But there was this opportunity that i had to try out the redmi 9, and this is what’s considered a budget smartphone and i’ve been using it for a couple of days, and i just wanted to talk a little bit about my impressions and how i feel about It so hope you like it alright, i’m gon na start off with the design. Now, when i first opened up this bad boy, i noticed that this felt very hard, and my first impression was that this is metal but it’s actually not it’s like a really hard type of plastic, no complaints, it feels durable, there’s, no plastic like it feels like You can drop this. You don’t have to worry about scratches, i really like it and speaking of the cameras, the bump isn’t very intrusive, and i really like that. I actually missed the time when smartphones, like the iphone 4 and 5, had no protruing lenses. I really like that these bumps are becoming ridiculously huge and so it’s kind of nice for a change to see something that doesn’t have such a big bump and on the back. You also have a fingerprint scanner that’s very nice. It has three buttons. You know you can lower the volume increase. The volume turn it on turn it off. You got an ir blaster. I don’t know if anybody actually uses this but it’s kind of cool and it charges with usbc that’s. Pretty cool it’s got a headphone jack wow.

I know a lot of people miss those now it’s got a pretty big screen, it’s uh 6.7 inches. I think uh, not bad it’s, not oled it’s got a little teardrop on the front facing camera, which is nice like apple. Are you listening like it? Doesn’T have to be that huge and it’s got a little bit of a chin down here. I don’t mind it so much i’m kind of spoiled with the iphone, but this is this is no big deal. I i would not complain about this at all. The screen is big it’s, very detailed, it’s sharp, again it’s, not oled. My biggest complaint about the screen is that it’s not very bright? I think that this is not so much of a complaint but more of a personal preference type of thing, because some people actually don’t want it to be too bright. My wife, for example, she turns her brightness on her smartphone way down. So not everybody appreciates very bright screens, so you can unlock this thing in several ways. You’Ve got the fingerprint scanner in the back and it’s very, very fast and reliable. I really like it and there is, i guess, a face recognition thing on this thing. I wouldn’t exactly say that it’s good it’s uh, i mean i think you can fold this thing with a picture. I haven’t tested it, but i don’t think it’s very accurate it’s, not like a 3d scanning thing that i had to do.

It was basically snap a picture of your face and boom, but i mean, if you lost this thing, if you just dropped it, nobody could. You know figure out who the person is who’s using this, and so i think, it’s pretty cool unless you’re one of those people who have your own pictures on like a wallpaper. That would be a mistake on this phone now in the box. I just want to mention that you don’t get headphones, but you do get a charger and there is also a screen protector put on top here and you get a case. This is a soft case, a tpu case and i really i’m a huge fan of these. I use a soft tpu case for my iphone 12 pro i like these things, and so this one is kind of thin and it’s good. It gives you a better grip, but considering the price, like, i wouldn’t, worry about dropping this thing like it’s, not it doesn’t cost you that much but it’s kind of nice. You know i wish that samsung and apple did these things they put in a case. They put in a screen protector, it’s, weird, that a budget phone considers the customer needs more than apple and samsung. I just think that’s kind of weird so that’s a really huge plus to redmi for including those things again, i’m, not that much of an android person. So the os is android and it’s got the miui on top of it.

So you get a lot of apps a lot of google apps and then you get a lot of me apps, but they put them in folders. I don’t mind so much but there’s a lot of apps that they put in here, for example like they put in facebook, netflix and alibaba. Like really it’s kind of funny to me, i think it’s, a popular demand, most people don’t mind it and you can always just remove it. Most of the apps performance is not bad, like, i think, it’s very fluid. When you use it, you can even play lighter games on it, but not very intense games so for gamers out there. This is not the phone for you for me personally, like i, i don’t like to play games on my smartphone and i’m actually very happy about that, because it would just be another distraction. I have enough distractions in my life, so i’m actually kind of happy that i don’t enjoy playing games on a smartphone, but for some people that could be a problem. It’S got a 5000 milliamp battery, so this thing actually lasts. Pretty good i’ve been using this for a couple of days now, and i could definitely tell that. I could definitely use this for two days without charging and i’m a heavy user, okay, so that’s pretty good. Now, i’m gon na talk about the most important feature. If i was in the market to get an android device and that’s the camera, so it has a couple of cameras.

It’S actually got four cameras on the back. It’S got a regular camera. It’S got an ultra wide camera, a tele camera ish i’m gon na get back to that, and it has a macro camera. So you can, you know, you know, take pictures of coins in full detail, that’s kind of cool okay. So for this price range, you’re not gon na get great cameras it’s decent. You know in broad daylight, it’s, fine, there’s, no 4k on this thing. So for me, it’s like a no go, but most people don’t even know what 4k is. So, i think, it’s fine. My only problem with the camera i mean again like the pictures are decent, but in low light there is no night mode. So in low light i would say that the pictures produced on the smartphone are not very good, but there is just this one little complaint that i have and that’s the telephoto lens. So i do this test when i put my finger on top of the camera and i test which camera is which and when i’m using the tele camera lens, it’s, always using the regular camera. So i believe that it’s just cropping in on the regular camera and that’s that’s, not nice. It feels like you, don’t, really get a tele lens camera, but then the question arises. What is the fourth camera below? And i think this is used like a depth sensor. So you can take portrait photos and when it comes to portrait photos, i haven’t tested the back to be completely honest, but i have tested the front, whereas there is just one camera, it does an okay job like with software it’s enough.

You know okay, so this smartphone is obviously not for everyone, but i think that for most for casual users and i’m gon na use the word old people, but don’t get me wrong. I think it’s good for old people, because it’s got a nice big screen with no bezels. You know like high refresh rate and stuff like that older people. Like me, we don’t even notice that okay but i’m gon na make a video about how it refresh rates in the future, but this phone has got a very nice large screen and i think for older people, it’s very nice. When you get a bit older, when you reach 40, our eyesight it’s not as good as it used to be so we kind of like it when smartphone screens are kind of bigger, and so i think it’s very good for that purpose, and i think that most People they don’t need bells and whistles like wireless charging, 4k 60 high refresh rates most people just want a smartphone they can use. Now. I recently saw this picture of someone saying that it took the iphone 10 years to replace so many different things, and you often forget that android smart devices they pretty much replace all those things too. This is a good smartphone for people that don’t require a lot. This is not exactly a pro model, even though that term is used kind of weirdly. Sometimes, for example, i have the iphone 12 pro and i could argue that there’s some certain things about it that are not very pro like, but this is for regular people who just want a phone where they can call.

They can check social media. They can take pictures of their pets stuff like that in broad daylight, though, and play light games for that purpose.