Fun fact. So this is more like a trilogy at the moment because it’s, the third tablet i bought it’s a new year and all of these new tablets are popping up and they are cheap and most of the time, it’s too good to be truth, but still i just Wanted to check it out, for you guys to begin with we’re going to get the famous toilet paper manual from france from china in black and white. So not even the deluxe edition it’s basic explanation about tablet how you need to set it up: okay, so we’re. Having the power supply is the european version having an adapter from micro usb to a normal usb, if you want to use a controller and here having the normal cable usb to micro, usb so that’s it especially for the video is going to be plastic fantastic and Of course another one on the back okay, so this tablet, this model itself is, has a very big plastic, fantastic casing, and it looks similar like the first generation ipads. But when looking at the 2020 model, they didn’t change out a lot of things and already i found an issue yep look at this, so the front plate that is made of plastic is not even fitting in perfectly and it’s on this side, but also on this Side so this cheap tablet thing: oh man, the quality is really bad. I must say it got quite some weight to it and the reason why? Because it has this metal plate, i like it, it gives a little bit more quality feeling.

So this 10.1 inch tablet comes with a very big bezel and i also noticed that the displays are using not ips just in basic lcd. Another thing is, and there can be construction area. You can see there’s quite some space between the lcd panel and the plastic casing itself. The camera at the front is pretty damn horrible and the same goes for the one at the back. So just want to give you also a quick example how bad the quality of the camera is. So i did some quick recording outside it also give you a quick demonstration about the microphone, and i can tell you this. One is also very horrible. Don’T even think about recording with this thing, because the audio and the video quality is very poorly, but i also wanted to zoom in so you can see some details of the plants outside, but overall it’s pretty shady. Of course i mean the camera. So on this side, we’re going to get the on and off switch volume, control, of course, and last but not least, and then on this one, but here we’re going to get an headphone jack out for the people that want to use an headphone. Of course, you can also use the bluetooth capabilities and we’re having two stereo speakers, and i can tell you these things: sound, very tinny, really bad Music, Music. Okay, so i needed a screwdriver to remove this plastic blade, but here we can find two slots for a sim card.

Take consideration if you even want to buy the tablet like this to make a phone call. Not every sim card is basically supported and, of course we can add the ncf card. Okay, so i’m, giving quick demonstration let’s put it back in, and this is just a freaking nightmare. Oh boy, okay, so the question remains: is this thing fake? First of all, let’s boot up cpu zed. This is one of the two programs and you can see that cpu set will show a lot of different options like the android system. Number nine, i would say, hey it’s, okay, but i already know that it’s, not okay, because sometimes even cpu, that will not notice the fake software. So let’s go back let’s check out ada64. I could install it this time with the 2020 model. I couldn’t install it whatsoever if i signed loaded or from the store. Finally, i could do this. Okay here we having the androids x20 is the board when brands no kind of weird. In my opinion, eight gigabytes of ram 128 gigabyte, storage and let’s see mediatek mt 6000 version and let’s see with the display. Here. You can see the first difference 2080 by 800, with the retailer didn’t say that was the resolution of the display so there’s. The first lie and look at this 5.1 lollipop, oh man, oh man, oh man, the naughty boys, so you can see that they basically installed or pre installed and fake android, 9 version.

Alright, so let’s take a close look at some information, whether it took out of the android device or the settings of the android and 8s64. You can see there are differences, basically on every level, with the android display and the cpu. I couldn’t find information regarding the storage, but if that was a lie, i would not be surprised. The same goes for the ram. This is just moment more, like it’s, too good to be true. So, if you’re seeing a device like this for not a lot of money with high specs, most of the time, it’s highly possible it’s a lie, so that is fake. This is just a fact, but the question remains: how good is it now in 2021, when it comes to playback 1080p, is the maximum that we’re going to get from youtube, but it’s more like a 4k sample, i must say even for and fake spec and better Set prehistoric model that does not really have a very bad playback, so let’s try a youtube. This is what we’re going to video the next generation of retro emulation consoles from our friends from china yeah. I know for people familiar to my channel. I see it a lot at this time, so next up, let’s, try and racing game let’s see how it handles on this old school mediatek tablet Music, but i have seen my share of shitty products, especially when it comes to these android boxes and other stuff.

But in my opinion, is not really bad, but don’t get me wrong. It’S, not that we’re going to play some pub g because a lot of games you can’t play them due of the old firmware that is running on the backhand, so let’s take a close look. How good is the response? This is a great game to test it and even for a very old tablet, i must say out of the box. The response of the screen is not bad at all, especially playing a game like this that you need to have a very nice. No input lag Music, so this is the end of the review. We can maybe going to call this the trilogy of the fake tablet from china, because this is the third time that i bought one completely different specs but in the end, it’s still fake, and i just wanted to check it out for you guys if they are Still selling this kind of tablets, i want to thank you for watching.