The butts air were obviously airpods clones, but the budget too, are anything but loans and realme seems to have partnered with the smokers to develop a sound preset. I mean the freaking chain smoker, so it better be good. My name is ashwin sundar. This is technology jog you’re, watching my review of the real me but air pro, but there too, i’m sorry and well that’s a huge, spoiler, okay, it’s, not like you’re watching the mandalorian. So i guess spoilers are okay. Yes, these are very, very, very, very similar to the buzz air pro, but the pro ones are priced 50 percent, higher 5000 rupees versus 3300. I mean these are available for 4500, frequently but yeah. So this review will also address the obvious question: should you buy the real me budget, air 2 or the buzz air pro so let’s start with the build and design? We can see that the case is almost identical to the buds. Air pros case looks like a copy paste, except for this hinge. Realme has replaced metal with plastic for the buds air too. Remember the original buds air, as well as the buds air neo, also came with plastic. My editor has been using the neo for the past. Several months he says, it’s fine. Personally, i have used the buds air pro for a few months now and i’ve dropped it multiple times. Now you can hear some sounds. I mean they still work. Fine, there they’re completely all right, but i feel maybe it’s because of the metal hinge, not sure if plastic would survive.

My my brutality uh anyway it’s my problem, not the case’s problem. It’S been almost a year since the buds air launched. I haven’t seen any complaints about the plastic hinge. So if you’re reasonably careful you shouldn’t worry about it. What you may have to worry about is the size. This is significantly larger. Uh. Remember the original buds air could be pushed into the watch pocket the tiny inner pocket in denims. Well, that’s, not easy anymore, because, like i said this is as large as the real me but air pro. This is probably due to the fact that the original buds air did not have great battery life, so they just decided to cram in more battery uh into this one. These are also splash and sweat resistant. They come with ipx5 rating, which we found on the buzzer pro as well. Please note that the case is not water resistant, it’s, only the buds inside and the buds. Well, they look great there’s, a nice little touch of silver trim around the earphones which add a bit of personality. I mean they don’t look like airpods clones, anymore uh and my favorite thing is it’s, now a little easier to remove them from the case with my sweaty fingers uh. Now, although the case is larger in size, the earbuds themselves are not. They still feel really light on the ears and, while it’s not surprising, that they’re more comfortable than the original buds air, because these have silicone tips.

What did surprise me is the fact that these are even more comfortable than the butts air pro. Yes, the pro caused a bit of pain after about 30 to 40 minutes of continuous usage, but these did not so real me did not just rename their buds air pro and remote a few features, but they’ve actually worked on the product and they don’t. Look like clones anymore, which is something i really respect good to see them. You know finally embracing their own talent, their own design and yeah big thanks to realme for including these silicon tips. Otherwise, noise cancellation would be pretty much useless right. Oh, i didn’t tell you yep: these have active noise cancellation now. At this point, i feel the owners of the original buds air will be really pissed because they spent 4 000 rupees and didn’t get either silicone tips or noise cancellation, but guys it is what it is. Some upgrades are huge and it’s, not necessarily a bad thing. So there are three noise cancelling modes number one transparency mode which kind of amplifies the external sound and you know pushes it to the ears basically useful. When someone’s talking to you, you can hear them quite clearly without having to remove the earbuds number two normal mode, which is just normal uh same as wearing any other pair of earbuds number three noise cancellation, which cancels out the ambient noise as much as possible. You can toggle between the three modes by doing a tap and hold on either side or not on either side it’s, actually customizable i’ll come to that later.

So how good is the noise cancellation actually, as per the spec sheet it’s supposed to be 70 percent as good as the buds air pro’s noise, cancelling performance and in real life? It checks out been using them for almost a month have used them in various situations. Mostly, when i walk from home to office and vice versa, it’s a main road with a ton of vehicles and the budget 2 does a decent job cancelling out some of those traffic noises. The budget pro are definitely slightly better, so uh that’s. The second noticeable difference between these two earbuds, the first one being the fit and comfort, and this difference in noise cancellation reflects slightly during phone calls as well. The third noticeable difference is the audio quality. This is going to be a little hard to explain, but let me try the buzzer pro sound great, almost flawless for the price, the buzzer 2. Definitely don’t sound as good as the pro maybe 70 percent as good. The vocals are a bit too harsh and these can actually get super loud. So at high volume levels, the vocals or high frequency sounds cause some irritation to the ears. But there is a solution when you use the bass boost plus preset, which you can on the realme link app. The emphasis on vocals is reduced and, given that a lot of us love bass, this seems like the perfect preset to fix the harsh vocals issue, as well as enhance the bass to some extent.

So personally, i had it enabled most of the time and yeah. This is a fantastic companion, app there’s, a ton of customization options, which made my experience a lot better. You can view the amount of charge left on the buds, as well as the case that’s for that’s. The first thing you can switch between some audio presets. This volume enhancer can extend the volume range on the higher side uh in ear detection is super handy when you remove one or both of the earbuds, it pauses whatever is playing on the phone, be it a music track or a video clip. Auto answer answers the call for you, whenever you receive a call it’s attended automatically when you have the earbuds on and if you’re someone like me, who ignores calls from certain people it’s better to have it disabled. There are other, really useful touch. Controls like double tap. Triple tab, long press long press on one earbud or both earbuds, all of them are customizable. These are the settings uh which worked for me so, for example, touch and hold both earbuds to toggle the gaming mode. Yes, there is a dedicated gaming mode and the latency has been reduced from around 113 milliseconds to 88 milliseconds, which is a big deal in terms of latency. These are as good as the vivo tws neo. I know it’s still not perfect for competitive gaming, especially your fps games like call of duty and pubg, but for watching movies and tv shows and even just youtube videos.

The gaming mode makes a big difference. Trust me, i had it enabled almost all the time it did not seem to have a huge impact on the battery life either, so speaking of which the battery life has been really good. Like i said earlier, the capacity has been increased and it reflects in real life usage with these settings. I got about 3.5 hours on a single charge. Yes, i made sure i didn’t put them back inside the case just to test the battery life, because when you put them back in they get charged so it’s not possible to you know actually find out the exact battery life of these earbuds anyway. Yeah three and a half hours with those settings and if you disable gaming mode and set the volume to about uh, 60 70 and turn off noise cancellation, then maybe you will get another 30 to 45 minutes. The total battery life, including the battery in the case, is about 16 to 70 hours 17 hours with these settings, so i guess that’s it uh, oh yeah. These also have the latest bluetooth, 5.2 and pairing with your phone is extremely easy. Thanks to support for google’s, fast pair technology, it’s, just as seamless as pairing apple’s airpods with an iphone real me, also rolls out firmware updates. Frequently you can install through the realme link app. So a lot of these things are usually limited to high end truly wireless earbuds and even though realme themselves have a higher end more expensive version with all the great features it didn’t stop them from retaining most of those features for the birth air ii and that’s.

Why i think these are hands down the best truly wireless earbuds under 3500 rupees low latency, active noise cancellation touch controls, good audio, wear detection, good battery life there’s, absolutely nothing that comes even close when it comes to value for money. Now, if you really value the better audio quality of the buds air pro, if you feel you will benefit from the better noise cancellation, then it’s, okay, to spend a thousand thousand five hundred rupees more on these, the buzzer pro i mean otherwise, the buzz air 2. At 3, 000 rupees is a steal. Also don’t forget that these are more comfortable that’s, a bonus so that’s pretty much it subscribe to the channel on your way out and thanks for watching this is ashwin sundar from technology.