Pariato. I actually like the shot good details on zooming. Subject is well detected, zoom on me and you can see the facial details are well maintained. Colors, coffee, vibrant and punchy hair and slightly warmer tone can be sensed, but that is because of the karate duke though yellowish tony hopper. Obviously, every color is visible, but blue color. Well, it can easily be passed off as a normal shot copy details at first glance and colors be saturated, but normally it looks like a decent shot. Close up shot is pretty sharp and coffee crisp edge detection up for technically around the petals, the pollens inside and the design as the design of the flower can be witnessed and petals have good edge detection almost making up excellent towards the right side. So guys now let’s look at the front and rear ported shots from the micromax. In one, a portrait shots for either selfie ported to start cutting selfie ported shots were decent. You can adjust the background, blur yeah many low, medium and high thinner blood spray. Shortly. Here you cannotice the background blood difference. I personally, like the low blood high blood pressure, cut out feeling detection keto pretty decent in all three, but i don’t know why my green earring is blood. Thino me could be because ai must have confused it with the grass facial details, no washout valley, feeling you’re overexposed, and i think foreign Music who took some shots well standard moon.

My coffee, grainy noisy for basically entire shot, brightens up there’s. No doubt the difference here. Night mode of the exactly but overall shot becomes lit up and there’s it’s less noisy and has less grains, since we all love vlogging our life. So much let’s look at the video quality of the micromax in one a video quality for either 1080p 30 fps is the highest video resolution. Both front and rear cameras say rear cameras at 1080p, 30fps, which many video management details are decent, there’s no lag but colors, aren’t, saturated they’re, very close to the actual scenario, also hand held video t and stabilization today’s eis, electronic image stabilization. Now. The second highest resolution is the 720p, so there’s a drop in quality. Of course, details aren’t as sharp and the stabilization is also an issue. So i would suggest cap stick current to the highest resolution, which is a 1080p 30 fps up 1080p 30 fps main selfie. Video, which was really good, gabi achi skin tone detection head. The stabilization was fine too, given that it was a handheld video and i was walking while i was talking colors, rear, video, very close to the actual scenario and now coming to the slow motion. Part. Of course, many years let’s have a look, shall we also guys uh? I forgot to tell you uh. You can also make super fun gifts and send it to your friends. This cubby option here, let’s, have a look now coming to the verdict worded by the latest budget.

Offering by micromax can give really good selfie shots a selfie portrait because standard and 2x zoom shots, won’t disappoint videos in 1080p, 30 fps in both front and rear world. Decent, it, however, needs improvement in the rear portrait shot and the macro shot so guys. This was all about the micromax share it and subscribe to our channel it’s a very simple trip, and you know it till then.