So i have got a phone it has came today. It’S come in a nice new nice little blue box that says android, so yeah yeah, i have checked it out. It’S come with a case which isn’t bad it’s kind of a nice case, and this is the phone itself, so i still got the cover on the back. This is the phone. These are the cameras. Obviously you got like three cameras here and then flash that’s. The phone, if you turn it on yeah, oh it’s, making me do a pattern, so i did set the phone up just to have a look. I don’t know what happened to the phone, though, when i saw it started, set it up. It just didn’t want to work properly. I did try and get onto the internet with it. I am connected to the internet, but like the internet, explorer buttons disappeared from there um the apps don’t work as well as i thought they would. The phone’s, not as i mean it, is a cheap phone, obviously it’s. I think it costs 41 pounds from wish, which you know you get what you pay for, but you have to sign into google. You have to try and download stuff so let’s see. If i try and download instagram, if i ever get there, it is really hard and it’s really slow, it’s, really weird having the cameras that that many cameras, my phone’s, only got one camera on my iphone.

I’Ve got the xr. I don’t know how people can have so many cameras, so it’s just pending, which accepts everything then it starts. You know, starts going around in the little circle. I don’t really know if it’s actually going to download because it didn’t download earlier, oh no it’s, actually downloaded. Now oh i’m, proud, i think, that’s, because some of the apps disappeared. So i think we need google again. I am not logged in on my youtube account i’m just uh, and when you, when you type it vibrates it’s, really annoying, it is really annoying. What we’ll say is the the case that came with it and the phone the case. Okay, it doesn’t fit like you’ve, got a space at the top here and that’s at the bottom, the space at the top. This is where the camera is obviously, as you can see, but the charging hole for the phone’s there and the little hole for the charger in the case is there, which makes no sense, because you can’t charge your phone with the case on because the chargers are There on the phone and that’s the headphones, whereas on the case it’s put the charger there and the headphone wire thing there. I believe i don’t know the headphone wires up there, so it’s, not even in the right place, so i do think it’s. It has come very cheaply very weirdly. There is a battery cover just take it apart. I didn’t it’s been a long time since i’ve had a phone that comes apart, you can put two sim cards in this phone back, looks so cheap.

It literally looks like plastic. You can tell from the paint job as well on it it’s just been sprayed or something it has only been spray painted. The cameras are terrible. They’Re tiny, you can’t see anything from them cameras the battery is huge but there’s two. I am i m e. I numbers i don’t know what that is, i think that’s a sd card, i don’t start putting random things out and breaking it because i want to resell it. I mean i’m not going to get much for it, obviously, because it’s a phone but so yeah. The charger is here at the top, which is really confusing. Oh that’s, where the so the sd card goes in the bottom down here. Just put this back on so there’s literally no point for this to be here because there’s, nothing there on the actual phone. So i don’t know what that red is. Android phones have always confused me, i’ve, never really understood. Android phones come on i’m gon na have to turn it on, and what are you saying on your nice little welcome message. Welcome. Yes, you can see my phone in there hi, you can see me wait, wait even on two screens now um yeah wish phones, probably not the best. I think it’s come with a screen protector or that’s the actual screen i don’t know something came off of that. I believe it’s the screen itself, so it is, it is done very cheaply and it’s quite nasty i’ll show you uh, i think yeah the camera quality when the phone comes on.

I don’t know what it’ll do when it comes on. I don’t know if it’s reset itself, because i haven’t turned it off properly, yet not not by taking the battery out draw my pattern. Ah, yes, yes, i don’t really care if anyone figures out the well. At least this is back now like the actual screen. Instead of a white screen, uh it’s kind of got like iphone things in it, if you think so, the settings button – oh, i don’t know what i’m doing. I don’t know how to use these so settings button and music button they’re the same as apple i’m, not even pressing this stuff. At this point, i don’t know how to use the same with the phone icon. It is the same as apple so it’s a clock. Uh, obviously, everything else. I expect to kind of be normal, like what’s up facebook instagram, because you know that that’s just their brand it’s, not an apple thing. I feel like they try to rip the apple off here with this. So you want to see the camera quality so the front facing camera i’ll face towards the phone that’s recording this. So you can see jesus christ – oh my god, that’s the kind of the camera quality it’s, not the best at all. It is really you know crappy. If we turn the phone around, if you try and get a look at me from this side, it should you’d think three cameras would make it good, but it’s very laggy, see i talk on my phone before i talk on that phone.

It is very laggy it’s, not it’s, not good at all, it’s really not worth it. I don’t think you should buy any phones off a wish. It does have a video function, but i haven’t put an sd card in here because i don’t particularly want it. Oh, it has flash, i just flashed myself, it has front facing flash which is actually but yeah. Look how the image comes out. It doesn’t come out very clear at all. It doesn’t look very good, it’s, very blurry, not worth it. I don’t know if that’s just android phones, i don’t know if that’s, because i’ve got iphone. I don’t know if that’s, because i’m biased towards iphone, i think maybe it’s, because iphone’s just better or because yeah like you, can’t use this for anything. I don’t know what the sound quality is like. We have them. You don’t have music on. Here it came with the phone. The song did april. Levine avery levine put a little bit of it in without getting copyrighted Applause Music. It keeps telling me to uninstall harmful apps emails, put your device at risk, so basically, this device just doesn’t, know what it wants to do it doesn’t know what it wants to be. It doesn’t know what it is and yeah it’s pretty. So i would not recommend getting one of these. It was very cheap. It was, you know, 40, something quid. I am going to look at summoning it on.

Oh, my god. I think this is stuck on. Oh no it’s, not i thought that sticker was stuck on. Then so you couldn’t take off the little. This is what you do with it. Damn yeah i just i don’t know what to say: i’m more annoyed about the case. If anything like. How can you expect me to use a case that one doesn’t fit and doesn’t know where it’s charging hole is because it should have the charging hole up here and the headphones there? Not there and there? So i don’t know. Maybe this i feel like this would be better for an iphone for the 12 or for the the 11. With the cameras i don’t know, i feel like it fit my phone better than it fits this phone yeah that’s all for then um. If you guys want me to do any more videos, i will i am going to play some more gaming videos on my twitch, which is in the top corner on my youtube, just under my channel banner. If you guys want to check that out, my discord is always open to new people. I know times are hard. I know lockdown’s, hopefully going to be over soon, but you guys can still join still talk to me. Still talk to everybody in there. There is over four 300 people, we’ve lost a hundred because a lot down and people leaving and people getting on with their lives. But if you’re looking for some friends come join us, we will have some fun and i hope you guys are staying safe and i’ll.