You either love it or you hate it. Just like me, then, but there’s also more than a passing resemblance between this and this, the iphone 12 pro max, particularly in this color, and actually, if i bring it up to the camera, it is very similar. They’Ve mirrored the camera module and then kind of melted. The edges around it or that’s what it kind of looks like, but in a world of big bulky phones with sticky, outy camera bumps there’s, something refined and a little bit grown up about the 5×3 pro. And i think, next to the s21 ultra it’s. Much nicer to hold it’s, thinner, it’s, narrower it’s, a good deal lighter and it’s just more comfortable to carry around in your pocket. Although, despite oppo’s awaken the color marketing campaign for this, i can’t help. It feels just a little bit. Well, dull, i’ll tell you what, though this actually kind of makes me miss last year’s phone. I think i’ve got it. Yes, i do there, it is it’s almost like i prepared for this video this guy. This is the oppo find x2 pro from last year. In this very snazzy, uh orange vegan, leather design and love it or hate it, it does kind of stand out. But what do you reckon between these two – which one do you think, looks better? Let me know in the comments so i’ve really enjoyed using this. For the past couple of weeks, so i fully switched to it as my main phone and there’s a whole lot to like here, but spoiler alert after this review.

I’M. Probably gon na take my sim out and put it back in the s21 ultra. Well, actually, more likely the oneplus 9 pro but that’s uh that’s a different video that’s, not to say that this is a bad phone at. All, in fact, is a really really good phone, but i think for the price and what you’re getting it just doesn’t. Quite keep up with some of its rivals and uh well, hopefully, by the end of the review, you’ll either agree or if you indeed disagree and think i’m a complete idiot. Let me know in the comments as well and if you do enjoy the video don’t forget to hit that like and subscribe button. So this will set you back a cool 1099 pounds. I would give you the dollar price, but sadly it’s not coming to the us at this point and that’s the exact same price as the iphone 12 pro max and just 50 pounds less than the s21 ultra, although once you factor in the x3 pro comes with 256 gigs of storage as standard which is great it’s, actually a hundred pounds cheaper than the equivalent samsung, but that’s still an awful lot of money for a brand. That doesn’t really have a whole lot of brand recognition here in the uk, at least. Of course, oppo is huge in china and asia, but in the uk, you’ve, probably more likely heard of one plus than oppo still the x3 pro does a lot really well and you’re getting flagship specs, a beautiful 120 hertz, quad hd plus 10 bit screen a premium, Albeit divisive design, fantastic battery life and also one of the best cameras on any phone, although i am almost shamed to admit it, the standout for me is this 3 megapixel microscope lens, which i’ve genuinely had a lot of fun with yes, it’s a little bit gimmicky And it can also be really awkward to use, sometimes, as the focus is so narrow, as you’re handshaking and you’re.

Trying to keep your subject in focus plus you’ll, probably end up forgetting about it after you’ve. Well, shoved your camera into every surface around your house, but it is genuinely unique and it’s kind of fun to relive your honey. I shrunk the kid fantasies so far, so good then, but if we dive a little bit deeper into this for the 1100 pound price tag, we are missing a couple of features that you would expect. Firstly, it’s using older gorilla glass 5 rather than the latest victus, which protects its rivals, we’re, also not getting 8k video, which is a bit odd, because the snapdragon 8 chip does support it. Plus the selfie video around the front tops out at 1080p they’ve also downgraded the zoom from last year’s find x2 pro the five times optical is now a two times optical, although to be fair, most people prefer closer range zoom anyway. So that is a sensible choice, but for this kind of money and looking at what samsung and huawei are doing, why not both also this isn’t actually something i expected, but it’s slower than every other snapdragon triple a phone i’ve tested it’s, not a nine day difference, But in benchmarks, and even some real world app launching tests, it just falls behind a little bit and finally, oppo says that they’ll only support this with android and security updates for two years, which isn’t a lot when most big brands now are offering at least three.

But it’s, not all bad news, and actually one of the surprising highlights for me of this is the battery life. In fact, i’ve just finished filming a big battery rundown test, which includes a couple of phones. I can’t show you just yet. Hence the blur, but despite having a smaller 4500mah battery versus the 5 000 million power cell on the samsung, it came out, they were neck and neck and in my real world experience by 11 pm, i still have about 35 percent of my battery left and, of Course, with the 65 watt super vook, 2, charging 0 to 100 takes just 30 minutes, plus we’re, also getting reasonably fast 15 watt wireless charging, which we didn’t get on last year’s phone x2. Pro this 6.7 inch screen is also one of the highlights of this phone. In fact, it’s, probably one of the best phones, i’ve best phones, best screens, i’ve, ever used on a phone. It has an ever so slight curve just enough to look good, but without any of the normal curvy accidental touching issues it’s also bright, peaking at nits with hdr it’s, an ltpo panel, which means we get an adaptive refresh rate that can dynamically adjust between 5 and 120 hertz, depending on what’s on the screen – and that goes a long way to help improve battery life. But the real geeky stuff is the 10 bit support. So the camera, the software and the screen all support the wider color gamut uh and the 1 billion colors.

You get with a 10 bit display, so you can snap a photo in 10 bit. It’Ll save the file in a very awkward to use, heif file format, and then you can view it back on the screen, with the full 1 billion colors compared to the usual 16 million. You get with an 8 bit screen so it’s, technically, very impressive and, of course, looking at videos and photos or even watching movies. On this, it looks incredible, although i don’t think this feature alone would be enough to convince me to upgrade. As i say that heif file format is incredibly hard to work with don’t expect to share or edit them as easily as a regular old jpeg and, to be honest, i’m hard, pressed to notice any difference that i can see at least between an 8 bit and A 10 bit photo that i’ve taken on the phone, although that doesn’t take away from the fact that the screen is just stunning to look at 10 bit or otherwise, and particularly when you put it in quality resolution with that 120hz refresh mode and paired with the Pretty slick coloros 11.2 software, which is on top of android 11., the oppo is just lovely to use and i think overall, their software has come a long way in the last few years, although it’s still not quite as lightweight or slick as say, oneplus is oxygen. Os but it’s not far behind okay let’s talk about this camera because, while this microscope lens, you can see here with the ring light around, it is fun what’s actually more useful is the fact that both the main and the ultra wide lens use the exact same 50 megapixel camera the exact same sensor, albeit with a slightly different aperture, but the result is where you’d normally accept that ultra wide shots, don’t look quite as good as ones taken with the main camera.

Here they look just as good as each other detail. Colors white balance, so switching lenses, while you’re filming feels more seamless or, if you’re, just taking an ultra wide photo, because you want the wider field of view, you’re, not sacrificing quality, which i think is a really smart, move and i’d love to see this set up. On more phones, however, the telephoto lens feels like a bit of an afterthought we’re getting a two times – optical zoom, with five times hybrid. So it does struggle a long distance, although up close, it fares better, but i still had a few issues with some photos lacking in detail. So, overall, quality is really good and in my s21 ultra camera comparison it traded blows, although ultimately, i still prefer the samsung for its better zoom and its video options, plus the oppo’s colors were sometimes a little bit off. Some photos looked far too saturated and also in low light. The white balance and a couple of shots completely missed the mark, but most of the time i was pretty happy and finally, around the front we get a 32 megapixel selfie camera here. Photos can look a little bit flat and lacking in detail sometimes and highlights often look overexposed and a bit blown out, so there’s definitely room for improvement, but on the whole i still think it takes nice selfies. So with all that said, i do think the front. Xd pro is a great phone.

I really do, but i don’t know how many people would pick this over say the s21 ultra. In fact, let me know in the comments which one you would go for, although bear in mind. This is about 50 pounds cheaper and actually not only that, because also at this price point, as i say, the exact same as the iphone 12 pro max i’m, also expecting the upcoming oneplus, 9 and 9 pro to undercut this and offer similar, if not slightly, better Features so once again, i’m a bit afraid that the x3 pro might just get forgotten about. However, with the microscopic camera, the uncompromised ultra wide lens, great battery life, stunning screen and a design that at least sparks some debate, you definitely won’t be disappointed. If you buy this – and i think it’s great – to see some genuine competition to samsung’s hold on the high end android market, but i think to be really competitive.