplus 9 series. Now next up we’ve got news of incredible charging for the oneplus 9 pro thanks to a new report from ishan and price barber. The report states that the oneplus 9 pro is coming with a whopping 50 watt. Wireless charging and they’re gon na be launching their own 50 watt wireless charger. Now many people complain about wireless charging being too slow, but now we’re pushing 50 watts it’s, both fast and convenient, and it seems it will be the future of smartphones. Now, next up, we’ve got more official, renders leaked from ishan agarwal to showcase the color variants and the design first up, we’ve got the oneplus 9 renders leaked, and this is showing the stellar black arctic sky and winter missed color variants. And again, it confirms that this is the phone we’re going to be seeing next week. It’S also thought that the standard oneplus 9 is gon na, have a plastic rear, meaning we won’t get wireless charging on the standard. Oneplus 9. we’ve then got the renders of the oneplus 9 pro, and this shows astral black morning, mist and pine green. Now, of course, the main difference with the oneplus 9 pro is gon na, be a curved display, glass back and more cameras. If the leak renders aren’t enough proof for you, either we’ve also got the oneplus 9 pro appearing in a video teaser from oneplus.

The company released a teaser of a photoshoot using the oneplus 9 pro. We get a couple of clear shots of the back of the phone that confirms all the leaks. We’Ve seen are correct. You can see they’re using the oneplus 9 pro and it’s the morning mist color variant. Now, overall, the oneplus 9 series is looking incredible and the company is now able to truly compete with the competition for those interested in the phone we’re now going to run through the full specs design and the pricing to help you guys decide if this is the Phone for you for my regular viewers – you guys would have already seen this so just jump to the next video. But if you are new here then make sure you hit subscribe and we’ll get right into it. The only leak we’ve had for the standard, oneplus 9 shows a full screen display with the punch or selfie camera and it’s a 6.5 inch. 120 hertz fluid ammo led display, but one thing we haven’t had confirmed yet is, if it’s going to be a full hd, plus or quad hd plus it’s, going to have hdr 10 support and it’s expected to be protected by gorilla glass 5 with the in display Fingerprint scanner and on the back, we’re, reportedly getting a triple camera setup, consisting of a 48 megapixel plus 50 plus two phones going to be powered by the latest. Snapdragon 888 and we’re, expecting a choice of 8 or 12 gigs of ram.

And if the latest leak is correct, then we could also see up to 512 gig storage we’re, expecting roughly a 600 milliamp hour battery on the oneplus 9 and reports are suggesting that we could get a 65 watt fast warp charge along with 30 watt wireless charging. It’S going to ship with the latest oxygen os based on android 11, but we’re, yet to find out if it’s going to be ip68 water resistant. No pricing information has been leaked on the standard oneplus 9, but we’re expecting to start around 750 to 800. Next up, we’ve got the oneplus 9 pro now rumors are stating that the oneplus 9 pro is going to come with a 6.8 inch, 120 hertz fluid ammo led display with a quad hd plus resolution. Again we get hdr10 support protected by at least gorilla glass 5. In the in display fingerprint scanner, we’ve got a punch out, selfie camera in the top left of the display, and many were hoping for another pop up selfie camera. But all the leaks are suggesting another punch hole on the oneplus 9 pro we’re, getting a quad camera setup on the rear, and this is going to consist of a 48 megapixel main plus 50 plus 8 plus 2.. The phone is going to be powered by the latest snapdragon 888 we’re, expecting a choice of 8 or 12 gigs of ram. If the latest leak is correct, then of course we’ll definitely be seeing 512 storage on the pro we’re expecting a 4 800 milliamp hour battery.

On the oneplus 9, pro reports are suggesting 65 watt warp charge with 30 watt wireless charging it’s again going to ship with the latest oxygen os based on android 11 and the oneplus 9 pro is very likely to be ip68 water resistant with no pricing information leaked. Yet we can only go on estimates, we’re expecting the oneplus 9 pro to start around 950 to a thousand dollars. So still a lot of information is missing on both models. But as soon as we hear anything i’ll be updating you guys straight away. Many manufacturers are bringing their releases forward next year and we have news. The oneplus 9 series may actually be doing the same. They’Ll be changing their launch from april to march. Of course, as soon as we get some more solid information, i’ll be sharing it with you guys straight away, but as always i’d like to know your thoughts. In the comments who out there is excited for the oneplus 9 series and which oneplus 9.