com and i’m here with the brand new samsung mid range phones. This is the samsung galaxy a525g and we also have its 4g version this one here, galaxy a52 that’s, the name. You can see it in violet here, it’s, a pretty beautiful violet and the 5g one comes in black. Of course, there are other shades, just in case you’re wondering the 5g. One is priced at 429 euros and the 4g one is 409 euros. This is a special type of acrylic glass, actually, a plastic material which is more easily than usual. The phone is ip68 certified and, as you can see, the camera module resembles the one of the galaxy s21 but has been moved towards the center. This is a quad camera. By the way, the only differences between the two phones are the processor and the refresh rate. They have the exact same screen resolution diagonal. This one has 120 hertz. This one has 90 hertz, 4g, 90 hertz, 5g, 120 hertz, the exact same camera on the back side and the 5g one opts for a snapdragon 750 processor, which delivers a 5g modem while the more affordable one has a snapdragon 720, the more affordable. One also starts from four gigs of ram and goes to six. This one has six and eight gigabyte ram versions. Now the battery inside is a four thousand five hundred million per hour unit, which should juice up the phone up to 25 watts. We have a bundle charger in the box, which is always good news, and here you can see there’s a audio jack, something rare nowadays and we also have a micro sd card slot, which is not bad to see here.

The storage is either 128 or 256 gigabytes, and, aside from that, i think it’s time to address the cameras here in the notch. At the front. Excuse me not much punch hole, there’s, a 32 megapixel shooter with fixed focus, while at the back side those two have the exact same setup: okay, so quad camera led flash 64 megapixel main camera with optical image. Stabilization autofocus ultra wide camera 12 megapixels with fixed focus, 5 megapixel, bokeh, 5 megapixel micro, camera 4k. Video capture, the fingerprint scanner is in the display and we’re running on one ui 3.1 applied on top of android 11.. The camera features are quite generous, so you can see some of them here. Okay, so we got a more section with air doodle in slow motion. You have your video, where you can shoot. Excuse me, 4k, 30 frames per second or full 8060 or 30 frames. There is your hyperlapse, there is your super slow motion. There is your panorama: we have a food mode and a pro mode plus a portrait mode, and i was actually curious to see the portrait mode has those cool studio options which we saw on the galaxy s21. Well, it doesn’t, at least for now in the versions i’m testing. Here we have the photo section, a regular photo going to 2x zoom, and this is the ultrawide and by the way you can go up to 10x zoom digitally. We got your macro camera. We got your pro video, which is something new for the galaxy, a series, as far as i know, there’s a night mode and single take with all those cool ai options.

Speaking of air options, if you go here to the photo – and you have here this little fellow, this little icon – is the scene optimizer, which using ai, recognizes the scene which we’re dealing with this. Is it in a nutshell? I would say that the phone looks pretty impressive design wise i’m happy with the optical image, stabilization and happy with the high refresh rate i’m – probably not the only one happy with that. The gamers will also be glad about it. We have the eye comfort shield to get rid of the blue hue and also 120 hertz. This is not the only gaming feature here. There is also special gaming pro mode which lets you tweak. Some of the features do better, recording and distribute resources in an improved fashion when you’re doing your gaming. This is in a nutshell. This has been a presentation of the latest samsung galaxy, mid range phones, galaxy 52 and a525g, pretty affordable for optical image, stabilization quad camera and well performing snapdragon cpus. The only drawback i can see right now are maybe the big bezels, but the flat screens are definitely a plus for gaming.