Now the 6700 xt was announced earlier this month in in march and it’s really amd’s response to the nvidia rtx 3070, or at least that is the intention, and so the makeup of this particular gpu is to double down on 1440p to allow you to max out On that detail, the red devil version of this 6700xt is a triple fan: beast, which features a new cooler for this generation of power, colours, graphics, cards, being a red devil. We also get a nice factory overclock, which sees the gpu clock, boost, elevates almost 100 megahertz. Above the reference settings now, we’ve got to somehow mention the pricing but, as you know, msrp are pretty much irrelevant, given the stock issues at the moment, however, we expect this gpu here could be available for a 600 in the uk 650 in the us and then 1200 in australia again, you know it is really difficult to give accurate pricing, but we are hoping that we see better availability for this 67 nxt compared to the disastrous launches that we’ve encountered this year. So guys join us as we check out this card in plenty of detail and then show you some performance there against the 3070. At the end, before we begin today’s video is brought to you by oneplus and the nord n10 5g smartphone. This phone is touted as a company’s, affordable, mid range, offering without breaking the bank you’re going to be able to tap into some great features like 6 gig of ram and 128 gig of storage warp charge 30t, allowing you to get a rapid charge of 0 to 50 percent, in around 30 minutes, a silky smooth 90 hertz, refresh on a 6.

5 inch display and a quad camera system, which includes ultra wide and macro functionality, all for the low price of around 250 in the uk and 299 in the us for more info on The node n10, please check out the link in the description. Okay, so here is the red devil. Now, if you already had a glimpse of the red devil, 6800 xt, then this is pretty much the same design. So the shroud is plastic and it has a neutral colour scheme. The centerpiece for this card is, of course, the cooler which is a redesign for this new generation of cards. It adopts a triple fan, design and, as always later in our video we’re, going to pull this cooler off the card for a look at the specifics. So the physical appearance is pretty simple. That is until you power this thing up. Power cooler has given rgb lighting to the front the back and the part i like the most the end of the card. We get these tubes, which really set off a unique look and feel to the red devil. This lighting can be customized using the devil’s own rgb software and inside we have a selection of different effects, and you can even switch it off altogether. Now this card is pretty big in particular, it is the length that you want to pay attention to. So here are the dimensions for those of you wanting to fit this inside a computer case.

The length is around 320 millimeters for the width. It is around 109 and then the height is 52 millimeters, being a red devil. This card here comes in with a factory overclock, and so the gpu clock boost has been adjusted from the reference frequency to squeeze out some extra performance, and so the reference boost is 2581 and with this card that clock has been bumped right up to 26 59 Megahertz the memory sits at the stock frequency of 16 gigabits and that arrives in the form of 12 gig of gddr6. With a 192 bit bus, this card uses the pci express 4 standard comes in there with 2560 shaders has directx 12 ultimate support along with vulkan 1.2 and opengl 4.6. Now, in terms of the rear i o panel, this card is a double slotter, both in terms of the case and the pci express lanes. It does stray slightly into a third slot, but it is marginal there, as you can see, and on the back panel. We have three displayport 1.4s. Those can give you the 8k at 60 and we have just one hdmi 2.1 port that allows us to use 4k at 120 and 8k at 60. and so plenty of ports there. But it is disappointing that we’ve only got a single hdmi to power, this card you’re going to need a 600 watt power supply, which is very similar to the rtx 3060, 3060 ti and 3070.. However, unlike those cards, we do need an additional eight pin connection.

As you can see, turning to the back of the car, we have a metal back plate which provides a bit of protection and provides some rigidity. This back plate has plenty of ventilation and, as you can see, we’ve got the red devil logo there, which is rgb lit when that card is powered up and on the back here we also get the dual bios switch, allowing us to choose between oc and silent Mode, the silent mode will adjust the fan curve and you can enjoy less noise by switching to that. Alrighty well, we’ve detached that new cooler off the red devil, and so we can delve into the inner workings. And so we have two 100 millimeter fans and a single 90 millimeter. All three have double ball bearings for longevity and all fans have the mute fan technology, which is essentially power. Colors zero decibel feature, meaning they’ll, stop spinning when the gpu is under 60 degrees. Underneath those fans we have a huge double heatsink, which has seven copper heat pipes. Power cooler has also given this heatsink a copper base plate which has direct touch for the heat transfer, and that includes the vram coverage as well. One thing i do want to point out is the fact that the thermal parts there are crumbling away, possibly pointing to poor quality. They should have stayed intact when i removed that heatsink. If you stick around to the end of the video we’re going to see how effective this cooler is and with that cooler off the card, we also get access to the board itself.

Red devil here comes in with a 16 phase design and as with all red devil cards, this one uses the platinum power kit, which includes the armors and high quality caps and the driving force behind the 6700. Xt is the navi 22 xt, the 6800 and 6900. Both use variants of the navi 21, as this is a completely new gpu using rdna 2. now amd has touted this card as a challenger for the rtx 3070 and based on the spec of the gpu, the shaders, the memory configuration this card is aimed at 1440p And so it’ll be fascinating to see what kind of performance we can get, and so the plan now is to pit this red devil, 6700 xt against the rtx 3070 and the card of choice for the rtx is the colorful igame advanced oc. Instead of just discussing some graphs on screen, let’s show some actual side by side performance and for this we’re gon na go with 1440p and the maximum detail preset in each game. We’Re gon na use the latest drivers from both parties and a game capture card there to reduce any frame rate interference. We’Ll also have their gpu zed running in the background to pick up on the max temperatures and the result for that is going to come at the end. Music, Music, Music, Applause, Music, okay, and if we just come out of our last game, let’s see the max temperature result and there we go Music, okay, well, that is the power color red devil, rx, 6700 xt and up against the rtx 3070.

It is a bit of a mixed bag. It really depends on which title you’re playing as to you know, which is the better for performance. Certainly the games that amd showcased in their announcement, where they had this 6700 xt beating the 30 70. Those titles were clearly cherry picked, but at 1440p ultra you can be able to experience great performance, and you know in some cases that performance could even dip into triple figures. At 1080p, ray tracing is going to be even more feasible and it’s good option. Really, if you’re using a high refresh display power, coolers efforts in the red devil are fantastic. Not only does this card have an excellent design, which i know is subjective, but the styling and, of course the rgb lighting is completely different to anything else. It’S going to look great rotated in a case, the cooler is also very capable it’ll keep those temperatures in the low 60s under load and they shouldn’t stray outside of 42 decibels as we report in our web review. So this is a good card, but arriving at a decision is going to come down to availability and pricing, both of which your guess is as good as mine. I’M. Sorry, we can’t be more specific than that, but that is the current situation at the moment. So what do you guys think of this card here? Drop some comments below let’s start some discussion in the comments section for the web review of this red devil here with a completely different set of gaming benchmarks, different resolutions and comparisons to other cards, and please, head on over to that link, the link is going to Be on the screen and in the description i really appreciate you guys supporting the channel.