And yet the phones were also some of apple’s, most controversial, hey how’s, it going i’m josh from 91 tech, and this is cola from 91 tech. Who will not? Let me film alone today so she’s she’s, just gon na be here: uh don’t, she’s gon na help us review, phones, don’t, worry and so today, we’re taking a look at how the iphone 6 and 6 plus hold up seven years later. Nowadays, the iphone 6 has mostly fallen from relevancy being a couple versions behind in ios and most previous owners having moved on to better options. But it was an era defining phone for apple. Not only did it initiate a design that they still somewhat used to this day with the iphone sc, but it also caused possibly their biggest controversy of all time and an absolute pr nightmare with bendgate. It undoubtedly affected how apple has acted since then and likely for the better. The phones today might be old and not up to date, but they are still surprisingly usable. If you absolutely had to use one, they can still download most current versions of apps. Although this will become less and less as time goes on, the hardware is old and the phones are slow, but they’re, not too painful to use from my experience, assuming your battery life isn’t shot, the ui itself generally runs smooth most of the time when it comes To just texting and calling and the basics, the iphone 6 is fine past that it does start to feel its age.

And obviously this is not a phone you’re going to want to have anymore in 2021 or further beyond it’s, just too darn old, and even if you somehow are okay with their performance i’ll, be shocked if you’re, okay, with the battery life, the iphone 6 and 6 Plus never had good batteries to begin with, but with them being seven years old, it’s a safe assumption that, barring a recent battery replacement, it likely will need to be charged fairly frequently. The six plus always was better thanks to the phone being physically bigger but it’s still seven years old, and so i can’t expect much from it plus. If the battery’s in poor health, you could be dealing with slowdowns or unexpected shutdowns. So is the battery the part of the phone that’s aged the worst? Well, i mean that can go for pretty much any smartphone, so that might be a fair assessment and the software is definitely one of the highlights. Ios 12 does feel a bit older now and no dark mode might feel a little bit blinding, but for the most part, ios doesn’t feel too different from what we have now and the iphone 6 design again is still not that outdated with apple selling, a phone That looks exactly the same from the front, so let’s start right there with the design. The iphone 6 and 6 plus retained the aluminum of the iphone 5s, but got much bigger and went from the flatter sharp edges to the more curved off look we’ve been all too familiar with in the past half decade.

The iphone 6 managed to be extremely thin and light in fact, to this day, it’s the absolute thinnest iphone ever made, and yes, that does have a lot to do with the dreaded event gate. Do i even need to talk about bend gate? I feel, like everyone knows about it, but to summarize quickly, basically, the iphone 6, and particularly the 6 plus, would bend with moderate pressure, causing huge controversy and a lot of issues such as touch disease for the user base. The iphone 6s would fix basically everything the next year by using a higher grade aluminum. So finding an iphone 6 slightly bent nowadays is super duper common, even if it doesn’t appear to suffer from any issues. My iphone 6 plus has touched disease so sometimes yeah it just won’t work um, the phone’s not even bent it just has touch disease, so it was a very common issue. If i push down on the top corner, you can really. You can really see it. Spazz out, but my silver iphone 6 is totally fine for colors. You have space, gray, silver and gold. The space gray would have black bezels, which i personally think looked the best, but back in the day when i had the iphone 6, it was silver just like the one i have here, although it’s not the same phone. I really liked the design when it came out in 2014. It felt very modern now, while now today, it’s probably pretty low on my list of favorite iphone designs, i still don’t hate it and it comes down to personal preference.

Anyhow, my big pet peeve is that the plastic antenna bands running across the back look a little tacky to me, but again that’s. Just me, the screen size is increasing, was the big pull of the iphone 6 and the major reason it was by and far the best selling smartphone of all time. The smaller iphone 6 will give you 4.7 inches and the 6 plus 5.5 inches compared to the 4 inches on the iphone 5, 5c and 5s, which were already bigger than past iphones. This made it a massive upgrade for a lot of users and there’s. No doubt it ate into samsung’s market share, as they were no longer. The big competitors in the phablet market space, the 6 and 6 plus screens, are both retina, although notably the 6 plus has a higher pixel density than the iphone 6, while the smaller phone is actually still equivalent to the iphone sc, 10r and 11 by the numbers. All phones apple is selling right now, so the 6 plus is technically a little bit sharper than all of those phones. Although you’d be hard pressed to notice any real life difference, the displays are good, definitely not an area you need to worry about, and under those displays, you have the home button with touch id more specifically. First generation touch id that was also used with the 2013 iphone 5s and 2016 iphone se it’s good enough. Although the iphone 6s did speed up the process immensely, even so it’s nice to be able to get into your phone without a passcode every time so i’m, not complaining, it does the job.

What also does the job, but does it quite poorly, is the 8 megapixel camera sensor on the rear? It has the tendency to take very mediocre photos. The camera is a department that really wasn’t upgraded compared to the 5s, and you can tell it’ll capture what you want to take a photo of, but without perfect lighting you’re, often looking at a grainy noisy image, with it often being blurry to boot. These blurry pictures of my dog, i didn’t, mean to be blurry. She wasn’t even moving it’s, just really hard to get a good picture in low light. The bigger 6 plus actually does have optical image stabilization, which can help the camera stay a bit more steady, but it won’t make much of a difference, especially nowadays considering how far ahead newer iphones are in every possible facet. If you still own an iphone 6 i’d strongly recommend upgrading to an iphone 11 or better for the camera alone, although even the newer iphone sc or the 10r is going to be a huge jump from what you have now. The iphone 6 can film video in up to 1080p at 60 frames per second, i actually did a video showing off the video quality back in the early days of my channel, which i’ll link in the description for the heck of it. If you’re curious, simpler times, the selfie camera on the iphone 6 manages to make the main sensor photos look like masterpieces, we only get 1.

2 megapixels and yeah. This is a bad selfie and i’m. Not just saying that, because my face is the focus, so all in all the seven year old smartphone takes pictures that look seven years old it’s, not a huge surprise. What can you expect right, but if you’re still using this phone i’d imagine the camera is probably pretty low on your list of concerns. What’S, probably a bigger issue for most is going to be the speed and software support held back by the apple a8 chipset and single gigabyte of ram it’s, really that one gig of ram, especially that slows this phone down, not that the iphone 6 is slow per Se, it actually runs ios 12 impressively well and i’d argue. The phone is pretty usable, at least for the basics. Obviously, if you over complicate the experience, past, texting, calling and maybe social media, basically basic stuff, things are going to feel rough, but for the bare minimum the iphone 6 does hold up, but it isn’t pleasant and it’s. Certainly not a phone you’d want to actually have to use for any long period of time, even if it can still download the latest versions of most apps, although with ios 15 right around the corner. That might not be the case for much longer. The iphone 6 and 6 plus are phones that still work and do the job nowadays, but there’s definitely a reason. They were left back on ios 12, along with the iphone 5s, if you’re still using the 6 and can afford it.

I strongly recommend you go ahead and purchase a newer iphone. Basically, the 10r or newer is going to be a huge upgrade, particularly in battery life. If you’re thinking about selling your iphone, 6 or you’re in a position to buy one don’t buy an iphone 6 by the way there are cheap, iphones actually running, ios 14, such as the first iphone sc, but regardless. If we turn to, we can see the iphone 6 going for well under 100, and then we see the 6s also not costing very much more it’s so worth it to go for something better than the iphone 6. If you’re on an extreme budget and if you are stuck with the iphone 6 right now, you can rest easy, knowing that, in the very least you’re able to download and use the vast majority of apps right now, which means, while your phone might be older, you Can still do pretty much everything every other apple user can do yeah your battery sucks. The camera is beyond mediocre and the phone likely will feel slow at times, but ultimately the 6 and 6 plus are both still absolutely usable and it’s amazing. Just how long iphones seem to be able to last, especially in comparison to android phones from the same time periods, the iphone 6 was a huge deal when it came out and it’s not anymore, but it’s still an interesting piece of apple history and, as always, fun To take a look at it’s, also aged surprisingly well on ios 12, and all things considered, it is seven years old could have gone a whole lot worse.

So any of you have the iphone 6 or 6 plus how’s it holding up make sure you. Let me know in the comments down below if you found this video interesting or the dog cute, maybe hit that like button and consider subscribing for more content. Just like this, you can follow me over on twitter and instagram at 91 underscore tech. I sometimes post pictures of cola here on instagram, so that’s fun but anyways. Thank you so much for watching i’m josh from 91 tech.