It offered great features on at a very reasonable price. This year we have a totally new design. We have a 90 hertz refresh rate screen. We have a big battery again, so let’s take a look at it and see if the galaxy 72 actually has enough to convince many users to buy it. Probably maybe, instead of a flagship, hello guys, my name is vic with phone arena and i got to spend some time with the brand new galaxy a72 it’s a specially safely organized briefing by samsung, and this is what i learned. So this is the galaxy a72 in the violet color, which looks very neutral, very nice in an understated way. You have four different color versions, so let’s quickly mention them. You have the white one. You have a blue one, the violet one and the black one and all of them are made out of plastic. The feeling is very smooth, very nice. It doesn’t catch any fingerprint smudges so again, that’s also nice to have you have slightly thicker bezels on the front. The punch hole for the camera that’s, what the design looks like and, interestingly, take a look on the bottom of the phone and you will find a headphone jack. Yes, headphone jacks are long gone from flagships, but on this budget galaxy a72, you still have it and by the way, for the first time in many years on a budget galaxy, a series phone, you also get water protection.

This phone is officially ip67 water and dust protected, which means you get a peace of mind, so let’s flip it to the front and look at the highlight of this phone, which is as if any samsung phone the screen 6.7 inch amoled screen beautiful, rich colors, 1080p. Full hd resolution sufficient for plenty full detail and the big new feature: 90 hertz fast and smooth refresh rate now keep in mind. This is the galaxy a72 4g version that we got to test. We’Ll talk more about the 5g version, which is expected to be a bit better, but on this version you have a 90 hertz screen, and that makes a big difference. In my opinion, this is the biggest upgrade if you are looking at the galaxy a72 and comparing it to last year’s, a71. Okay, speaking of the screen, you have to make some compromises. This is a budget phone, not a flagship phone and one such tiny little compromise is the brightness. I find the 800 nits of brightness on the galaxy a72 sufficient for most use, but keep in mind that’s one little advantage for the flagships. By the way you can also set the colors the way the colors look on this screen. You can go into settings display and here you can set it to the vivid mode, which gives you those more saturated colors that are more pleasing or if you want more realistic or toned down colors. You also have the neutral options where things really get complicated is, if you start looking under the hood, because here you have plenty of different names of processors and chips, and it can get confusing really fast.

So the chip that you have here is called the snapdragon 720 g. Interestingly, this new chip is just very, very, very slightly faster than the processor on last year’s, a71 4g model and in fact, it’s not even as fast as last year’s, a71 5g model. So it is a very modest upgrade compared to last year’s 4g model, and also you get 6 gigabytes of ram on the a72, just like on the a71. So no don’t expect any huge differences in the actual performance. The smoothness that you experience likely comes from the smoother and faster screen refresh rate, but in terms of processors and silicon. This is pretty much the same phone with very slight upgrades and speaking of performance and versions. You have two different versions of the a72 one ships with six gigabytes of ram 128 gigs of storage. This is what we’re testing right now. The other version is a bit more powerful and a bit more expensive. Eight gigabytes of ram 256 gigabytes of storage and both of these versions also support the microsd card slot come on samsung. You can put this in your budget phones, but not in your flagships. That’S really interesting, that’s really interesting. So, yes, you have a micro sd card option on the galaxy a72 and you also have all the bells and whistles that samsung flagships have with one ui here in the slightest iteration. You have cool neat little options like the automatic ability to switch between light and dark mold in terms of security.

This phone uses an on screen fingerprint scanner which gets the job done, but let’s flip the phone to its back and take a look at the most interesting area of improvement here. The cameras, first of all, that camera island compare it to last year’s galaxy a71. What a difference, just a simple design touch on the a72 everything looks so much better. You have the raised camera bed around each and every camera. You have a metal ring that again shows you that this is a serious camera phone and kind of borrows from those samsung flagships. The camera interface is the same as on flagships. You can select between your main camera, your ultra wide camera, and yes, you also have a three time: zoom telephoto camera here, optical zoom, on a budget phone very nice to have not all budget phones have it and in the camera app you can go up to 30 times digital zoom, which gives you a pretty good level of magnification again that you don’t get on other phones in terms of quality let’s, take a look at one photo. We shot on the galaxy a71 and the a72, and what i noticed here is the colors are a bit more lively, warmer, look a little bit better, but we’ll reserve judgement for our final review, which is coming soon, where we take a look at the camera and Other things in a greater detail, another thing worth mentioning about the a72 is that it ships with stereo speakers, so you get that rich stereo sound, which is nice again nice to have on a budget phone.

So what about battery life battery life is one of the areas where budget phones actually have an advantage over flagships. Just take a look at the battery size here: 5 000 milliamp hours on a budget phone that is the same size as on the galaxy s21 ultra that’s, crazy and samsung officially says this phone has two day battery life. When have you seen two day battery life on your flagship, i know i haven’t, but great battery life is definitely a huge advantage that budget phones these days have in terms of charging this phone. Also ships with the charger in the box come on sensei. How is it possible that you include the charger in the box with this phone and not with much more expensive phones out there? I just don’t, know but yeah. The charger here is a standard 15 watt charger, but the phone actually does support 25 watts fast charging, which will top up that 5 000 milliamp hour battery, even quicker. You have to buy that faster charger separately. Finally, let’s talk pricing. This is an affordable phone, but affordable budget phones come in their different flavors and this one costs 450 euro in europe. Oh, the price in the us is a separate topic because hear me out in the us, this phone is probably gon na launch in a 5g version. The galaxy a72, 5g and what’s, probably gon na happen is the same thing that happened last year last year, samsung introduced the 4g model early in the year and then introduce the 5g model in the summer which launched in the us so that’s, probably what’s, going to Happen this year again we have this a72 4g model and then we’ll have a slightly more powerful a72 5g model, with 5g connectivity slightly faster chip, probably 120hz refresh rate screen that’s gon na come in the summer in the us for a likely price of around five Hundred dollars so that’s the scoop on prices that’s the a72.

Let me know what do you think about it now? This is an interesting device in my opinion, because it is so close to a flagship with just a few tiny compromises. Now the bigger compromise is, of course, the performance which doesn’t match a flagship and probably the camera, which won’t be as good in the night or in more challenging conditions. But just in terms of fluidity and smoothness, you get that fast. Refresh rate, you have a decent variety in the camera department, fast charging and that gigantic battery, which definitely make a strong case for the galaxy a72. So let me know what do you think about it? Is it a good phone and should somebody actually consider it against flagships? Would you buy such a phone for yourself or maybe for your parents? Let me know your thoughts about the galaxy 72. My name is vic.