So this is going to be a very honest opinion on how is it like to actually use the oppo finex 3 pro on a daily basis? I know there’s a lot of videos out on youtube. Everyone is talking about the microscope, camera but i’m here to really test it out, as an average user. So hear me out in this video let’s get it started right now: okay, so just going to take this down for now and bring it closer to you guys right here, we’re going to tilt it down a little bit more right. So this is the oppo find x3 pro and i’m just going to cover a couple of things that i really like about this device right here very quickly, and i want to start it off with the build quality so upon holding this device. For the first time, man, i must tell you that it feels really premium in hand. I mean the design wise um i was. It was a bit questionable when i first saw it on the internet, like i saw a lot of pictures online, and i also saw a lot of people covering this on youtube as well. But when i got this for the first time, i must say that i’m not to say uh super flattered with the design right here, but overall it kind of grew on me. This particular design right here, especially that kind of bulge in the camera uh department right there.

So let me know what you guys think: do you like this kind of design right here at the back? So oppo has been talking a lot a bit about that uh single glass panel or whatnot. But, to be honest, like i said, holding it in hand, it really feels premium and like an expensive device. So i know we’ve covered a lot of devices on this channel. We have the mi 11 right here. I have the samsung s20 fe over there as well, but this device feels the most premium out of all the devices that i’ve held this year. Okay, so in terms of the design i’m not going to comment too much about that, but oh man, this bag just feels so smooth to the touch and the great news about this bag right here is that it just refrains from any fingerprints getting stick onto it. So that’s definitely perfect, unlike the mi 11 right here, even though it is a matte kind of back, but fingerprints do still occur on the back of this back panel right there, so yeah just so. You know all right so flipping the device to the front. Another thing that i really love about this oppo 5x pro is that beautiful display so just going to bump up my brightness a little bit more but yeah. This display is one of the best displays that i’ve ever experienced on a smartphone device. So again, a couple of youtubers out.

There are saying that um when they look at this display it doesn’t really pop out to them it doesn’t look outstanding, but to be honest, this is my personal opinion. I feel that the display here is really really good in terms of colors contrast, levels and brightness levels. It is, i would say, the perfect match uh on this oppo finex pro here, and i really really love the display on this device. So yeah you get an awesome display on this device right here and that’s the thing that you’re going to be looking at most of the time. So, of course, you want to have the best display right there now let’s move on to my next point, and that will be the cameras itself. So, yes, a lot of people are focusing mainly on that um microscope kind of lens right there, but me personally, i’m. Really a huge fan of the two sensors right there and what i mean by that is the 50 megapixel main sensor, as well as the 50 megapixel ultrawide sensor. Let me just show you guys a couple of photos that i took in my device right here and i must tell you the image quality coming out from this device is just over the top like. I think this is hands down. One of the best cameras that you can get on any smartphone today, so there are a lot of smartphones out there with like very high resolutions.

You know 108 mp, 48 megapixels and all that, but i think in terms of image, quality and color accuracy, the oppo finance 3 pro really takes a cake here, and just so you know this is not a paid video i’m doing this entirely. Based on my personal opinion – and you should actually go and try it out for yourself, if you ever have the chance check it out guys that the camera quality is really amazing on this device right here, i have nothing to complain about even day time shots night Time shots as a photographer myself. I do take a lot of photos. As you can see on my instagram, i must say that the image quality coming out from this opal phone x3 pro is really really the best here, so it’s so good to the fact that i don’t even have to edit my photos most of the time as Someone who likes to edit my photos yeah, i think the x3 pro right here is really doing an awesome job. Now, let’s move on to the next point. Powering this device is a snapdragon 888, coupled with 12 gigabytes of ram, so naturally operating daily kind of tasks. Such as your youtube, let me show you my youtube very quickly, so i subscribe to a couple of fellas here, as you can see, yep it loads up fairly quickly. Um just want to remove that facebook notification right there yeah like i said this is uh.

Truly being used as my daily driver instagram as well, you see everything just loads up very quickly. I have no issues with that whatsoever. Uh browsing, even the everything, opens up very quickly, obviously from a snapdragon, 888 and 12 gigabytes of ram. This is what you can expect from the oppo renault 5×3 pro all right. The thing that i must point out here, however, is just like all my other videos. I did do a benchmark score and the benchmark score actually did pretty well, but where the oppo finance triple didn’t score, so well, it’s, actually in the 3d mark test. So i did run the award live stress test here and again, just to recap for those of you who do not know so this test. So what this test does is it will run a loop of a very highly intensive graphic game for 20 times. So you run the loop 20 times and at the end of the day, it will show you how it performs for each loop just to let you guys know if you are gaming, long term or for long periods of time. What is the kind of performance you can expect over that long period of time? So this is where it starts to get interesting, so notice that the best loop score up here is 5700, which is what you would get on most snapdragon 888 devices, but the lowest loop score here was 3896 and that is really low.

So if you’re the kind of gamer who actually plays games like for long periods of time, i guess the finance 3 pro is not really meant for those gamers. Because if you just look at the consistency of the loops here, it does go down a little bit in terms of frame rate, so you’ll be getting like loss in frame rates here and there yeah. So if you’re, just looking for that gaming device um the finance 3 pro isn’t, really the one for you. But again, this is a very, very heavy stress test. If you just talk about daily performance and playing normal games like mobile legends or pub g, those will run perfectly fine, no issues there whatsoever, all right so done with the performance. Another thing that i didn’t really like about this oppo finance 3 pro is the ui itself. So this is a color os and, to be honest, it’s not the best right here, but i’m still getting used to it. Uh, to be fair, it has improved a lot over over time and, as you can see here, this is the color os version 11.2. So i did wish it came with like a stock android kind of thing, but yeah that’s what you can expect with this device right here. Other than that, i must say that the experience that i had with this oppo phone x3 pro has been really really good. I have not too much to complain like i said this now, it’s just a minor issue with the stress test and a little bit of getting used to the color os right there.

But if you’re looking for like the ultimate like very premium device, you’re looking for excellent cameras – and you know like that – awesome – build quality and crazy display um, i think the phone x3 pro here is really something to look out for, and maybe you can consider it In your next purchase decision, all right guys, if you have any questions about this device, feel free to. Let me know down in the comment section below i’ll still be using this for a couple more days and yep stay safe and i’ll.