And with Poco M3 theyre, really trying to push the boundaries of whats possible for a budget smartphone., Starting with the display. It has a full HD display and Im able to read the display under bright sunlight as well, so the display gets bright enough.. The viewing angles are decent theyre, not bad, but theyre, not great either., And it has Widevine L1 support. So It does play 1080p content. So multimedia experience is going to be good. So overall, a decent display for the price. Moving to design Its got an absolutely striking design and Im struggling to think of a phone thats well designed in this price range, which is a testament to how great the design Is. COMFORT wise Its not too heavy, even though it has 6000Mah battery inside. And the Textured back is really nice to look at and also is functional in such a way that it gives you a better grip while holding the phone. Build. Quality is also solid. So, overall great design – and it definitely doesnt – look like a 12000 smartphone. Next When it comes to Performance, it is fairly quick and I personally havent had any issues during my usage and Memory. Management is also quite good, thanks to 6GB of RAM so very impressed by the performance. Moving to the software side of things, its running Android 10 with MIUI 12 on top of it, and Overall experience has been really clean and refreshing. Thankfully, there are no Ads.

I personally enjoyed it quite a lot. Fingerprint Moving to security. The side mounted fingerprint scanner is not super quick, but that doesnt mean that its slow either its quick enough. Animation makes it slower. With Face unlock Similar to fingerprint scanner its, not super quick. Neither is it slow, its quick enough. Again Animation is the issue here. During really dark conditions. Brightness needs to be maxed out for faster unlock. So for these reasons I suggest you use the Fingerprint scanner instead, its far more secure and intuitive as well.. Now, when it comes to Camera, the Selfie camera like most Xiaomi phones, it has a warmer colour temperature and the background is completely overexposed in all the pictures.. The rear camera also is a similar scenario. Its dynamic range could be better. So for the price the camera is decent., But if youre willing to download the Gcam mod Im, confident and positive that itll blow your mind., I made a dedicated video, comparing Gcam to the stock camera, so make sure to watch it Once you finish watching this, of course, Next moving to battery life, I think the number of times I charged the phone during my testing is a good indicator. So Ive tested the phone for two weeks and during this time, Ive only charged it about 5 times. So its lasting close to 1 and half day on intense usage, so battery life is pretty good on the Poco M3.. But Charging times is an issue as It takes Close to 3 hours to charge from 19 100 so its better to charge it while you sleep.

Next, when it comes to Gaming, You shouldnt be expecting much in the first place you can play on medium settings comfortably, But once you switch to high, it starts to lag.. Again I made a dedicated video on Gaming link will be in the description. Next. I quickly want to talk about the speakers so Since It has stereo speakers, theyre are really loud while maintaining the quality Im kind of scared to turn the volume up because it gets really loud. So speakers is another impressive aspect of Poco M3. And Finally, lets talk. Pricing For the price of 12000, You get a phone with Incredibile design., With great set of stereo speakers that complements your multimedia experience Compared to the competition apart from Redmi 9 Power, which is a similar phone from the the same Xiaomi. Of course, there isnt any other phone that provides this level of value amp, especially for the price of 12000. Its a pretty good deal, but Xiaomi has also launched Redmi Note 10, which is the only phone I can think of which seems to be better. In most instances on paper, atleast so will have to wait and see how well the Redmi Note 10 performs..