. I have been using it for over a month now and in this video well go over all of the specs and features and my experience using it over time. When you open the box of the Oppo Reno5. The first thing you get is a smaller box. As usual, with some other smaller elements, your SIM ejector tool, the safety guide, the Quick Guide and, of course, a silicone case for protection. Right after them, you get the smartphone itself with the highlights up: front. AI Mixed Portrait Mode. Dual View, Video AI Highlight Video 50W Flash Charge and 90Hz Refresh Rate.. As far as accessories in the box, youve got the huge 50W charger which well come to in a few minutes.. Its branded as SuperVOOC youve got a thick USB C cable and the headphones.. Now, back to the device weve already seen the highlights written on the wraps and when we take that wrap off and sticker off, the back were greeted with the very shimmering OPPO Reno5 device. It looks super dope and the colors reflect well under the light and the case when added doesnt make this look bad, or at least let it retain the bodily spark it should have.. I was able to set up the Reno5 in under a minute and getting inside were ushered right into Android 11 skinned with their newest or updated Color OS 11.1. Now that we have the unboxing and set up out of the way lets get into the specifics of this phone.

Display Battery Build Quality Performance, Camera and everything in between. Oppo went with AMOLED again like we had on the Reno3, but this time around. We get a Slightly higher 6.43 inch Display 91.7 screen to body ratio. Weve got a 90Hz type display on here. 430 nits of brightness minimum and 600 nits maximum and as a quick side note guys. The Reno5 is one of two versions: theres a Reno5 5G version with a 600 nit minimum display version thats more of an international device, but this one is the 4G version. However, they are all 1080 x, 2400 pixel display and that 209 aspect ratio display.. Lastly, this Reno5 is 4G, while the 5G version comes with Gorilla, Glass, 5 and speaking of glass. The 5G version has glass on the back, and this is polycarbonate., Which is shatter proof so thats a benefit. Lets face it. Nigeria doesnt have 5G, and these features are only extra features that arent deal breakers at all., So youre not missing out.. That 90Hz Display, though, is something I really fancied about this device., I loved how the display showed videos I streamed and thankfully, for the new update on YouTube. You actually can watch 4K video. Color is good thanks to that AMOLED Display., Using it for day to day tasks that are heavily text and graphically intense, was also pleasing to look at both in bright sunlights and at night.. I liked that they added a quite subtle feature that shows a bit of an edge light.

When notifications come in., You can also choose between the neon purple ocean blue and amber orange colors to display when you get a notification.. Alright. Moving on to the build and body of the OPPO Reno5, first off weve only got a few color options. Just two. This time, Fantasy Silver and Starry Black., I am currently using the Starry Black, but I had a few seconds with the Fantasy Silver and I must say its a much much better color than the black. I wish I got that, but I got the black. Its starry and has different kinds of rainbow colored reflections. Youve got your power button on the right side, with that OPPO green accent, volume rockers on the left side, with the dual sim and microSD card slot. Youve Got one microphone on top and another at the base of the device alongside the headphone jack, the USB C port and the speaker. Atop the front of the screen. Weve got the earpiece and the single hole punch cut out for that 44MP camera. On the back of the device is where we get the quad camera array in a rounded rectangular section and the Oppo branding at the lower end.. The phone does feel light and slim and the case being on. It fits well and doesnt. Add too much to the weight. Now in terms of the performance of this OPPO Reno5 weve got a Snapdragon 720G on here, its of course an 8nm processor capable of handling alot of tasks smoothly.

Of course, and coupled with that 8GB of RAM multitasking was quite okay. During my use., I also have fitted here 128GB of storage, which should be big enough and if its not you can always add another SD card.. All that being said, the Reno5 comes with Android 11, with their updated Color, OS11.1 and thats the same as the 5G version of this device.. I did alot of gaming with the Reno5. My favorite mobile game Call of Duty ran freely any game that will. Let me have over 40 game kills smoothly without dying is welcome.. I noticed that if you maxed out the frame rate, you cant max out graphics and vice versa, if you max out graphics frame rate, wont be maxed out., Coupled with that 90Hz frame rate, of course, and AMOLED lush display you do get a smooth experience.. It also didnt affect battery life on here. With that 4310mAH big battery of the Reno5., I remember playing once at 12 and after, like 40 minutes of playing, I still had like 6 left.. I wanted to just kill the battery., Of course, OPPO ships, this with a 50W SuperVOOC fast charger, and it does perform well – and I did my usual tests, but this time in 15, minute increments., The first 15 minutes. It got from 0 to 37, then to 63. In 30 minutes. At the 45 minute mark, we were already at 86 and in an hour 97, only 12 minutes after that was it 100.

Thats, actually impressive., 0 to almost 40 charged in 15, minutes. And OPPO implemented some tech that lets you charge and game safely. So you dont lose any battery life.. This works. Well, if you use the charger and the cable it comes with, as the tech is implemented inside it.. As far as the other things before we move on to the cameras on here., We do have Air gesture control. Which works for scrolling. When you dont want to touch your phone, you just swipe around the camera section, either up or down.. You can also use it to dismiss calls as well. In terms of unlocking the device youve got the usual face, unlock and fingerprint reader. An on screen fingerprint reader on this one.. Apart from the normal Pattern, PIN and Password. Face, unlock is fast to unlock and was fast to set up and the finger print reader just needs you to place your hands on it for a fraction of a second, but so far, Ive not had a problem with It I still prefer fingerprint reader though. Now to the cameras, whoooif youve gotten here to this point in this video. Please hit that like button and if youre loving it, you can subscribe to the channel and hit the bell icon beside it. So youll be the first to know when we post. When it comes to the camera of the Oppo. Reno5 weve got the 44MP selfie camera, which serves not only as the camera, but a sensor for hand, motion and face unlocking as weve demonstrated and then on.

The back weve got the elaborate quad camera set: up. 64MP main camera. 8MP ultra wide 2MP Macro and 2MP mono camera at the upper right side.. One major difference between the 2MP macro and the main lens is smoothness, of course, its evident that a 64MP capable sensor will outperform a 2MP sensor. However, the macro lets you get really really close and with enough light, you should capture something worthy. Out in the field. You can be sure that you will get sharp selfies out of the front facing camera straight out. The gate., The selfies I got from the Oppo Reno5, were some of the sharpest ones.. This is a selfie taken in a well lit environment and its very, very sharp.. This is also the same with portrait mode when it separates the foreground from the background. Theres no front facing flash on the Oppo Reno5, so it uses a fill light from the screen.. The front facing camera is also capable of recording video in 1080p at 30 fps, and if you want to 120fps or slow motion. When it comes to Night mode or night time selfies, I took shots without the light and it turned out like this. I also took shots with the flash or fill light. If you will, that came out really bright on the face, which I thought looked much much better, then the night mode changes everything where it has everywhere, looking like its day, time. Its the brightest one, but it takes about 6 seconds to process.

One scenario where we Would use our camera is taking images of objects and when I took shots with the wide angle camera on here, the 8MP wide angle camera had more focus. On the background, more than what I held or zero depth of field., It looked clear, but I wish it was sharper on the foreground and had better bokeh for the background, but thats the specialty for the main lens.. The main lens looked much much better. With a 64MP capable sensor, the bokeh and everything about the image showed quality, with proper exposure, sharpness and texture.. Of course, theres no telephoto lens, so the Digital zoom brings the closure up, which can also be a crop, and this shows quite a bit of noise. But a very well processed and usable image.. Another scenario is for landscape shots. The 8MP wide angle performed as expected, very usable image, but wont be as sharp as the main 64MP capable sensor. The shots, look a little less saturated and has lesser exposure than the main lens.. This main lens shows very interesting, colors and angles with less distortion when compared to the ultra wide lens., Plus its really sharp. Again no telephoto lens on here. So you get digital zoom, but properly upscaled.. The highest you can go on here is 10X, but the text is really distorted, but for a phone, its fair or fairly readable.. This is further distilled to the video quality. One thing to note is that the Reno5 can shoot 4K videos only at 30fps, while 1080p can be shot at 30, 60 and 120 fps same with the 5G version.

. The 4K video has better color and sharpness than 1080p, which is also a really usable video.. The wide angle isnt as sharp as the rest and also shows some distortion, but is usable, and when you come to the zoom levels on this device, you can still zoom up to 10X digitally. When it comes to the Night mode scenario straight into it. The night mode on here is much better than the normal mode.. When you see them side by side, the details are just better with Night mode. Brightness highlights and contrast are very pleasant. When you look at it., Almost as if there was a hidden bulb, that was turned on. Night mode, as I mentioned earlier, takes about 6 seconds to process the image, so you hands have to be still.. Ultrawide in Night mode, however, was really soft and not as clear because of the mere 8MP sensor., When you zoom in to 5x and 10x theres a lot of noise because of the struggle the sensor undergoes.. However, large text still doesnt go unnoticed.. Video recording at Night was really good in my opinion, apart from the stable shots, the Reno5 picks up detailed sounds with its two microphones at the top and the bottom, and although I hear a mono or single sound channel, it is well represented here with loud. Swoosh sounds Other video recording modes that are cool are the dual view, video mode where you can record simultaneously with the front and back cameras.

. They will record at the same time. This can be useful for explainer videos amd. They are shot in 1080p.. You also get AI mixed portrait mode where you blend a landscape, video and a portrait, video of yourself or someone together, and it brings a double exposure. Video that looks really interesting. However, its 720p. Thats it for my review of the Oppo Reno5. Thank you for making it to the end. If you did comment, the eye emoji lets know those that stick with us also guys. Let me know if theres something I missed and what your thoughts are about, the Reno5. Would you get one? Would you skip it or do you think its worth the price tag? Let me know in the comments.